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The Energy Enhancement Meditation Course

is a Course of selfless, highly advanced, meditation techniques which can increase the speed of the normal mind.

It is a unique system of meditation.

The Synthesis of Light, by decoding ancient symbols, thousands of years old, is able to pass on many lineages of advanced secret meditation techniques from many meditational sources, including Buddhism, Taoism, Kriyas, Alchemy and Meditation, to enable your evolution.

The Three Levels of the Energy Enhancement Meditation Course are the most advanced course of meditational self development available anywhere in the World today. If you want to Master Energy Meditations to get more Energy and to handle it better, this course is for You!

Whether you are a Management Corporate Executive, any sort of Alternative Practitioner, meditator, yogi or anyone who wants to evolve, - become better, smarter, more evolved, more empathic, more successful; this course will enable direct experience of superior life performance. We provide meditation techniques and meditation energy leading to advanced experience.

Energy Enhancement Meditation Techniques are the quickest and easiest methods of healing available. They are the most advanced course of meditation using psychic powers to Get in touch with your Life path, Ground negative Energies, Access Universal Energies, Integrate the separated selves, and Master Relationships and Mediation. They enable Three Initiations towards your Ultimate Freedom -  Illumination, Nirvana, Emptiness, -  Enlightenment.

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