Skull Melting Process

THE SKULL MELT OF ILLUMINATION - The Purpose of Humanity is Illumination, Enlightenment - Angel Talent Bodies, Radiation of Love, Evolution, Creation of Ascended Masters

  Cubic zirconia (zirconium oxide) melts at 2750 C, and there are no commercial materials that can handle the melt. The hot zirconium oxide would melt any container that tried to hold it.

A "skull crucible" was designed to hold the starting material. The zirconia crystals can be stabilized by a small percentage of CaO or YO (yttrium oxide). The mixture is placed into the skull crucible.

The crucible is made up of a continuous series of metal pipes that be cooled by a flow of liquid through them.

  The liquid keeps the outside layer of molten material cool enough not to melt. It forms a very thin skin which holds the liquid zirconia mixture in the melted state.

The thin fingers on the outside of the crucible allow tiny gaps which let the rf (radio frequency) waves pass through and reach the oxide.


  The mixture is made up of zirconium oxide, a stabilizer (yttrium or calcium oxide) and a small amount of zirconium metal.

A copper coil is wrapped around the crucible and acts as an antenna delivering the required energy. About 4 MHz at 100 KW of power.

The zirconium metal acts a transducer and is initially heated by the rf (radio frequency) energy. Without the metal the zirconia mixture will not heat, as the zirconium oxide is an insulator at room temperature.

  Power is applied to the coil and coolant is pumped through the skull crucible. Eventually the melting point is reached and the interior becomes a solution.

The starting zirconium metal reacts with oxygen in the air and is converted to more of the oxide. As the temperature goes up the zirconium oxide also becomes an electrical conductor and heats more rapidly.

  When the zironia is finally molten it is held at temperature which allows any impurities to evaporate away. After a few hours the energy is slowly removed and the liquid is allowed to crystallize

Unlike the final diagram, the crystallization actually causes shrinkage and the material comes out in many pieces with gaps between. It does not form a single crystal.

The crystals are annealed for a few hours to remove any additional strain.

THE SKULL MELT OF ILLUMINATION - The Purpose of Humanity is Illumination, Enlightenment - Angel Talent Bodies, Radiation of Love, Evolution, Creation of Ascended Masters



"I am now in the last week of the course and I feel like a totally different person. I have regained myself and have been given from nothing having no psychic vision at all at the start of the energy enhancement course, a clarity of psychic vision that is breathtaking."

"As we practiced on each other with Energy Enhancement Level 4 techniques - Energy Connections and the Mastery of Relationships and How to remove Energy Blockages and Implants from our Students - we came very quickly to realise this. I could literally feel the energy moving inside each chakra as the other person worked within me from several meters away and when I worked on the other person I could see me projecting energy to them and could see where the blockages were within their chakras.

I could force the energy from my centres into their centres and clean their centre bringing the energy full circle back to me. You could tell the state of their chakras by the amount of energy returning to your own centre and this was achieved by mind power only.

Before I came here to learn Energy Enhancement Satchi said he would teach me to do it in this way and I was sceptical about this claim. I could never envision me having psychic vision, but I have now, I can now do astonishingly powerful Reiki sessions on people without going any where near them and distance healing over any distance is a piece of cake, incredible stuff."


"I am totally de-stressed and have expanded in every way. I feel stronger and fitter and much more mentally agile than I have ever felt in my life. The fog and confusion of life has gone and I feel that I have just received the inside information on everything. I am ready for anything and am wide awake. I am full of the most incredible energy imaginable and have Energy Enhancement Reiki that is so powerful it staggers me. I know a thing or two about Reiki and had a very strong Reiki connection before I got here, now I have a connection that is beyond description and I have yet to undergo the second initiation this week and then the masters. I have opted to take this as an extra and for anyone who is interested, I believe this is beyond anything you will ever experienced anywhere."

I am now equipped with life tools and healing tools that one only dreams of and there is nothing out there in the world that will ever faze me again. I am absolutely delighted that I decided to come here, because this experience has changed me, for the good of me and for all those that I will touch when I leave here. I am so excited and can’t wait to start exploring my new found talents"



The Process of Purification


The process of Your evolution as well as that of the world and all the people in it is that of Purification.


We are a higherarchy of Functions mixed with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass and these Functions which are composed of ordered Colonies of Angels are what underly the Physical Body, The Emotional Body, the Mental Body.


And also these Angel Colonies form the Spiritual Bodies which exist above the Crown Chakra and the center of the Universe.


It is the dense energy of Evil Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass which separate, wall off, stripe through and disorder these talent functions within themselves and which cause these functions to act with an evil egotistical interest separated from the energy of God in the Center of the Universe.


It is the dense energy of Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass which forms the ego which separates, walls off,  these talent functions from the energy of God in the Center of the Universe and from each other.


Thus the many histories of Dissociative Identity Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorder as many personalities can exist in One Mind as the various sub – personalities, separate minds, become walled off within the one mind by the evil Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass.


MPD and DID are the problems caused by and associated with the Organ Kundabuffer (Kundabuffer is an Energy Blockage which walls off one part of the Body or Emotions or Mind from another part), as Gurdjieff said, which cause all the problems of Humanity in this world.


Thus Gurdjieff said, “The guy who says he will get up at Four in the Morning is not the same Guy who throws the alarm clock out of the window!”


This reality is what powers the dark Side, “Divide and Conquer” said the Romans.


As one human being becomes infected with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass so he becomes more and more evil like a Orc as defined by the Lord of the Rings. He becomes less intelligent, loses the ability to do anything and all his talents become desire filled, grasping, selfish, egotistical, psychopathic.


Because this separative nature of the ego which destroys Love the Will. Because Love and a functioning Will can only be ONE!


Thus the weapons of the dark side, Drugs, Sex, Violence and Rock and Roll which all cause separation, which all destroy Love and which all destroy the Will.


Talents have been formed as functions in every human being over many lifetimes these Talent Personalities become refined and really good at their job.


In the Unenlightened these Talents are contaminated by desire, grasping… The Selfish, Competitive EGO.


Sub – Personalities like the Star, the Poor Me and the Violator, are used to vampirise attention and energy in everyone around them. With Energy Enhancement these Star, the Poor Me and Violator Sub – Personalities become purified such that they are used intentionally for a good purpose.


For example charities use the Poor Me by using a photograph of starving people in order to excite compassion in people looking at the picture, so as to awaken the hearts of the people looking at the picture, in order gain the funds to help the starving people.


Then there is the egotistical connector Sub - Personality


Then there is the egotistical business Sub – Personality striped with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass. We can characterize the Bad Business Sub – Personality as like Shylock in the Merchant of Venice..


Shakespeare actually wrote this play, “The Merchant of Venice” to excite compassion in the Hearts of the audience viewing the play for the Fall of Shylock. Even this Golem who destroys his own life and the life of his family through his evil actions deserves pity.


And I pity the egotistical Business Sub – Personality.. Filled with hate. A Miser who makes money his God to the detriment of all other functions. The egotistical Business Sub – Personality does what it does, mechanically with no thought for anything else. Only to hoard money. “Look at me!! I’ve got a Million Pounds!”


Enlightenment comes from Purification through..


  1. Alignment with the Energies of the Soul in Energy Enhancement Level 1 Initiation 4 and also in Energy Enhancement Level 1 Initiation 6 which intensifies the alignment of Initiation 4. As we absorb the energies of the Soul so we Supercharge the Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies and throw out the Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass. The feeling of correct alignment is amazing – well loved by every student for its beneficial effects on every part of the Bodymind and for its Purificative effects.
  2. The Elimination of Energy Blockages which necessarily involves the Grounding of the Negative Energies of Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass.
  3. The Resurrection of the Purified Blockage Core into the Purified Angel Matrices, like pure Angel Crystal Functionality which exist in chakras above the head without any Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass without any pain. Total peace and purity. It is the true forgiveness of every bad thing we have every done or ever will do. This augmentation of Chakra Functionality and size, the ability to channel higher quantities and qualities of energy, creates the growing functionality of a larger Psychic Body. As Gurdjieff said, “The Coating of the Higher Being Body proper to a real Human Being”, of the many Enlightenment Initiations... Enlightenment, Guru or Master, World Teacher.. These Purified Blockage Cores come originally from the pre-enlightened person own body but later from their own Guru or Master’s Group and later still from World Transmission, World Transformation of every Soul on this planet.


Normally the Egotistical Business personality only wants money and so allies and aligns only with the impure and the corrupt in some shape or form. As they see the corruption they slowly change their practises higher and higher.


Until that time it is “Business as usual” based on contracts given by local and national government, based on laws created by National Government. For example trillions of Dollars each year are spent on..


  1. Research and development of new armaments, warplanes, satellites, Submarines, Warships, Ballistic Missiles, highly enriched Uranium, Fusion Bombs, created by private companies in the “Military Industrial Complex”.
  2. Armaments – Explosive Materiel, Napalm etc. created by private companies used in the useless Wars of Vietnam and Iraq whose only purpose was to create profits for the “Military Industrial Complex” as termed and warned about by President Eisenhower in 1960.
  3. War, the standing Army of those who, “ Make the sacrifice” and once the sacrifice is made are then forgotten about and cheated out of their pensions over, for example, “Gulf War Syndrome”. Used to keep totalitarian dictators in power so that Natural Resources – Petroleum, Metals, Uranium, Diamonds, can be corruptly and cheaply bought and to create future terrorists who are the cause of the necessity for totalitarian dictators and the slave repression of a Totalitarian Society. “You can fool most of the people most of the time, and this is enough in any democracy where you need a maximum of 51% of the vote” and probably less of the vote, because people who understand this information and are disgusted by the corruption of politicians, of the fact that all politicians have to take the Ring, to prove that they are corrupt and are trustworthy enough to, “Stay Bought” before being chosen in advance, so that there is no free choice of people to vote for, will never vote again.
  4. Petroleum – The creation of the Scarcity of Energy Business – Scare means Fear – so as to bump up the prices. One hour of sunlight shining on this planet is sufficient to power all industry, all homes on this planet, for 100 years. The Abundance of the energy of God above our heads is Infinite.
  5. Pharmaceuticals. A. Legal – prescribed by Doctors who are not taught by Pharma-bought, Chair Endowed, University Professors to treat with pharma-less 4000 year old Acupuncture or highly effective Homeopathy. And B. Illegal which only make money because they are kept illegal as in, “Prohibition” Massive trillion dollar Illegal profits are only possible with, “Prohibition”. It is possible for doctors to prescribe these “illegal” drugs freely to registered addicts as was done in Britain in the 1960’s which totally stops profits for Organised Crime. Such are the profits from legal and illegal drugs that most politicians who take briefs from lobbyists to vote for and speak out for the “Medical Industrial Complex” and “Prohibition” are feeding from the same Company Trough.


Inside every Human Being is the Egotistical Business Sub-Personality filled with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass  who over many lifetimes has become an expert in money business.


There are psychological tests available to Psychologists which test the amount of Corruption, Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass, or the Propensity for Psychopathy, in any human being.


It is not easy to cheat on these tests which can be given to children, every year, to test that they are being cured of psychological problems by Energy Enhancement techniques.


Children have recorded examinations every year for all subjects. Why not test for psychopathy? Parents can independently test their children to help their future development. They can cure all problems before adulthood with Energy Enhancement techniques. Enlightened countries can do it, mandate it, by decree.


These tests and the records from childhood should become mandatorily transparent for any proposed politician or CEO or Professor in any country in the world, which will totally solve the corruption of the Egotistical Psychopathic Business Sub-Personality filled with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass. 


As the Business sub-personality is purified so it becomes possible to ally or align, place your money with the Highest Energies. It is not possible for the Egotistical Business Sub-Personality filled with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass to align with any pure person.

The purpose of Humanity is as a mechanism to create Advanced Angels which in the future will radiate the Energy of Love, Second Ray Energies, to the Universe from this planet, which is scheduled to become a Sacred Planet.

The method chosen by the Archangel in charge of this planet, is that of Free Will.

By giving Free Will to all Humanity, we all have the lesson that we only have the Free Will to do the Right Thing.

Anything less results in Negative Karma, retribution, bad results for everyone, bad luck.

Free Will results in Evolution. From what we are given at birth, Body, Mind, Chakras, an Antahkarana connection to the Universe, comes the creation of Psychic Mechanisms, talents, to augment and improve on that which has been given.

As single cells join together to form organs and organs get together to form a man, through serendipity over many lifetimes single angels get together to form aggregations of angels in the form of a talent.

At first these talents are striped through and surrounded by Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic Mass which is impervious to pure spiritual energies in that it acts like lead to stop the entrance of spiritual alpha, beta and gamma particles. Trauma-Formed Negative Karmic Mass is Ignorance because it cuts you off from that knowledge which is higher than the Mind.

We purify these talents through the Grounding of Negative Energies which burns up Negative Karmic Mass and through the Seven Step Process of Level 2 of Energy Enhancemnent which removes Energy Blockages.

Through the Seven Step Process we also integrate these purified Talents with the higher chakras - thus increasing their size, complexity, and ability to handle more and higher energies, and eventually channel the Energy of Love, the Second ray Energies.

This process of Integration is like fusion of one crystal with another in a "Skull Melt" where we align and integrate the Angel Talents with the Higher Chakras like crystals - the angels become aligned in crystalline matrices - which increases also their speed and purity of purpose.

This fusion process starts with the Astral Initiation of Illumination or Enlightenment when Ascended Masters surround the Initiate and focus the Higher Energies of Illumination on him in order to create this Fusion, which creates a purified crystalline structure which cannot be perverted ever again, between the Soul Chakra and the Crown Chakra.

In order to help speed up this Aggregation of Talents, normal evolution through serendipity is superceded by the aggregation of Talents and psychic structures taken from human beings who are truly evil, who cannot be changed, until they are healed by the Enlightened.

The end result of this is highly talented Angels and Ascended masters who can truly align with the Will of God on this planet.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali gives this methodology of Illumination.

Energy Enhancement gives the Experience of doing it!!


This alone shows the Height of your Evolution.


Align with Energy Enhancement.


Do Not be Satisfied with Less!!


Come on an Energy Enhancement Course to remove your Egotistical Business Sub-Personality filled with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass,  NOW!!















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