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There is in every person the possibility of an integrated Soul Personality. However, normally the average person is split to a greater or lesser degree, dependent upon the amount of pain, trauma and undigested stress in their lives and dependent upon the amount of work they have done to integrate their personalities by means of therapy and meditation.

Therapy and psychology allow intellectual appreciation of the problem in ourselves and others. It takes meditation to heal the splits and integrate the separated selves.

Colin Ross (Ross, 1997) lists 11 dissociative features of the Shamen work, and relates each to Dissociative Identity Disorder or Splitting. These parallelisms are worth mentioning here, as they further ground the experiences of Split patients in a milieu that is pathological by reference to the abilities of Shamen which are integrated and real:

Structured, Meaningful Hallucinations-- Shamen deliberately induced special states of being, in which they could communicate with other realms of being, such as the spirit and animal worlds, symbols of the split off parts of the client, the subconscious and the Unconscious. The Shamen induced these states so that they could access the split off parts of the client and heal them, thus also giving the client the ability to access unconscious parts other processes cannot reach.

Trance States-- Trance states through meditation were essential prerequisites for communication with the split parts of their clients, out of body experiences, possession, etc. Split patients frequently enter trance. One of the major diagnostic criteria for Splitting is ease of hypnotizability. As people evolve, they get more ability to easily enter meditative states which precede integration of the split parts. However, although they find it easy to enter these states, integrated Shamen always have the ability to return, unlike their unintegrated split patients who are lost.

Hypnotic Anesthesia-- Such Shamanic super abilities as walking naked in the arctic winter, holding hot objects, and self-piercing indicate hypnotic anesthesia. Split patients often report anesthesia and amnesia for the pain of abuse, or self-inflicted pain.

Symbolic Dreams-- Shamen' dreams and meditations were often lucid and directed at finding and conveying information about the clients split parts to the real world of the client. Once buried information is acknowledged it becomes available for being grounded and healed. Jung accessed the split parts of his clients using this method so that he could integrate them. The psyche of the Split patient usually tries to spontaneously heal itself through dreams which often involve conveying information about past abuse which has been forgotten through amnesia. Once acknowledged by the waking personality it helps to organize the personality system or leads onto accessing other buried information for the waking personality.

Ritual Dismemberment-- Often initiation as a shaman involved ritual dismemberment analogous to death, as a symbol of spiritual fragmentation of the many split personalities within. The Shaman must have the ability to split and then integrate himself before attempting to integrate other people. Normally Shamen were trained by other Shamen although spontaneous Integration also occurred. Only when the apprentice Shaman had Integrated and healed all his splits into the Integrated Soul personality was he strong enough to attempt to heal others. It takes a strong sense of the Higher Soul Infused Personality to be able to enter into the various unintegrated parts of the personality and then return as it is easy to get lost. Split patients have, by definition, undergone dismemberment of the self as a strategy for survival, essentially they are lost.

An example of the training given to Shamen is available in a 5000 years old text called, "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali." In there a meditational methodology for integration with the soul has been extant for millennia. However, always the Guru Shaman who has walked the path was considered essential to the process of soul integration.

As can be seen from this list of correspondences, there is much commonality between the "professionally" achieved and culturally approved meditative states of the sub-arctic shaman, and the dissociative states of the split patient. Split patients are usually more highly evolved than the average person as their amnesia is starting to slip. They have more psychic ability, more meditative ability, more hypnotizability.

Normal people do not have the ability to know that they are split, they think they are perfect. The symptoms of splitness need to be pointed out to normal average people before they can overcome the paradigm of not understanding that they are not yet integrated, they are split too..

This is an Introduction to Split Personality from many works of Psychology and the Shaman as Trained Healer and personality Integrator.. Later I hope to complete the work in 1. The concept of universal dissociation. 2. Multiple personalities, MPD. 3. The Integrated Soul Personality and Energy Enhancement Meditation.

The healer, Shaman, Enlightened through much training, always have the ability to come back to themselves, to re-integrate after helping the integration of a client.

However, the cure for split personality for everyone is integration of the splits by grounding all the negative energy created by traumatic experiences which sustains the splits. As we ground all the negative energy through meditation, so the splits disappear and one integrated soul personality becomes in charge..

Start your integrative Process by learning how to meditate and then speed it up with the advanced techniques of Energy Enhancement based upon the thousands of years old ancient effective techniques of Taoism, The Kundalini Kriyas, The five elemental circulations of the Qi of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Guided Meditation of the Emerald tablet of Hermes Trismegistus encapsulated in VITRIOL and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Satchidanand, Director of Energy Enhancement, is one of the leading teachers of Meditation!



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