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MUCH OF MY DAY IS SPENT REPLYING TO STUDENTS AND THEIR QUESTIONS. Here is a missive from a friend of our Student Paul who was with us for 6 weeks this summer and my replies to his questions. He is the President of the University Buddhist society and he is presently working with the Energy Enhancenment Online Course and the Video Course but only with Level One, so he as yet does not know how to remove blockages properly. but he is experiencing much .... Satchidanand

Sorry its taken a while to respond to your request for comments. I think the new format to the website is much better. Its prettier and more beautiful, and looks easier to navigate. All those links at the bottom of pages in the old site really got the mind whirring!

We've just had our second visit from Paul. My comments which he passed on to you and i then subsequently read in the last SOL email broadcast are absolutely true.

He arrived at our house late at night and i was already sleeping. He knocked on my door and said "...Laurence...?" to see if i was still awake. I was and he came in and gave me a big hug. From that first word, I certainly felt a change in him. Grounded is absolutely right.

From my experience of people going on long Meditation and Yoga retreats, I have sometimes felt that they come back somewhat out of touch with "real life", but the experience i had of him was of someone very much rooted in being there.

His energy, positivity, honesty and interest in things is infectious. He seems very relaxed, but also able to acomplish what he wants to. He is also, i'm sure you'll be pleased to know, spreading the gift of laughter!

He is a changed man and an inspiration. He is also a great example of the effectiveness of the Energy Enhancement course and i hope now, more than ever, to be able to come and do it some time soon. Next September maybe...?

You will be very welcome. Bookings require a 40% deposit and full payment 2 months prior to the course. Prices do change upwards over the year so buy yourself a bargain now. Satchi

As for my practice, i am having trouble knowing how to structure my work in that i very much want to include both the Energy Enhancement meditations, but also the Mindfullness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana, which i have been doing for longer, and which seem to have different benefits to doing EE micro and macrocosmic orbits. At the moment, i am trying to do one on one day, one on the next; so, for example, Metta Bhavana on Monday, Mindfullness of Breathing on Tuesday, Energy Enhancement on Wednesday, then back to Metta Bhavana on Thursday and so on.

This is your choice.Satchi

Concerning the EE meditation specifically; when doing Initiation 3, my visualisation of energy going into the Planet seems somewhat weak. The image or feeling seems to jump around and is not fixed. Would you therefore advise stablizing this before doing stage 4? To thus work on stage 3 before moving on is my current strategy, even though i have done stage 4 several times in the past.

From talking to Paul about this, the impression he has given me is that this is quite normal and part of the process of the Energy Enhancement technique, but i can't help but be concerned about the apparent lack of progress with this blockage and the negative effects on my emotional state. Can you give me any thoughts on this? They would be most appreciated.

If you read the, How to Find the Blockages, Page on the Online Course Circulation of the Energies, you will find that this is how we describe how you will see one of the blockages. A certain; "DISTURBANCE OF THE FORCE!" when you try to project your energy towards a point.

You need to breathe through this base chakra blockage. A blockage between your Base Chakra and the Center of the Earth. You will find that the Initiation 4, Macrocosmic Orbit, will take you higher, to Chakras which can give you the energy necessary to dissolve these deeper blockages. Initiation 4 will Speed up Your Mind. It will increase your ability to think. It will enable you to progress faster on the Spiritual Path in all things Spiritual. Satchidanand

The other aspect of the practice i want to relate to you is that i am getting a pain in the heart when i focus there during the energy circulation. I guess this is what you would call a blockage. The problem is that i don't seem to see much progress just by focusing on it and trying to "breathe through it". Furthermore, one time i experienced a negative emotional upheaval after focusing there which seemed to adversely affect my relationship my one of my housemates.

Yes, you have found another blockage in your Heart Chakra! Blockages come from periods when painful emotions could not be processed and instead remain stuck inside your heart center. Whenever that blockage gets disturbed at any time in your life, all of those frozen, stuck and poisonous emotions will want to come out, projected onto the situation at hand! In a way any blockage will affect your life in a very bad way. Blockages are the antithesis of Spirituality.

Energy Blockages in any chakra will seriously hurt and destroy your life!

The problem is not that breathing through the blockage in the Heart Chakra adversly affected a relationship with your housemate, because this is what blockages do.

No, the problem is that you have not yet used the Energy Enhancement teachings and focussed sufficiently on the blockage to remove it!

It is this that you need to do!

Pain is a presentiment of disease and if not removed this Blockage will become organic. Next is the heart attack!

In Energy Enhancement Level 2, after you have learned many powerful methods of psychic protection in the rest of Level 1, we teach much more powerful methods of Blockage Removal. We teach that these methods must be powered by the highest spiritual energies in order to remove the deepest blockages.

It is for this reason you are coming to Spain to do the Energy Enhancement Course. Although we like our students to do the work of removing blockages for themselves, sometimes a really heavy blockage can benefit from our help in removing it. This is the Buddhafield of Energy Enhancement in Spain. Your guides are Devi Dhyani and Satchidanand!

Easier blockages can be removed by a bit of gumption, a bit of determination, a bit of willpower, using the Energy Enhancement methods we have taught you already. Learn this lesson well!!


Love and Light,




Dear Satchi,

Hi. Its been a little while since i wrote.

I had exams over January
 and now have a lot of work on as i am going into my
final term of university and i want to do well!

After a spell of doing a lot of yoga and meditation over the christmas holidays, it got put on the back-burner a bit during revision and exam time.

I reconnected with Energy Enhancement techniques, in what i would have considered an unlikely place - Green Park in London.

I was passing through and felt the urge to go and do some chi gong.

Performing the stances, I was struck by ways of integrating the physical movements with Energy Enhancement. This had a very powerful effect. I was tingling all over after the session.

So I'm still busy, but managing to fit in some meditation.

The blockages which i have spoken to you about before seem to have improved
a lot. The heart chakra is now a lot easier to send energy through. I also
had some kinesiology recently which helped with some underlying emotional

I also seem to be getting better at sending energy down and up. Especially
down, which i was having big problems with before. I still don't feel that i
can connect entirely with the hot centre of the earth, but i am getting

I am really feeling the "visualisation" of the Grounding of Negative
Energies turning into more of a reality. At first it was an act of the
imagination. Now i am able to actually feel and be the energy going down.

Going up is very good when i am more grounded in the meditation. I have had
some wonderful experiences of what feels like drinking soul energy. My
antahkarana (spelt right..?) seems to be changing form a lot, and sometimes
collapses, but it seems more stable than when i first connected with it some
time ago when it jumped around a lot more.

So thats where i'm at.

I was mostly writing to express my interest in the London course. I would absolutely love to do it if i can.

A major problem for me will be that my finals exams are in May :(

If you can let me know the dates and details, I will be able to see if i can make it.

The exact dates of my exams are not published until the 9th of March, but they will be some time between 16 May-3 Jun.

If you are starting at the very beginning of May, perhaps i could just do one or two levels?

Love and Light




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