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Energy Enhancement Meditation Course

Level 4 - Initiation 5

The Mastery of Relationships II




The Removal of Blockages between the Sacral and the Throat Chakras and the Learning of Protection from Energy Vampires.

The Creation of Emotional Intelligence












The Mastery of Relationships - How to master your emotions. 

It is easy to think intellectually about how you would feel if one of your close family died. 

Or if you split up and divorced. 

But the reality is not like that. The emotions, a totally different system from the mental, are the ones that get hurt. And when the Psychic sexual connection between the relationship chakras is cut it acts like a taut elastic band which snaps back into the abdomen in an explosion of pain and psychic damage, and this is how many energy blockages are created.

This Disappointment is an explosion of psychic pain and damage in the abdomen creating an Energy Blockage which stops your breathing and your energy.

With Energy Enhancement, we teach how to remove pain blockages in ourselves and others. 

To Master the Energy and Emotions.  

And Not Only That!!! How to Master the Energetic Connections between Chakras so that this explosion of pain, can never happen again!! 

And not only that. How to integrate the Trauma created sub-personality separated selves. How to dissolve the karma between you and all your close friends, enemies and family. The Mastery of Relationships.


Energy Enhancement Meditation Courses Symbol of Tantra

Learn complete Mastery of Relationships, protection from being hurt by the pain of bereavement, separation and divorce, ever occurring again.

Learn the MASTERY of Close Relationships with husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends. Practical methods of dealing with Dependency and Independence in Loving Relationships.

Learn also, practical methods of Auric protection and cleansing and Protecting against Psychic Attack which drains your energy THROUGH THE PSYCHIC SEXUAL CONNECTION in many situations.

Learn how to prevent psychic attack from people who unconsciously affect your aura. And through your aura who affect your emotions and mind. These psychic Energies Affect Everyone.

These methods of Psychic protection are only a first step on the way to total Protection in Relationships in this Initiation through the Transmutation of Negative Energies in APPRENTICE LEVEL FOUR of Energy Enhancement. This teaches practical methods of being an Energetic, Independent person.

Enlightenment comes from Meditation and Non Attachment- Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Attachment And Relationships 

"Attachment leads to Pain" - Gautama Buddha


The normal horizontal energy attachments which are created between people start in the womb through the umbilical chord.

When the chord is cut into the same place go the energy connections or attachments which are created to feed the child energy for its development.

The adult takes energy from the source through the vertical connection, the chakra above the head called the soul, and then channels that energy to the child, as we do to the old, ill and infirm.

The child becomes Weaned when it can form its own attachment with the Energies of the Soul, unfortunately many people never become weaned, never "Cut the ties which Bind" and are dependent slaves for the whole of their lives.

The Horizontal and Vertical Connection forms the Christian Cross in which the Christ shows how energy is meant to be distributed on the Planet. How every member of humanity is meant to connect with the source, to an infinite supply of energy and then give it freely.

The meaning of Sacred Symbols is Given in the Energy Enhancement Book, "Super Energy and Sacred Symbols for Perfect Wisdom Enlightenment" - available from Amazon soon or as a downloadable PDF in colour from this website

The Iona Cross, as well as showing the horizontal and Vertical attachments, also shows the source of Kundalini Chakra in the Center of the Earth - The Center of the Circle in the picture of the Iona Cross above - which we teach in Initiation 3 of Level One of Energy Enhancement - These Initiations are available as a DVD from this website.




Energy Blockages above the head cut one off from the Source, the Soul (Or SOL the Sun which gives an infinity of energy to the earth, or Sole, "there can only be one!") and thus ensure that you must take your energy though horizontal attachments only.

This is the creation of Energy Vampires when these blockages are consciously put into the Aura by bad people in ritual; these blockages can then stay with you, lifetime after lifetime even when you forget that you consciously allowed them to be put there in previous lifetimes, until removed by Energy Enhancement Techniques.

Blockages above the head have the side effect of cutting you off from higher forces like the Intuition of the Soul or from Conscience. Without the energy from the Soul entering into the Crown Chakra or Sufi Soul ferment or Bacchus Wine, or the Christian Holy Spirit, or Hindu Ananda or Buddhist Nirvana or Nothingness as it has been called in many different religions, then perforce we must take our energy from human cattle.

Blockages above the head are one of the causes of the Psychopath like Hitler from the Right or Stalin or Mao from the Left which enable the psychopath to contemplate war, torture and killing with equinamity. The other causes of the Psychopath is the conscious implanting of Energy Blockages in the Heart, thus cutting you off from Empathy, the "Ability to put yourself in the Shoes of Another" Of Gurdjieff.

Many people Vampirise Energy consciously, see human beings as their cattle, and this is the Cause of all Wars and human misery on this planet for thousands of years as one civilisation after another has been destroyed in the name of Vampirism over the last 400,000 years.

Most people Vampirise Energy  unconsciously, and this is the fact which creates all the symptoms of Attachment which we write about below, also the "Games people Play" written about by Eric Berne, also the Strategies of the Inner Hurt Child, the Selfish Competitive Star, the Poor Me, the Violator which we write about in Energy Enhancement Level 3.

Energy Blockages beneath the Base Chakra between the Base Chakra and the center of the earth.are implanted in previous lifetimes when we are defeated or de - feeted and cause the person who is not in contact with his earth, a Slave who follows orders because they do not have sufficient energy to start anything off by themselves.

Unconscious Energy Vampires caused by Trauma Formed and Implanted in previous lifetimes Energy Blockages are human cripples who have no possibility of a normal relationship and which form the vast mass of Humanity as the problems caused by Blockages in every chakra are endemic throughout all society as the symptoms of Madness. As we remove the blockages in Energy Enhancement Courses so we travel the Path of the Mastery of Relationships.


People connect chakra to chakra by means of created horizontal Antahkaranas. Antahkaranas are symbolised by Hindu OM - AUM, The Christian Holy Trinity, The Hindu Sat Chid Ananda, The Sufi HOO, and the Hindu Trimurthy - Shakti/Visnu/Krishna, Shiva and Brahman and are composed of three parts.

1. The polarity at a higher energy level - The Father, Sat, Brahman, M

2. The polarity at a lower energy level - The Son, Chid, Shakti, A

3. The column of connection - The Holy Spirit, Shiva, Ananda, U - which is composed of two parts - See a. and b. below.. 

a. An energy which flows in one direction which creates a spiral of energy flowing around it anticlockwise or widdershins in the direction of the flow away from you.

b. The energy which flows towards you in the opposite direction which is 180 degrees out of phase with the opposite direction of the flow, which has a spiral of energy around it clockwise.

These two energy flows together together form a circle of Energy Symbolised by the Taoist Orbits of the Kundalini Kriyas..

People give energy along the right side of the connection and receive energy from the left side of the connection when these attachments are formed horizontally.


This means we cannot give energy, we can only receive or Vampirise energy from other people. As other people can feel connections and being sucked then unless you have a very strong sexual connection which always overcomes a lack of connection for a while, or we have a very forgiving partner, the relationship will always eventually break up.


This means we can only give energy and we feel drained by everyone around us. Perforce everyone, to this person, is an Energy Vampire.



Gautama Buddha said "Attachment leads to Pain" and by this he was referring to Mastery of Connection. Conscious Connection always leads to pain in other people as they are vampirised by psychopaths. Unconscious connection always leads to pain both in the person crippled by Energy Blockages who act out the Trauma - Formed Inner Children and in the people who perforce must deal with their symptoms..

When we connect with the Soul through the Crown Chakra Connection then we start to normalise our horizontal energy connections as the Higher always Heals the Lower. The Soul helps with the removal of Energy Blockages. Higher Energy Centers of the Ascended masters are responsible for all Techniques which help with their removal.

When, through Energy Enhancement Techniques we have removed most of our Energy Blockages and practised working with the removal and construction of Horizontal Energy Connections, we then have the ability to be Non - Attached which is a pre-requisite for Enlightenment, which simply means than we are "Soul Infused" - a very strong welded, fused by higher spiritual forces, connection, connected with the Soul through the Crown Chakra Connection.

Conscious connection with other people by Enlightened Masters of Wisdom always leads to the Tapas of Patanjali or the "Conscious Suffering" of Gurdjieff as we consciously use these connections to give energy and remove blockages from our students.


John Bowlby - Attachment Theory

Attachment Styles
John Bowlby described attachment as an emotional bond that impacts behavior "from the cradle to the grave." Learn more about the styles of attachment described by researchers and the role attachment style plays in behavior and relationships.

What is Attachment?

Attachment is a special emotional relationship that involves an exchange of comfort, care, and pleasure. The roots of research on attachment began with Freud's theories about love, but another researcher is usually credited as the father of attachment theory.

John Bowlby devoted extensive research to the concept of attachment, describing it as a "lasting psychological connectedness between human beings" (Bowlby, 1969, p. 194). Bowlby shared the psychoanalytic view that early experiences in childhood have an important influence on development and behavior later in life. Our early attachment styles are established in childhood through the infant/caregiver relationship.

In addition to this, Bowlby believed that attachment had an evolutionary component; it aids in survival. "The propensity to make strong emotional bonds to particular individuals [is] a basic component of human nature" (Bowlby, 1988, 3).

Characteristics of Attachment

Bowlby believed that there are four distinguishing characteristics of attachment:
  1. Proximity Maintenance - The desire to be near the people we are attached to.
  2. Safe Haven - Returning to the attachment figure for comfort and safety in the face of a fear or threat.
  3. Secure Base - The attachment figure acts as a base of security from which the child can explore the surrounding environment.
  4. Separation Distress - Anxiety that occurs in the absence of the attachment figure.

The necessity of lasting Attachment leads to Security Problems usually caused by fear blockages in the Base Chakra. Blockages in the Base chakra cause all the problems of Money Misery, Fear of a Lack of Security "I want my Mummy" Or a strong society with many police and a big army. Any Trauma to the Base Chakra in this or previous lifetimes through torture or Circumcision, for example, will cause this type of mindset which is very helpful to the people at the top of society who provide the image - because it is not real - of Security.


Ainsworth's "Strange Situation" Assessment

Ainsworth's Strange Situation Assessment

During the 1970's, researcher Mary Ainsworth further expanded upon Bowlby's groundbreaking work in her now-famous "Strange Situation" study. The study involved observing children between the ages of 12 to 18 months responding to a situation in which they were briefly left alone and then reunited with their mother (Ainsworth, 1978).

Based on these observations, Ainsworth concluded that there were three major styles of attachment: secure attachment, ambivalent-insecure attachment, and avoidant-insecure attachment. Researchers Main and Solomon (1986) added a fourth attachment style known as disorganized-insecure attachment. Numerous studies have supported Ainsworth's conclusions and additional research has revealed that these early attachment styles can help predict behaviors later in life.

These Strange Situation Symptoms are symptoms as they get worse of more and more trauma Formed Energy Blockages in the Energy Connections between them and their family/partner and usually piggy-back on blockages passed down from previous lifetimes as like calls to like which is simply Karma. The Karma Cleaning Processes of Energy Enhancement Level 3 deal with the removal of this type of Blockage.

Attachment Through Life

Before you start blaming relationship problems on your parents, it is important to note that attachment styles formed in infancy are not necessarily identical to those demonstrated in adult romantic-attachment. A great deal of time has elapsed between infancy and adulthood, so intervening experiences also play a large role in adult attachment styles. Those described as ambivalent or avoidant in infancy can become securely attached as adults as it is normal to remove blockages - more so in evolved individuals, while those with a secure attachment in childhood can show insecure attachment styles in adulthood as they absorb blockages as they get older. Basic temperament and evolution is also thought to play a partial role in attachment.

But research in this area does indicate that patterns established in childhood have an important impact on later relationships. Researchers Hazen and Shaver (1987) found a number of different beliefs about relationships amongst adults with differing attachment styles. Securely attached adults tend to believe that romantic love is enduring. Ambivalently attached adults report falling in love often, while those with avoidant attachment styles describe love as rare and temporary.

While we cannot say that infant attachment styles are identical to adult romantic-attachment styles, research has shown that early attachment styles can help predict patterns of behavior in adulthood.

Secure Attachment

Characteristics of Secure Attachment

Children who are securely attached - fewer Energy Blockages call good experiences through the good karma of having a loving parent. These children do not experience significant distress when separated from caregivers. When frightened, these children will seek comfort from the parent or caregiver. Contact initiated by a parent is readily accepted by securely attached children and they greet the return of a parent with positive behavior. While these children do not become exceptionally distressed by a parent's absence, they clearly prefer parents to strangers.

Parents of securely attached children tend to play more with their children. Additionally, these parents react more quickly to their children's needs and are generally more responsive to their children than the parents of insecurely attached children. Studies have shown that securely attached children are more empathetic during later stages of childhood. These children are also described as less disruptive, less aggressive, and more mature than children with ambivalent or avoidant attachment styles.

As adults, those who are securely attached tend to have trusting, long-term relationships. Other key characteristics of securely attached individuals include having high self-esteem, enjoying intimate relationships, seeking out social support, and an ability to share feelings with other people.

In one study, researchers found that women with a secure attachment style had more positive feelings about their adult romantic relationships than other women with insecure attachment styles (Mccarthy G., 1999).

Ambivalent Attachment

Characteristics of Ambivalent Attachment

Children who are ambivalently attached tend to be extremely suspicious of strangers. These children display considerable distress when separated from a parent or caregiver, but do not seem reassured or comforted by the return of the parent. In some cases, the child might passively reject the parent by refusing comfort, or may openly display direct aggression toward the parent.

According to Cassidy and Berlin (1994), ambivalent attachment is relatively uncommon, with only 7% to 15% of infants in the United States displaying this attachment style. In a review of ambivalent attachment literature, Cassidy and Berlin also found that observational research consistently links ambivalent-insecure attachment to low maternal availability. As these children grow older, teachers often describe them as clingy and over-dependent.

As adults, those with an ambivalent attachment style often feel reluctant about becoming close to others and worry that their partner does not reciprocate their feelings or return the energy which they give along the energy connections. This leads to frequent breakups, often because the relationship feels cold and distant. These individuals feel especially distraught after the end of a relationship. Cassidy and Berlin described another pathological pattern where ambivalently attached adults cling to young children as a source of security and thus vampirise the energy they can not give, from their children(1994).

Avoidant Attachment

Characteristics of Avoidant Attachment

Children with avoidant attachment styles tend to avoid parents and caregivers. This avoidance often becomes especially pronounced after a period of absence. These children might not reject attention from a parent, but neither do they seek our comfort or contact. Children with an avoidant attachment show no preference between a parent and a complete stranger.

As adults, those with an avoidant attachment tend to have difficulty with intimacy and close relationships. These individuals do not invest much emotion in relationships and experience little distress when a relationship ends. They often avoid intimacy by using excuses (such as long work hours), or may fantasize about other people during sex. Research has also shown that adults with an avoidant attachment style are more accepting and likely to engage in casual sex (Feeney, J., Noller, and Patty 1993). Other common characteristics include a failure to support partners during stressful times and an inability to share feelings, thoughts, and emotions with partners.

Disorganized Attachment

Characteristics of Disorganized Attachment

Children with a disorganized-insecure attachment style show a lack of clear attachment behavior. Their actions and responses to caregivers are often a mix of behaviors, including avoidance or resistance. These children are described as displaying dazed behavior, sometimes seeming either confused or apprehensive in the presence of a caregiver.

Main and Solomon (1986) proposed that inconsistent behavior on the part of parents might be a contributing factor in this style of attachment. In later research, Main and Hesse (1990) argued that parents who act as figures of both fear and reassurance to a child contribute to a disorganized attachment style. Because the child feels both comforted and frightened by the parent, confusion results.

Feeney, J. A.; Noller, P.; and Patty, J. (1993). "Adolescents' Interactions with the Opposite Sex: Influence of Attachment Style and Gender." Journal of Adolescence 16, 169–186.

Hazen, C. & Shaver, P. (1987) Romantic love conceptualized as an attachment process. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 52, 511-524.

Main, M., & Hesse, E. (1990). Parents' unresolved traumatic experiences are related to infant disorganized attachment status: Is frightened/frightening parental behavior the linking mechanism? In M. T. Greenberg, D. Cicchetti, & E. M. Cummings (Eds.), Attachment in the Preschool Years: Theory, Research, and Intervention, 161-182. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Main, M., & Solomon, J. (1986). Discovery of an insecure-disorganized/ disoriented attachment pattern: Procedures, findings and implications for the classification of behavior. In T. B. Brazelton & M. Yogman (Eds.), Affective Development in Infancy, 95-124. Norwood, NJ: Ablex.

Mccarthy, G. (1999) Attachment style and adult love relationships and friendships: A study of a group of women at risk of experiencing relationship difficulties. British Journal of Medical Psychology, Volume 72, Number 3, September 1999, pp. 305-321(17).


"Then this energy coming in becomes centered at one point in you. That point is just near the navel -- because really, you are born as a navel. You are connected with your mother at the navel. The life energy of the mother is being poured into you through the navel. And once the navel cord is cut, you are separated from the mother, you become an individual. Before that you are not an individual, just part of your mother.
Meditation Energy Enhancement Symbol
 So real birth takes place when the navel cord is cut. Then the child takes its own life, becomes its own center. That center is bound to be just at the navel, because through the navel the energy comes to the child. That was the connecting link. And still, whether you are aware or not, your navel remains the center.

 If energy begins to pour in, if you change the direction of the energy so that it comes in, it will hit the navel. It will go on coming in and become centered at the navel. When it is so much that the navel cannot contain it, that the center cannot contain it any longer, the center explodes. In that explosion, again you are no longer an individual. You were not an individual when you were connected with your mother; again you will not be an individual.

 A new birth has taken place. You have become one with the cosmos. Now you do not have any center; you cannot say "I." Now there is no ego. A Buddha, a Krishna, goes on talking and using the word 'I'. That is simply formal; they do not have any ego. They are NOT. "




Learn the Mastery of the Second Initiation, the Mastery of the Second Chakra, the Mastery of the Psychic Sexual Connection, the Mastery of Intimacy and Independence. The Mastery of Relationships


The Integration of the Connector Sub-Personality

From the blockages in the Base Chakra, the sexual chakra, without any of your knowledge. Based upon Connector Sub-Personality Inner Child Blockages limited desireful intelligence.

Like the Strategies, this Connector Sub-Personality is a part of every evolved human being. Energy Enhancement at this initiation needs to Purify and Integrate this function because it is a major blockage preventing the evolution of all humanity

The connector sub-personality will connect with other people thus causing all adultery and sexual relationships.

Upon any emotional pretence these Inner Child Blockages will stop the connection and also cause the breakup of a relationship, Divorce. Without any conscious knowledge of yourself.

CoupleSwad.jpg (151323 bytes)


With Energy Enhancement Gain complete conscious control of these Unconscious Inner Child blockages and of your Psychic Sexual Connections.


The change in YOUR energy structure begins once YOU connect with the vertical connection through the Crown Chakra with the Energy in the Center of the Universe which we teach in Energy Enhancement Level One - Gain massive energy.

At that point, something within you starts to understand that you do not need to get the energy of life from other human beings and the necessity for learning non-attachment becomes paramount to any evolutionary development.

You may say that people who drain the energy from others in order to live are Energy Vampires, but the whole of Humanity, Families, Parent/Child, Husband/Wife,  live in this way. It is not that one person is an energy vampire and the other one is not. Everyone is an energy vampire!! Just some of them are better at it than others!!

There is an evolution over a hundred lifetimes from Parasitic Energy Vampire, to Symbiotic Energy Vampire to Independent Enlightened Attachment.

Parasitic Vampires use the Strategies of the Violator - Shock and Awe! Selfish Competitive Star and the Pitiful Poor Me as well as all "The Games People Play" (Book by Eric Berne of Transactional Analysis) in order to get your attention and your energy.

And as well as Vampire Parasite attachment some couples become dependent partners who give and take energy from each other as need dictates - this is the Symbiotic Relationship Attachment which is the highest evolutionary development of attachment for a member of humanity.

Symbiotic relationship attachment is good business; you give 50% and then Receive 50%. This is the minimum necessary in honest business.  However, now you are tied into a dependent relationship where it is difficult to rise higher in energy than the median energy level of the couple.

Also in Symbiotic Relationships sometimes one of the partners becomes a permanent drain. And this too can be an unconscious or semi-conscious parasitic strategy used for many lifetimes by the Connector Sub-Personality as an old parent or old relative or as a poor me partner who needs to be "Saved". Here we have a problem because the heart says we should give energy to these relatives, the people we love so we are a bit stuck here. Well, always these people have someone else to fall back on so if they don't take energy from you they will from someone else. And your evolution is not possible if you continue to support their energy addiction. You need to remove yourself from this situation now so that you can give more back to humanity in the future.

"Come to join us in the Purple Grove!" - Gautama Buddha

 Because the solution to all arguments as to whether to give energy is the fact that we can all learn to connect into a vertical connection to an infinite stream of energy from the Higher Chakras instead of being a dependent parasite on humanity. It is this evolution which Energy Enhancement teaches, It is this evolution which all genuine Masters of Enlightenment have taught from the beginning of Evolution itself.

Higher, Independent Enlightened Connection - the Saint Business is one where they give 100% to their students and receive Nothing in return  - Nothing, Nirvana, is the Energy in the Center of the Universe. So they receive nothing back from their students, except the Students future Saintly work, and they receive everything back from God in the moment and in the future as a reward for their good deeds - it's called Good Karma. They also become "perfect thieves" (Rumi) as they steal the energy blockages of their students.

There are the Real Enlightened people who lead all towards their enlightenment and in general the real vampires do not like them and so say bad things about them, crucify them - Christ, and poison them - Buddha. The Blockages inside everyone do not like them and it becomes a test of purity for the Student to find a real master, because the blockages inside will prefer someone or something which will not remove them, someone or something false.

 As well as the unconscious Parasitism and Symbiosis of the Connector Sub-Personality Some members of Humanity have learned to perform this act consciously. These are the Energy Vampires who pretend to be enlightened - the bad leaders of small communities who lie and pretend to be enlightened whereas all the while they only want to suck their students. Internal blockages of all humanity prefer these types of leaders as they cannot be successful in removing the internal blockages. These are the people who as a minimum say bad things about the Enlightened but then, later start Inquisitions to torture and burn and poison all the opposition - A real Enlightened Master would never use this violence..

"If most of the people were thieves and murderers, what sort of a leader would they elect?" - Swami Satchidananda, Master of Satchidanand

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and most of the people most of the time, and that is enough in any Democracy" - Satchidanand

Then there are the real Energy Vampires who have learned to take a tithe from vast sections, communities, Races of Humanity and who have caused all the wars for thousands of years as part of the Psychopathic, Conscienceless, Empathyless, Lying, Violator, Attention Grabbing, Shock and Awe, War and Fear Process of their Vampirism.

As the Buddha Said, "All Attachment leads to Pain"


The connector sub personality of some Wives/Husbands desires to continue with the connection to its Husband/Wife because the Husband/Wife's abundant energy can be drained.

In Parasitic relationships there is the abundant use of Games and Strategies. These Strategies of the Violator, Selfish Competitive Star and Pitiful Poor Me are symptoms of unconscious parasitic relationships.

It is an evolution as they move towards the more peaceful Symbiotic Dependent Relationship.

And I am saying the Connector Sub-Personality here because in the majority of cases here it is not consciously done. The sub conscious ego part is in charge. The conscious personality does not know. And this draining of the Husband/Wife can continue all the life of the Husband/Wife. This is the reason why when the Husband dies the wife sometimes dies quickly afterwards.

Also However most wife/husbands consciously/unconsciously cooperate with the parasitic/symbiotic connector sub-personality. These connectors have power in the life of which we need to be conscious in order to heal them. They will create the intellectual arguments and situations which will try to prolong their functionality.

They will try to trap you!!

The good mother says, "You need to leave me in order to go to university and evolve"

The bad mother says, "How can you leave me!?" And they cry and cry...


The Connector Sub-Personality will cooperate with the Inner Child fear sub-personalities where security of the inner child is associated with a connection from their Mother/Father in order to prolong the dependent relationship of the Connector Sub-Personality.

The Soul connection will obviously aim at maximal evolution which usually occurs individually.

All part of the Ability and the Willpower - "not my will but thy will be done" - to "Cut the ties which Bind"


The Mastery of Dependent Relationships as a pre-requisite for Enlightenment


The mother/father connects with the child at birth and feeds the child their bio energy because the child cannot connect with the energy in the center of the universe. The child is completely dependent upon the largesse of its parents. And with evolution over many lifetimes some parents have more and higher and purer energy to give than others which all depends on Karma.

The connector sub personality of some mother/fathers desires to continue with the connection to its children because as well as giving energy at birth to the children, after a few years the children's abundant energy can be drained from the children. And I am saying the Connector Sub-Personality here because in the majority of cases here it is not consciously done. The sub conscious ego part is in charge. The conscious personality does not know. And this draining of the children can continue all the life of the children.

The struggle of the child to escape its parents and their influence is written about in many books of literature.

The many cases of children who never escape and are tied through life to their parents, mothers, apron strings.

There are men who become permanently connected to their mothers and never are able to make the break into marriage. These horizontal connections, the "Ties which Bind" are hard to break. So with a strong connection they are never able to make another strong connection with another woman. Only the male connection is left. Thus many cases of Homosexuality. Same with some fathers and Daughters.

The many jokes about the Mother in Law.

The men who exchange their mother for a wife  as the Parent/Child relationship morphs into the Husband/Wife relationship.

The women who exchange the father for a husband. The men who exchange the Mother for the Wife.


Some Wives/Husbands/Children feel it is their duty to become the chief energy giver of the family, and this job is good to learn, but the person who gives so much finds it difficult to rise higher in evolution than the median energy level of the dependent relationship.

Then there is the person, the black sheep of the family whose job it is to absorb all the energy blockages of the whole family, protecting the rest, usually the most sensitively evolved member of the family whose next job is to learn how to eliminate blockages rather than just hold on to them..

The Connector Sub-Personality will cooperate with the other Inner Child fear sub-personalities where the security of the inner child is associated with a connection from their Mother/Father - Husband/Wife - Parent/Child, even and especially in abusive situations, in order to prolong the dependent relationship of the Connector Sub-Personality.

In the end we need to learn connect with the higher chakras for our sustenance.

Before we "Cut the ties which Bind" we need to heal all the dependent, trauma -Formed, Inner Children Sub-Personalities.

As we heal all the abused inner children sub-personalities who cling on to their dependent relationships; (These are the Star Trek Klingons! :)  so we become able to become independent and thus raise our energy levels towards Enlightenment, not being held down by the lower energy level of the dependent partner.

How to know if you are ready for this step? Only if you chafe at the problems of your relationships. If you are happy with your place in Society, then you are not ready to leave it. Do you think if the Disciples of Jesus had been any good at catching fish, they would have left to join him?

Once enlightened we can choose to help all the family relationships we want to as the Buddha did when he returned to his Father and his Wife, - and here we have the whole story of how Gautama Buddha left his family in the middle of the night on the same night as his wife gave birth to his Son.

He returned to his wife Yasodara, after his Enlightenment. His wife asked him why he had left without any talking. "I am a Warrior, a Daughter of Kings!" she said,  "If you had only asked me I would have come with you!"  And the Buddha said, "Forgive me. I was not strong enough to leave if I had talked with you!"


The Light of the Soul, shining through the Buddha so awed his family, so impressed them that they forgave him; and his Father and his wife and his male child decided to become his Monks - to walk the path of becoming independent Enlightened Masters themselves.


All Ashrams and religions say, "Leave the family", "Leave Society "in order gain the strength - because this Spiritual Initiation of the Mastery of Relationships is that tough, - in order to access higher evolutionary energies and not have them drained from you through attachment.


Because in the end, the function of the Unconscious Ego Part Connector Sub-Personality is to mechanically follow their script and unconsciously drain the energy of the other and extend their own lives.



Strong Connector Sub-Personality Example...

For example, When our client, Elektra (From the Greek Myth of Elektra, the sister of Oedipus, who killed her mother and married her father) was a child she had a beautiful energy connection with her father that she really enjoyed. Her father really enjoyed it too, probably much more that with her mother. Elektra's connection broke her Fathers  connection with her Mother.

The inner child formed at that point and like Anais Nin, unconsciously she started to connect to everyone, searching for that father connection she had before.

As she left home one day at the age of 14 she was set upon and raped probably because she was still seeking those same energy connections with others that she enjoyed with her father. The Inner Child connected energetically with a man who had no control. She did not do this consciously, the little Inner Child Computer program was in charge and was probably combined with a Poor Me program searching for sympathy from her father in order to get him back.  More Trauma Pain and Relationships? Click Here

After many external relationships - he was a strong and beautiful football coach, away from home every weekend - he left home and set up house with another woman and this really upset our client because she felt like the wife who was left behind. His new wife was the same age as her, and looked exactly like her!

The Poor Me and the Violator - the Drama Queen - kicked in to her life and she did all manner of bad things over the years with drugs and relationships, which I don't really want to go into, in order to catch the attention of her father. After all that, eventually she married a Heroin addict, had his child, whereupon her husband died of his addiction.

As she and her father aged, so she mentioned to me that her father had lost his energy. He no longer shone like the Sun. And so her Connector Sub-Personality lost interest, unconsciously, and she became happy with her single mother status...

"And so it Goes..." Kurt Vonnegut of Novels, "Cats Cradle" and "Mother Night"



The Inner Children Blockages of the Base Chakra are split off parts of your mind, caused by pain and disappointment in the early years and in previous lifetimes, which can, and in many cases do, manage your energy connections in your deep unconscious.


Usually these Sub-personalities are created by some great need which then mechanically and Automatically becomes programmed into the system so that lifetime after lifetime we follow the same script.


Further, once created in one lifetime, these Talent Sub-Personalities who specialise in connecting with other people can unconsciously manage all your relationships lifetime after lifetime as they evolve - yes, blockages evolve - from Parasites to Symbiotes.



These Inner Children Blockages are unconscious in most people and can be childish in action.

They are all Talents, but poisoned by Trauma Formed Negative Karmic Mass they always act independently of the Soul in Selfishly Egotistical ways. When healed and Integrated by the Energy Enhancement process they become aligned with the Meaning and Purpose of the Soul Infused Personality.

The Connector - just to vampirise energy? and not to energise people towards enlightenment?

The Business Person - Just to make money? The Game is Pig in the Trough. And not to to build the institutions which humanity needs?

The Artist - Just for fame? The Game is Cock on the Dunghill. And not to use art to teach humanity?

The General - War, The Moloch Game, To Win or to Serve

The Olympic Gold Medallist - Just to Win?  Or to encourage the rest?

The Musician

The Professional

etc, etc

After all that..

Please Join me in the Master Game of Enlightenment

Once Selfish Egotistical Talent Sub-Personalities are drained of all their Trauma Created Negative Karmic Mass. Once all their Negative Karmic Mass has been grounded then the Sub-personality at the heart of the Trauma created blockage can then be integrated into the Soul Chakra. The Angel which has evolved at the Heart of this Talent Blockage can then be aligned with the Angel Matrix of the Soul.

Alice Bailey and Energy Enhancement call this process Resurrection because the Split off Sub-Personality is part of the "Mind of Metal and Wheels" as the Ent, Treebeard once described the mind of Saruman in the "Lord of the Rings".

Indeed, this collection of Implants, Blockages and Sub-Personalities make up the Selfish, Competitive Ego. Even evolved blockages are egotistical and the end of their unenlightened evolution is when they become purified of their NKM and Integrated into the higher chakras.


Effectively the Selfish, Competitive and Programmed Ego is Dead to the Life giving essence of the Soul. When it is healed and Integrated into the Soul, it then becomes alive and useful to the Soul or to chakras Higher than the Soul.


We do not kill the Ego, we heal it of its negative Karmic Mass and Plug it into the Higher Chakra Angel Matrixes which are like a Pure Crystal created out of Aligned and ordered Angels.


We plug it in like a spare part which then become a useful function of the Human Angel Matrix Enlightened Super Mind functions - higher than the mind which create intuitive intelligent energy to power the normal mind with Genius.


All the psychic Powers which are used by this Sub-Personality Unconsciously by the person, then become available to be used consciously.


The Sub-Personality has become purified and, "Resurrected', like Lazarus.


A Human Psychic Body has become more purified and Talents have been added to the Chakra Functions above the Head.

In this way we can easily increase the Purity, Size and talents of our Psychic Bodies which can never be destroyed by death.

 These Improvements and Increments will pass with us through the Death Process.


When the Integration and Size of the psychic body of the higher chakras becomes large enough, then we will become Enlightened or Soul Infused - Initiation 3 of Alice Bailey (Alice Bailey, "The Rays and the Initiations") - we are responsible for integrating all our Blockages and Sub-Personalities using the Intelligent Energy Light of the Soul.

Further, as we integrate and Fuse with Higher Chakras above the head like the Soul, Monad and the Logos then our Enlightened Psychic Bodies will become useful to Higher and Larger sections of Humanity.

Monad infused is Initiation 4 of Alice Bailey - we are responsible for integrating all the Blockages and Sub-Personalities within our Monadic Group. The people who do this are called "Gurus". A person who can dissolve the Goo with the Light of the Soul is called a GooRoo!!

The Mayans call these Monadic Groups "Tribes" - There are about Twenty Eight Tribes and the names of the Tribes connect with Maximal Life Purpose and Potential Ability. The Mayans believe that all humanity belongs to  one or more of the Tribes. As we evolve, so we can access more purposes, more tribes - we can actualise our Life Purpose!

For example I have been told that I am of the Tribe, "Enlazador del Mundos" or "Connector of Worlds" - a person whose eventual job is to Synthesise Religion, Integrate and Harmonise the World.

Logos Infused is Initiation 5 of Alice Bailey - we are then responsible for integrating all the Blockages and Sub-Personalities within our Logoic Group - all the Monads in the World - The Whole of Humanity - A World Teacher..

Sirius Infused Is Initiation 6 of Alice Bailey - Jesus Christ was Initiation 6 although he too has evolved since he was in Incarnation. Fusion with the Chakra "The Avatar of Synthesis" is a Higher Initiation.

As we evolve we eventually become Ascended Masters, Saints who when they die radiate their energy without the need of a physical body to help all humanity.

It is the normal part of the Enlightenment Process.

Understand that the Intellectual Function is a lower function.


 The work of the World Teacher is to Dissolve the Goo, the Karma Created by Humanity for thousands of Years, in order to Purify and Integrate the whole of Humanity into the Purpose and Direction of this to be created, Sacred Planet!!



Testimonial on the most effective course, What Dani Says!!!



I've been in La Escala with Satchy and Devi for a week now, Its the longest time I ve here!! and I noticed that every day I am going deeply inside of me.

When I arrived here, was very hard for me, but luckily Satchy and Devi helped me a lot and removed many of my blockages so that I can really think with my head! The first 2 days I was feeling very strange and uncomfortable inside of me. Half of myself wanted to improve and half wanted to stay like that, in a low energy level state, didn't want to grow neither change.

During these days I realized how the strategies control people and how they were controlling myself. Sometimes you are confused, sometimes happy, sometimes angry, and these don't have to be like that !!! but nobody knows! I didnt know.

Energy Enhancement Level 2 teaches you how to manage your emotions, it gives you a strong emotinonal IQ.

I feel so happy to meet Satchy and Devi, they are high spiritual teachers that can see deeply inside you, behind the mask that everybody has. They can see your soul, your real self!! If you need help you'll get it from them.

I feel so happy to meet Satchy and Devi, they are high spiritual teachers that can see deeply inside you, behind the mask that everybody has. They can see your soul, your real self!! If you need help you'll get it from them.

I ve been working with my lower chakras and after I learned how to remove a blockage from my base chakra I immediately felt the energy of Kundalini flowing from down in my base chakra to up, to the head and above.

I was sitting in my meditation position and for the first time I got the sensation and feeling that my body was lifting off the ground. I was just enjoying the experience feeling the circulation of the energy, a hot and smooth sensation. My mind at that moment was free and happy.

Every day I feel a little more steady and comfortable. I am getting in touch with my deepest blockages and fears from my lower chakras, With energy enhancement level 2 I am learning how to deal with this energy and how to remove them totally. My fear is disappearing, my sadness and worries, too. Things that already existed in me and are coming out with the use of these techniques.

To sum up I think that everybody should come to do this course and learn energy enhancement techniques to improve their lives and help other people, heal themselves and their relationships to make this world a better place and to start really enjoying

Danisa de Paul.




05 March 2006 07:19:15


Thanks for the email including my testimonial about Energy Enhancement in Spain! Its such a nice memory!

I think about these moments as the best of my life.

It was hard work for me but Ive never felt so happy and rewarded in my life, only when Ive been close to you both.

I been thinking about you lately a lot , I miss you guys, I really do. Im very busy here in Japan, thats why I didnt write to much, but now I have internet at home, and I hope we can be more in touch.

Im glad you are working hard there in Argentina and having a beautiful time.

Here is good, sometimes very hard. Japan is a good experience though but very intense.

I found some temples which I want to visit, but spiritual people are hard to find here. And lately I ve been feeling so many different things.

I hope one day I can be a really a  spiritual person and teacher like you, you are my example.

I know now, how many things I have to heal, how many are not finished yet.

Because Ive been through many tests, and Ive been far from you, and having some healing from you.

I hope to see you soon, I love you with all my heart.

I wish you the best and more

love you



We receive energy from the Purest of Spiritual Sources in the Center of the Universe, an infinity of Chakras above the head, from the energy of God, the One God with 10,000 names.

As we channel this energy through our Crown Chakra, so we become liberated from having to absorb energy from other people.

As children we receive 100% of our energy from our Mothers and fathers.

As we become older so we eventually evolve from being a sucker, taking all of our energy from other human beings through the Strategies of the Vampire of Level 3 of Energy Enhancement and written about in "The Games People Play" by Transactional Analysis Innovator, Psychologist Eric Berne.

We evolve from being a sucker to a person who gives 50% and receives 50% in a good partnership. A person who gives when necessary and who receives when necessary. This person is a businessman who believes in fairness. What we give we receive. As the Beatles say "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make..."

But in the end we evolve further into a Person who gives 100% without asking anything in return.

This type of person is One who has a big bank account of energy. He receives that largesse from the Cornucopia - The Horn Of Plenty - which represents the Antahkarana connecting us through the Crown Chakra with God. A person who has fused with the Soul Chakra above the head. A person who is Enlightened.

This person because he has fused his chakras with the Soul Chakra above the head can channel more of that energy through a process of removing all resistance to the flow, the Energy Blockages which slow the flow. Thus he is a distributor of energy, receiving from the verical connection and distributing though the Horizontal connections through all of the chakras as appropriate.

Normally, this person is called "EnLightened" or "Illuminated" because connected permanently with the Soul, the first chakra above the head, he is filled with the Light of the Soul, the Light of God and his aura glows. He has a little circle above the head as shown in all christian spiritual art. He has a golden Crown Chakra as shown in all Buddhist spiritual art.



More evolved people have taken the Initiation of the Opening of the Heart. This Initiation normally takes one hundred lifetimes.

People who have no Hearts, who have not taken the Initiation of the Opening of the Heart have no empathy - they have Blockages in the Heart Center, and they have no Conscience - they have Blockages above the Crown Chakra cutting them off from the chakras bove the head and the intuition of God. Thus they have no shame and can and do perform any horrible act. This is 50% of Humanity.

These people are in the process of learning about Karma. They always get bad results from their actions not neccessarily immediately, but always sometime in the future. Thus they learn compassion from being sorry for themselves. As we evolve, if we are more sensitive, Karma comes immediately.

The Karma of the people without hearts always comes from breaking Gods Laws - "Thou shalt not Steal" - Corruption or "thou shalt not give Pain" "Thou Shalt not Kill" - and these people are normally called Psychopaths or Sociopaths in the spectrum from a petty tyrant to Hitler.

The process of Opening the Heart means that you develop Compassion for others and also shame which causes Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for your terrible acts. Only people who are on the verge of the Initiation of the Opening of the Heart can have shame, can have PTSD. This is why, in the army of Alexander the Great, the best soldiers were 65 years and older. The people of the heart are always weeded out in the first battles. After killing in Alexanders army for many years only the heartless were left.

Thus we spend our early years, if we are successful, graduating from the more lowly evolved groups within human society.

A person who has Opened the Heart will not be corrupt and will not kill no matter what the intellectual or emotional argument for doing it. Thus, advanced societies have banned the death penalty and instead give the bad karma of Life Sentences in terrible prisons.

These people who have passed the Initiation of the Opening of the Heart, the people of the heart, have graduated to the process of taking the Initiation of, "The Mastery of Relationships". This process normally takes 10 lifetimes to complete.

You can tell if you are in the process of taking the Initiation of the Mastery of Relationships by looking at your personal history.

Have you had bereavements early in life? Lost your mother or your father in divorce early in life? Difficult to hold onto your relationships? Having many fleeting Relationships? If so, you are in the process of taking the Initiation of the Mastery of Relationships.

This process involves cleaning out the lower chakras, especially the relationship chakras, of all of its energy blockages of congealed pain or negative karmic mass. This must be completed before they can successfully maintain a relationship with a person or a group, before they can maintain an energy connection with a partner for a long time because blockages on the energy connection will make the connection difficult to maintain.

It also involves choosing the right person and the right group to be with. People fail the test for the Initiation of the mastery of Relationships by insisting on choosing the wrong person and group to be with. The wrong person or group will have too many blockages to be called sane.

In modern, more evolved societies, after the age of fifty, 30% of all people live alone in their flats with their cats and dogs to have energy connections with. Cats and dogs are tolerant of energy connections with energy blockages and can even heal these blockages over time. They are very faithful and never leave you, except when they die.

Usually this means that these people have failed in finding a person or a group to resonate with and given up. Probably they have failed to clear out their lower chakras of all of its congealed pain which means that they will be touchy and it will be impossible to maintain an energy connection with anyone for a long time.

As like calls to like, probably they have chosen similar people with energy blockages in the relationship chakras to be with and so received even more painful experiences into their blockage filled lower chakras.. "Unto those that have, more will be given" - Jesus Christ.

So the minimum is that you have cleaned out your relationship blockages in order to have a long relationship. Energy Enhancement teaches how to remove these Energy Blockages.

Also, today I was teaching Meditation to a 65 Year old Reiki Master whose husband had died last year. She had had an operation on the Liver to try to find the problem of pain there, and in other parts of her body, but the doctor could nor find anything, so the problem obviously was that of Energy Blockages. She was a little suspicious of me at first which is probably sensible even though I had been recommended by a friend. As we talked she got on the same wavelength and she started to trust me so that when it Came to the initiation, at the end of the initiation when we practise the Meditation I was given knowledge of her blockages as I was automatically drawn to them. And I healed them, dissolved and removed them, resurrected them because these were high and difficult blockages, one by one.

I told her what happened with Arwen Evenstar (Search for her on the google site search at the bottom of our pages), our 21 year old student in Crete, how I healed her painful menstruations where she had turned white with pain every month for 6 years, as I removed three tough blockages in her abdomen in our first meditation together. After totally failing at relationships prior to the blockage removal and turning through despair into a lesbian, Arwen finally got married to a man last year. Devi Dhyani and I were invited to the wedding!!

The other condition for passing the Initiation of the Mastery of Relationships is that you reject all people and groups who are at the wrong evolutionary level for you as these types of relationships unless altruistic and for the purpose of being taught, can never persist.

The square peg in the round hole is a very painful place to be. "Its the fish which John West rejects which makes John West the best" - Advert for John West Salmon. As you choose only the best people, the people at greater or similar evolutionary level to your own to be with, so your life will blossom and succeed.

Usually you must choose to be with an enlightened Master to be with for a while, in order to pass the Mastery of Relationships and then successfully take the Third Initiation of Enlightenment - Soul Fusion, within one lifetime.



CoupleSwad.jpg (151323 bytes)Learn how not to lose your energy to others unnecessarily through Lower, Abdominal Energy Connections.

Symbiotic, parasitic and Dependent Relationships are the "Norm"

Because most people are forced into Giving and Taking Energy from each other through dependent, energetic connections into the Abdomen caused by blockages. 

This Initiation also teaches how to stop people, "Energy Vampires", draining your energy through the chakras by means of Implant Blockages which are psychic viruses. 

We teach the control of these connections. How to stop them. How to start Them. How to Heal them!!

We teach the appropriateness of connections from the Heart.

  The Highest Heart, Prajna Paramita - the highest wisdom chakras above the head. There are an infinity of chakras above the head ending with the One God with 10,000 names.

CoupleHeart.jpg (149542 bytes)

We teach the appropriateness of connections from every chakra. How to use them responsibly for their natural purpose,

How to remove the blockages in Others, as Energy, drained from you by others unnecessarily, cannot then be used for higher purposes. It makes you tired, makes you Depressed, gives you colds and Flu and just makes you lose your zest for life.



chakra yoga holistic health life management spiritual psychology

Transmitting and Receiving Communication in a shared and balanced way.

All chakras communicate by:

  • Transmitting from the right side.
  • Receiving on the left side.

These connections are horizontal Antahkaranas.

The connection from the Center of the Universe is Vertical, through the Crown Chakra.

The Horizontal and Vertical Connections, together, Form the Christian Cross

In the above diagram, the two people are sharing an Ajna chakra connection, although it could be any chakra, both transmitting and receiving. But why is it that many communications are not satisfactory or balanced? This is because of a energy blockage in one or more of the chakras concerned.

For instance, in the diagram below, we see that one person can give from the Ajna chakra but the other cannot. This can be due to an Energy Blockage on her Right side preventing her from giving or a blockage on his left side thus preventing him from receiving.

And this giving and receiving and the blockages preventing it occur on every chakra level preventing communication with everybody at different chakra levels.

chakra yoga holistic health life management spiritual psychology

Blockages and damage can prevent good communication.

Problems occur in the transmitting and receiving of communication between people's chakras when there is a blockage, damage, or the activity is out-of-balance in one or more of the chakras because of a blockage.

For example, concerning the throat chakra, if one person cannot receive energy from the other because of a blockage in that chakra or in the partners chakra, then that person will have the tendency to monologue, be unable to converse, and may finish off your sentences for you, or quickly change the subject so that they retain dominance in the communication.

Blockages can be removed, damages can be healed, over active chakras can be calmed, under active chakras can be awakened, and balance can be restored by Energy Enhancement Techniques



For an Energy Enhancement Example, one beautiful young lady came on the Energy Enhancement Course with relationship and stress problems. From the age of 16, from her first period she had felt intense pain in the abdomen during that and every period since for many days. She went white with the pain and nothing had been able to diminish the problem days every month so all she did was go to bed for a few days and dosed herself with the most powerful analgesics, pain killers, she could find. Now the abdomen is Swadhisthan Chakra, the relationship chakra and a pain there points out energy blockages in the abdomen which probably came from implants or painful relationship partings, death, bereavement and painful breaking ups like divorce in this and in previous lifetimes.

Because of these traumatic memories fulminating in the abdominal psyche it is not possible to have a perfectly good relationship with anyone, they need to forgive you so many bad ways of acting, so much so that after a few painful tries at a normal relationship with prospective husbands she had decided to try out lesbianism. I told her that she would have no better luck with lesbianism because if your relationship chakra is blocked, it is not possible to have perfectly good relationships with anyone.

And stress was there in her life which was seriously affecting her work. Because the pain caused blockages were filling up her abdomen, she had no room for storing more pain and stress, so she just could not deal with it and it was becoming more and more of a problem with each passing year.. Further, because of the pain inside of the abdomen sometimes people do not want to go close to that pain. They do not want to move the abdomen at all because it disturbs the pain. Therefore they do not breathe into the abdomen and this lack of correct breathing further reduces their energy and their ability to handle stress. Statistically 30% of all people are like this. Although we can learn to breathe into the abdomen, unless we remove the pain filled blockages the problems will persist.

So, knowing the above I went into the abdominal chakra in my meditation; by pushing energy down the right and feeling no flow coming back along the left channel from the chakra I was able to locate three energy blockages there.

Using the techniques of Energy Enhancement APPRENTICE LEVEL 2, The mastery of Energy Blockages, and APPRENTICE LEVEL 4, The Mastery of Relationships, I grounded, Transmuted and sent on the Perverted Negative Energy inside the three energy blockages and the living energies which were maintaining them, one by one with great concentration.

The results were that next period and for every period afterwards our client had no more pain. After going white with pain for several days in bed with an analgesic every month since the age of sixteen, the pain was entirely gone!!

 She later reported by email that she was going out with a nice boyfriend again and her resistance to stress was vastly improved, particularly using the techniques of Energy Enhancement which we taught her on the course. More Trauma Pain and Relationships? Click Here

ADDITION.. Last year Devi and I were invited to her marriage in America!! Well done!! We are very happy for her..

Instead, We give you ENERGY and the ability to give that ENERGY to Others!!.

This Initiation of Energy Enhancement teaches the further uses of the Heart which is the Centre of Universal Love.

This Initiation of Energy Enhancement teaches the Evolution of our lower energy connections from the any chakra, The Psychic Sexual Connection, the Heart,  and further, higher, into the Heart Centres above the Head. 

This is a further Initiation of control of healing energies which can increase your energy tremendously. 



The Mastery of Relationships.

This Initiation gives techniques which can totally solve the Major problem of humanity which can prevent APPRENTICE LEVEL 1. Initiation 4 - Connection with higher forces.

It leads to happy and fulfilled relationships. It can prevent the pain which causes the major fall in energy in the life of a human being.

Whether you want to become lovingly independent in your private life, in your business or in your Healing Modality, this Initiation of Energy Enhancement is essential to your life and to the Higher Initiations of Energy Enhancement which come next.


















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