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New Lord Greville Janner ‘child abuse’ victims come forward since no charge revelations

It comes after the decision to not prosecute the ex-Labour MP due to his poor health was branded “a disgrace” by one alleged victim


No trial: Lord Janner

A number of new alleged victims of Lord Greville Janner have come forward since it was announced he will not be charged with child sex offences, police have revealed.

It comes after the decision to not prosecute the ex-Labour MP due to his poor health was branded “a disgrace” by one alleged victim, who claimed Janner was “being protected” due to his VIP status.

Leicestershire Police had already traced 25 potential victims during a two-year probe codenamed Operation Enamel.

A force spokesman said: “A number of alleged victims have come forward to the Operation Enamel team following the announcement last week.”

The Mirror can also reveal Lord Janner was officially registered as a “working peer, writer and lecturer” less than a week before he was told he would not be charged.

PANo charges: Lord Greville Janner
The Labour grandee gave the description under the heading “occupation” with Companies House, where he was listed as a director until April 10.

Six days later Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions, announced there was enough evidence to bring charges against him but this would not happen, because he was too sick to stand trial.

His family have said he is “entirely innocent”.

Lord Janner quit West Heath Road Seasons Ltd this month after 16 years as a director.

Records show he claimed £2,500 for 15 House of Lords appearances in the month before a search of his home.

In total, he attended on 138 days in 2013, but has not returned since December 18, 2013, a day after police completed a two-day search of his home.

He was diagnosed with dementia in 2009, and his condition is thought to have deteriorated since he became a suspect.

He is said to require round-the-clock care.


No charges: Labour peer Lord Greville

Leicestershire Police said they are considering taking legal action to overturn the DDP’s decision.

Campaigners have demanded full details of Lord Janner’s recent contact with House of Lords officials, which they claim may shed new light on his mental state.

It has been reported he wrote to Lords clerks earlier this month indicating he did not wish to step down as a serving peer.

John Mann, the Labour candidate contesting Bassetlaw, Notts said: “I don’t see how you can sign a document relating to membership of the House of Lords if you have dementia.”

One of nine victims Janner could have been charged over said Ms Saunders’ decision was “a disgrace”, and added: “This man is still being protected because [of his status] and isn’t able to stand trial.

“If he was an everyday person with a normal life and job, justice would [have] been served, but as it stands we victims are just being pushed to the ground again and walked over.”


Brezenski, National Security Advisor to President Carter, CFR member and first Director of the Trilateral Commission, Professor to Obama and Advisor, wrote of a society controlled by a Power Elite in his 1970 book, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era: "The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values (like liberty and democracy). Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities."


V: Good evening, London. Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of every day routine- the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke.

But in the spirit of commemoration, whereby those important events of the past, usually associated with someone's death or the end of some awful bloody struggle, a celebration of a nice holiday, I thought we could mark this November the 5th, a day that is sadly no longer remembered, by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat.

There are of course those who do not want us to speak. I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into telephones, and men with guns will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.

And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission.

How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.

I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn't be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now high chancellor, Adam Sutler. He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent...

In the UK General election, the EXIT POLLS showed:

The Conservatives were expected to get 316 Members of Parliament, just short of a majority.

A party needs 326 MPs to have a majority.

Labour was expected to get 239 MPs.

The Liberal Democrats were expected to get only 10 MPs.

The Scottish Nationalists were expected to get 58 MPs.

Plaid Cymru 4, UKIP 2 and the Greens 2.

The EXIT POLLS conflict with the earlier OPINION POLLS whose accuracy is plus or minus three percent - 3%

which showed Conservatives and Labour neck and neck.

The final YouGov poll suggested:

Conservatives 284

Labour 263

15% out, wrong, fiddled, fixed, RIGGED!!

John Major, who won the 1992 election, was involved in the 1991 Gulf War.

Tony Bliar now is a Member of Mrs Saxe Coberg Gotha's Order of the Garter.. Connected with the Pope's Knights of Malta.

In the 1992 general election, both the exit polls and the opinion polls suggested a Labour win, and yet the Conservatives under John Major were declared the winners.

Was the 1992 election rigged?

From the beginning of 1992 campaign, the parties were neck and neck in the opinion polls, with Labour fractionally ahead.

The commentators predicted a hung parliament.

The exit polls suggested a hung parliament.

The official result was: Conservatives 42.8 per cent of the vote, Labour 35.2 per cent.

Were both elections TOTALLY rigged?



Evey Hammond: My father was a writer. You would've liked him. He used to say that artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.

V: A man after my own heart.




INSTITUTIONS have been created to create a psychopathic ruling class who will do what they are told by the real rulers of society.

Eton, Corporal punishment, beating, fagging, the Ancient Satanic Religion with it's worship of Moloch and it's immolation, burning people alive in Tophets, Ritual Human Sacrifice, Ritual Sex, Ritual Homosexuality, Ritual Pederasty, Ritual Castration, Ritual Cannibalism...

All Homosexuals are not Satanists, but all Satanists are Sodomites.

" We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools [Project 10], in your dormitories [forced homosexual roommates], in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups [Wandervoegel , Boy Scouts], in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses [“gays in the military”], in your truck stops, in your all-male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons will become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us.

Women, you cry for your freedom. You say you are no longer satisfied with men; they make you unhappy [radical feminism, lesbian separatist movement]. We, connoisseurs of the masculine face, the masculine physique, shall take your men from you then. We will amuse them; we will embrace them when they weep.

Women, you say you wish to live with each other instead of men. Then go ahead and be with each other. We shall give your men pleasures they have never known because we are foremost men too and only one man knows how to truly please another man; only one man can understand with depth and feeling the mind and body of another man.

All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked [anti-discrimination ordinances, minority status based on homosexuality]. Instead, legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men [graphic “pro-gay” sex and AIDS education, mandatory “sensitivity training,”].

All homosexuals must stand together as brothers; we must be united artistically, philosophically, socially, politically and financially [the multi-faceted and powerful “gay rights” movement]. We will triumph only when we present a common face to the vicious heterosexual enemy [suppression of internecine conflicts and other negative information about homosexuals by the homosexualist dominated media].

If you dare to cry faggot, fairy, queer, at us, we will stab you in your cowardly hearts and defile your dead puny bodies [“hate crimes,” speech codes, fines].

We shall write poems of the love between men; we shall stage plays in which man openly caresses man [the play Bent and a multitude of others; the lesbian counterpart in the television show, Ellen]; we will make films about the love between heroic men which will replace the cheap, superficial, sentimental, insipid, juvenile, heterosexual infatuations presently dominating your cinema screens [Hollywood promotion of homosexual “love-making” and of the “gay rights” agenda in movies and television]. We shall sculpt statues of beautiful young men, of bold athletes which will be placed in your parks, your squares, your plazas [public funding of homosexual pornography by the National Endowment for the Arts, National Public Broadcasting Service]. The museums of the world will be filled only with the paintings of graceful, naked lads.

Our writers will make love between men fashionable and de rigeur, and we will succeed because we are adept at setting styles [invention of “gay-speak” — “gay,” “homophobia,” “diversity,” “sexual orientation”]. We will eliminate heterosexual liaisons through usage of the devices of wit and ridicule which we are skilled in employing.

We will unmask the powerful homosexuals who masquerade as heterosexuals [outing]. You will be shocked and frightened when you learn that your presidents and their sons, your industrialists, your senators, your mayors, your generals, your athletes, your film stars, your television personalities, your civic leaders, your priests are not the safe, familiar bourgeois, heterosexual figures you assumed them to be.
We are everywhere [a commonly used bumper-sticker]; we have infiltrated your ranks [strategic “surprise” announcements by “conservative” homosexuals, e.g. Mel White, former ghostwriter for Christian leaders]. Be careful when you speak of homosexuals because we are always among you; we may be sitting across the desk from you; we may be sleeping in the same bed with you.

There will be no compromises. We are not middle class weaklings. Highly intelligent, we are the natural aristocrats of the human race, and steely-minded aristocrats never settle for less [Brand/Friedlander, Fuehrer principle]. Those who oppose us will be exiled [the “Fems”].

We shall raise vast, private armies, as Mishima did, to defeat you [Rossbach and Roehm, Frederick the Great]. We shall conquer the world because warriors inspired by and banded together by homosexual love and honor are invincible as were the ancient Greek soldiers [Plato's Banquet ].

The family unit — spawning ground of lies, betrayals, mediocrity, hypocrisy and violence — will be abolished [homosexual “marriage” and adoption]. The family unit, which only dampens imagination and curbs free will, must be eliminated [Plato's Republic]. Perfect boys will be conceived and grown in the genetic laboratory. They will be bonded together in communal setting, under the control and instruction of homosexual savants [Sparta].

All churches who condemn us will be closed [attacks on the McIlhennys, St. Patrick’s Cathedral]. Our only gods are handsome young men. We adhere to a cult of beauty, moral and esthetic. All that is ugly and vulgar and banal will be annihilated [Kummerlings]. Since we are alienated from middle-class heterosexual conventions, we are free to live our lives according to the dictates of the pure imagination [Nietzsche, Hitler]. For us too much is not enough.

The exquisite society to emerge will be governed by an elite comprised of gay poets [Adolf Brand, Stefan George, Plato’s “philosopher-kings”]. One of the major requirements for a position of power in the new society will be indulgence in the Greek passion [pederasty]. Any man contaminated with heterosexual lust will be automatically barred from a position of influence [SA leadership]. All males who insist on remaining stupidly heterosexual will be tried in homosexual courts of justice and will become invisible men.

We shall rewrite history [Holocaust revisionism, extravagant claims that historical figures (like Lincoln) were homosexual], history filled and debased with your heterosexual lies and distortions. We shall portray the homosexuality of great leaders and thinkers who have shaped the world. We will demonstrate that homosexuality and intelligence and imagination are inextricably linked, and that homosexuality is a requirement for true nobility, true beauty in a man [Hans Blueher].

We shall be victorious because we are filled with the ferocious bitterness of the oppressed who have been forced to play seemingly bit parts in your dumb, heterosexual shows throughout the ages [victim-plunder strategy]. We too are capable of firing guns and manning the barricades of the ultimate revolution [ACT-UP, Queer Nation, blood terrorism].

Tremble, hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks."""
(By Michael Swift, “Gay Revolutionary.” Reprinted from The Congressional Record . First printed in Gay Community News, February 15-21, 1987)."""

This statement was taken from the closing thoughts section of the book the pink swastika..

Here are links to this book for download or to read online..

As at Eton, Spartan boys at age seven were ripped untimely from their mothers arms and sent to join the army..

Entire Kay Griggs: Military Homoccult Beast System. "They took with them the most perverted aspects of Nazi Germany and brought them over to the United States." "They get rid of the good guys. The Marine Corps are the assassins for the Mob. The military is run by the Mob. The military IS the Mob." "He told me what they did. They nurture--they cultivate--the sons of prominent families. They're called "rising stars." They rope them in. Then they "turn" them." Colonel's wife names names in Military/homosexual/pedophile Underground 
Recently, Kay Griggs, a prominent military colonel's wife, set out to right a long history of patent wrongs, which include:
- homosexual initiation rites in the U.S. military-
-particularly within the Marines;
- well-documented instances of both
- homosexual and
- hetero pedophilia, often as brazen rape, amongst U.S. military figures and notable senior statesmen, Henry 
Kissinger being named loudly by Mrs. Griggs.

My sexual exposure to Bill Clinton was extremely limited because I witnessed Bill Clinton involved in homosexual activity. I know that Bill Clinton is bisexual, leaning far more towards the homosexual end. Consider what's been done to our society since he's been in office. Just this past year, he ordered that we have "gay celebration month" in our school system. That's not gay "awareness" day. This is gay celebration month and Bill Clinton ordered it. It was Hilary Clinton that accessed my sex programming. It was Hilary that I was sexually exposed to. It is my experience that she, too, is bisexual, leaning far more towards a homosexual end. Sex, Lies, and Mind Control by Cathy O'Brien

The initiation into the light of Lucifer is achieved by sodomy of the three year old....A lot of people think of the Illuminati as being a political group of people, but in another sense it’s a brotherhood of sodomites that’s like family.. 

TANTRA AND HOMOSEXUALITY IN SATANIC RITUAL HOMO-OCCULTISM - The Ritual Implantation of Energy Blockages - The Effects of the, "Dark Side" It's solution and protection is Energy Enhancement Video Course and Live Courses..













Belinda giving the latest on the Hampstead case and related matters. Inside the RCJ the judge is issuing ‘further directions’ re. the children’s care.


As with our own case no Police investigation was done, despite Colin Batley and friends being in jail and the reality of the ritualistic paedophile ring involved being proved a reality.

 Social Services persecuted the mother of the child who spoke up, and returned them to the ‘care’ of their abusive father- who had allowed their own child’s abuse within Colin Batley’s cult. This despite that she (and I) were found NOT GUILTY of making the whistleblower child make anything up, and that their disclosures were credible.

We know our case is real. Some of the guilty are already in jail, prosecuted for their crimes.. even if there seems to be a cover-up amongst occultists/Pagans claiming these crimes were not ritualistic (many were, although not ALL).



Review; DEVIL ON THE DOORSTEP by Annabelle Forest

ISBN-13: 978-1471136689

Simon & Schuster Ltd (14 Aug. 2014)


Here is a book that should be on your reading list.

“Annabelle Forest was just seven years old when she was inducted into a twisted sex cult by her own mother. For the next few years she was brainwashed by the cult’s leader, Colin Batley, who ran a harem of followers from his unassuming cul-de-sac in Kidwelly, Wales. Batley ruled the cult with an iron will, his twisted ideology based on Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law, which informed their day-to-day lives. From the age of 11, Annabelle was repeatedly raped by Batley, and threatened with going to hell if she angered ‘the gods’ by refusing Batley’s sick demands. Annabelle’s mother joined in the sessions and even filmed them. Annabelle lived a double life – a schoolgirl by day, a sex slave at night. It might have endured for years had she not fallen pregnant at 17 with Batley’s baby. In February 2008 she gave birth to a daughter, Emily, who gave Annabelle hope and a reason to live. Now she knew she had to escape, especially after Batley forced her into prostitution when Emily was three months old. She contacted relatives and found the courage to report Batley, her mother and the other cult members to the police. In 2011 her evidence helped convict 48-year-old Batley for life on 11 charges of rape and numerous other sexual offences. Annabelle’s mother was also jailed, along with two others in a case that came to be known as the ‘cul-de-sac cult’. Today she lives a happy and settled life with Emily and her partner but the nightmares of her damaged past will haunt her forever.”


By her own admission the author only knows a very small part of the story, having been kept in the dark and fed on bullshit most of her childhood. When it came to giving evidence in court, she had not even met the other girls who testified against Batley before. She does not speak of Batley turning up at ritual meetings with a gun and forcing all present to engage in the abuse of a six year old child.. nor does she name Anton Channing, Peter Mastin, Jaq D. Hawkins, Nikki Wyrd or Julian Vayne as being present, or any other ‘prominent’ figures in the UK ‘occult community’ such as Mogg ‘Mandrake of Oxford’ Morgan. Nor are my parents mentioned.

As it says at the start, ‘Names have been changed’, presumably to prevent libel cases being brought from those yet to be prosecuted, since it is already too late to ‘protect the innocent’…  but it does tell SOME of the story. It certainly gives insight into just how sad and crass Batley and his fellow cultists really were.

Meanwhile, the guilty continue to grow in (pseudo)fame. When the shit hits the fan, I hope as many people know who they are, and recognize their faces, as possible. In the media, before someone is exposed, it is standard to ‘raise their profile’. I also hope that all those who defended them, and victimized myself and others for speaking up, will learn a lesson from all this.. and the more people that learn, the better.

Former Detective Sergeant Believes Ella Draper

This is more on the situation in the UK where two children claimed they were being satanically abused by their father and a bunch of other people who were dismissed by ONE judge, who supposedly interviewed 16 wittiness and ONLY TWO WEEKS LATER declared that the mother was guilty of coaching her kids to lie.

(David Shurter- )



Is a Satanic cult of global leaders murdering children?

Eric Barlow April 2, 2014

“The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult, a child sacrifice group composed of global elites, appears to be routinely raping, torturing and murdering children” it was announced yesterday by the ITCCS. Recent court filings against the international child kidnapping ring go to court April 7.

Named as chief defendants for the Brussels Common Law Court trial were Pope Francis, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Among possible Ninth Circle Satanic Cult members named by witnesses who would testify at the trial were former popes Joseph Ratzinger and John Paul II, UK High Court Justice Judge Fulford and members of the British Royal Family.

“Queen Elizabeth had direct involvement in the kidnapping and death of aboriginal children and Royal Family members appeared to regularly participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rituals at the Mohawk Indian School in Brantford Ontario Canada” yesterday’s announcement proclaimed.

According to two affidavits filed in court, not only did different witnesses see Ninth Circle Satanic Cult members commit murder, but claimed the brutal killings of innocent children continued today, some in sub-basement vaults.
The international court was set to consider:

· Testimonies of two former Mohawk School inmates who both say they were present at the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult murder of a 5-6 year-old girl at the Mohawk Indian School in Branton Ontario Canada.

· A copy of the ‘Magisterial Privilege’ that was filed within sealed archives of the Vatican library. The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult operated according to this canon law statute dated Dec. 25 1967. It was said to document that before each new pope assumed office it was mandatory that they participated in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rites. The document referred to ceremonial murder of newborn children and consumption of their blood.

· Testimonies of two witnesses who claimed they saw former Pope Joseph Ratzinger, Dutch Cardinal Alfrink and Prince Bernhard take part in a Ninth Circle Satanic Cult murders in Holland and France, one of a little girl in the fall of 1987.

· One of those witnesses was Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis who in this video interview with Kevin Annett, discussed seeing Ninth Circle Satanic Cult murders as late as 2010. At least one of those murders involved former Pope Ratzinger.

· Testimony of Anglican church researcher Leona Moses, whose 2011 interview with Kevin Annett and Mohawk elder Cheryl Squire could be seen in this video.

· Testimony of a former Argentine civil servant during the 1970s Dirty War who took extensive notes of meetings between the now-Pope Francis and Junta military officials. Pope Francis’ fast ascension to head the Argentine Catholic Church was a suspected result of his agreement to traffick missing political prisoner children from Catholic orphanages.

· Testimony of a police-accredited investigator.

· The “G12” collection of documents of the Anglican Huron Diocese from the Church of England secret archives in London, Ontario Canada.

· A January 2012 memo from Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz in Toronto ordering destruction of forensic human remains and evidence of murdered children in the Mohawk Indian School archives.

“In October, 2011, excavations commenced by Mohawk elders on the grounds of the (Mohawk) school revealed…bones that had been cut up in sections. Two of these bone fragments were positively identified as being those of a small child by Ontario forensic examiner Greg Olson and archaeologist Kris Nahrgang, as well as by senior forensic pathologist Dr. Donald Ortner of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Ortner died of undisclosed causes shortly afterwards.”

Mass genocide of Mohawk Confederacy children began in 1832 at the former Church of England-Jesuit run Mohawk Indian Residential School in Brantford Ontario Canada. Since the 2008 discovery of a child mass grave site at the Mohawk School, there have been 31 other mass child grave sites identified at native residential schools across Canada, in Holland and the United States. The schools were mainly run by Catholic Jesuit priests.

On Feb. 28 2013 this same international court found Head of the Anglican Church of England Queen Elizabeth and former Pope Joseph Ratzinger guilty of Crimes Against Children – the same day Ratzinger became the first pope in history to resign from his office.

The Answer you seek is found only in what Jesus did at the Cross!

What one generation allows in moderation the next will practice in excess!

False Doctrine and False Beliefs are like trying to hatch eggs under a dead Hen. It won't work!!

news items – Brittan Child Abuse Cover Up, Cyril Smith, Tony Blair minister. ‘Satanic’ Rape, Black Mass, Mormon church, Scientology Documentary, Sex-trafficked kids and The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2015 Conference

Nathaniel J. Harris:

What we are seeing is that people who once thought they could get away with the vilest abuses are now being hauled in. Even the cover-ups of Police and MI5 are being shown for what they were.

Not long now, and certain ‘wytches’ and ‘Chaos Magicians’ will also be for the chop. They might have thought the powerful connection of the Colin Batley group would protect them forever. There is no magic strong enough to assuage their Destiny.. it doesn’t matter how much ‘work’ these vayne id-i.o.t.s do on themselves. Scum.

Seems a shame, really.. to lock them away somewhere safe. Personally, I think we should be allowed to sacrifice them to their own ‘dark gods’. That would be pleasing all round.

Originally posted on Survivorship - for survivors of ritualistic abuse:

This week there were more articles about Britain’s child abuse cover-up investigation, possible police cover ups, Cyril Smith child abuse probe, an Australian Archbishop Charged With Concealing Child Abuse, a  ‘satanic’ rape: case, a Mexican satanist ‘Black Mass’, U.S. jails sex-trafficked kids in human rights abuse, Former Boy Scout sues Mormon church for sexual abuse, Going Clear a Scientology documentary and The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2015 Conference.

The Survivorship Ritual Abuse and Child Abuse 2015 Conference – Support Along the Path

Evidence mounts in Britain’s child abuse cover-up investigation

A dam of official silence around child abuse in Britain began to break after the 2011 death of entertainer Jimmy Savile.
On Monday, the BBC’s “Newsnight” program reported that an ex-detective had told it that a lawmaker, Cyril Smith, was arrested in the early 1980s as part of an investigation into child-sex parties, but was released hours…

View original 444 more words

Id- I.O.T.

This is the London temple of the Illuminates of Thanateros.. ‘elite’ of Chaos Magic. Well, that’s what they tell themselves. That’s not what we see, though, is it?



At least 3 I recognize as the same crew as, according to the disclosures of a child they abused, were ‘working’ with convicted  ritual abuser Colin Batley.

Sorry if they are your mates but this is the truth.

Id- I.O.T.s

KHAOS PUNK; Post-Nihilist Urban Sorcery



Click on the above image to buy your copy before the Illuminazis close it down..


KHAOS PUNK presents a street level grimoire for the modern urban sorcerer who has lost faith in nihilism. The author is a true veteran of Chaos Magic whose influence on the current should not be underestimated. __________________________________________________________________________

“.. Be assured you will be in the safest hands with Nathaniel as your expert and entertaining guide.”

Pat Mills (founder of 2000 AD)


or click the link below..



To Colin Batley, Elaine Batley, Jaqueline Marling, Shelly Millar, Peter Petrauske, Jack Kemp, Peter Pracownik, Peter Mastin, Julian Vayne, Nicola Ward (aka Nikki Wyrd), Frank Parker, Martyn Tucker (aka Martyn Healer, Dr. Love, and ‘Shed Boy’), Tony Stone (aka Tony the Wizard), Angelina Lovecraft, Anton Channing, Denise Channing (Jaq D. Hawkins), Mogg Morgan of Mandrake of Oxford, Robert Harris (aka Szandor Dashwood), Ann & Adrian Bryn-Evans.. and to anyone else I have missed (you know who you are), without all of whom this book would never have been written. May life bring each of you everything you truly deserve. So mote it be.

To Peter J. Carroll. May you learn how to divine. A little humility can go a long way.

To PC Chris Adams 840 and DS Amy Hewitte 801. Better luck next time in spotting the guilty. We all make mistakes.

To social workers Rebecca Mumford and Katherine Marsden of the Welsman Centre, Bristol. May the world recognize your deeds. Children depend upon people like you, and you FAIL them.

With all sincerity;

To Valerie Sinason of The Tavistock Institute, without whose advice and support we might never have survived this far. We are not alone.

To Sonia Poulton. If only there were more journalists like you.

To my daughter, Rose Ward. May you awaken to the truth and act appropriately. It is the only way you will survive this unharmed. I still love you, and always will.

Similarly to my brothers; Jasper, Silas, & Zachary. May you put the pieces together and come over to the right side. I miss you.

To Vanessa, the sister I have yet to meet. I hope you read this, and see through all the lies you have been fed about me.

To brave young ‘X’, and their mother. May you both be granted full and miraculous recovery.

To all survivors of abuse. Know that you are stronger than those who harmed you. Be proud, and help one another. May healing laughter be yours.


Thumbs up Global Elite Satanic Cult said to schedule child sacrifice
Global Elite Satanic Cult said to schedule child sacrifice, judges issue arrest warrants
Judy Byington on May 15, 2014

Yesterday five judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels issued arrest warrants after testimony that the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult might soon murder a child. Evidently the murder rite was scheduled for Aug 15 2014 in the subterranean vault beneath Marie-Reine-du-Monde Roman Catholic Cathedral in Montreal, Canada. This week’s eyewitness testimony revealed that the Catholic Cathedral has been the scene of other Ninth Circle Satanic Cult murders. However according to a ICLCJ Prosecutor’s Press Release, “The most recent gatherings of the Ninth Circle occurred in the crypt of Caernarfon Castle in Wales.”

Witnesses claimed they as children were with two of the international trial’s primary defendants at ceremonies where other children were killed. At least eight witnesses put names to this Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. Identified were British, Dutch and Belgian royal family members, Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, two British High Court Judges, a Canadian Catholic bishop and senior government ministers in Belgium and England.

“I was awakened after midnight by a call from Brussels” said Kevin Annett, special assistant to the ICLCJ Prosecutor. “They alerted me to the Prosecution’s demand that special deputies be immediately sworn and prepared to take action to stop the Ninth Circle’s murder of children. I’ve instructed all 39 of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State’s local chartered groups to do exactly that. Children are dying horribly as we speak. Protecting those children will be the first job of our trained sheriffs. They are charged with detaining and enforcing standing arrest warrants against criminals like former Pope Joseph Ratzinger and Queen Elizabeth. We can only protect our children by tracking down and stopping those who are raping and killing them, starting with the sick monsters known to be in the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult.”

Ninth Circle Satanic crimes against children appeared to be worldwide. Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis claimed that as a child she was forced to witness murders of children that involved former Pope Ratzinger, Dutch Catholic Cardinal Alfrink and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. “I saw the formerPope Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl? another witness confirmed. “It was at a French chateau in the fall of 1987. It was ugly, horrible and didn’t happen just once. Ratzinger, Alfrink and Bernhard were some of the more prominent men who took part.”

Canadian Irene Favel testified at the 2013 ICLCJ Court trial on Ninth Circle global elites where Pope Ratzinger resigned after his guilty verdict. Favel saw a Catholic priest burn a baby alive in a furnace at the Catholic Indian residential school in Muscowequan Saskatchewan. “All you could hear was this little cry, like “Uuh!”, and that was it. You could smell that flesh cooking.”

Queen Elizabeth was also convicted at the 2013 ICLCJ Brussels trial. The Queen and Prince Phillip were found guilty in the disappearance of ten native children last seen leaving for a picnic with the Royal couple from the Kamloops Residential School in British Columbia. This week British soldier Vivian Cunningham remained drugged and institutionalized against his will for daring to ask his superiors about Queen Elizabeth’s outstanding arrest warrant. Cunningham was incarcerated at the St. George’s Hospital in Stafford England. Your concerns could be voiced by phoning 44 017852 57888 or speaking to Cunningham’s superior, Captain Murrell phone 44 079096 86198.

The UK began waking up to satanic crime through the British celebrity Jimmy Saville child sex abuse case. One London court proceeding unveiled that Dutch intelligence officers trafficked a UK victim to Amsterdam to be abused by pedophiles including convicted child killer Sidney Cooke. The child victim was also made to film Cooke killing another boy in a children’s’ residential school on the UK Island of Jersey. Jersey was under the sole ownership and control of Queen Elizabeth. This video is Bill Maloney’s Pie’n’Mash Films documentary about Jersey entitled “Sun, Sea and Satan.”

Before his death Jimmy Saville spent regular time on Jersey. Satanism was riddled throughout Saville’s child sex abuse scandal that involved hundreds of child victims. Witnesses claimed that as children they were taken to drug-fueled sex parties run by European government authorities. According to the Jan.12 UK Sunday Express, “It wasn’t just politicians, there were also a number of celebrities who seemed to have a lot of good links to MPs and powerful businessmen.”

In the US Catholic Father Gerald Robinson, convicted for the 1984 Black Mass murder of Sister Margaret Pahl, based his unusual 2013 appeal on evidence that up to 24 priests participated with him in that Satanic human sacrifice rite. Veterans Today reporter Gordon Duff contended that the 24 priests “continue to practice Satanism within the church that include assaults, rapes and murders. To this day those that survive continue to do so.”

Child sacrifices also appeared to be regular events in satanic cults other than the Ninth Circle. Jenny Hill of Garden Grove California claimed to have witnessed a child sacrifice in a Satanic cult ceremony. In her biography, “Twenty-Two Faces” (Tate Publishing: Oklahoma, 2012) she discussed the murder of another six year-old child. In this video Hill explained her feelings about the murder on June 21 1965 Summer Solstice.

At least two Black Mass child sacrifice rites were said to have taken place at Catholic headquarters in Rome. At the tender age of 12 “Svali” of San Diego County claimed she was brought to catacombs beneath the Vatican to witness the sacrifice of a three year-old drugged boy. In this video her interviewer said that 24 years prior a “Maria” told him she witnessed another satanic murder rite in the same Vatican Catacombs.




KHAOS PUNK – Post-Nihilst Urban Sorcery

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An abusive cult may be defined as a group with a closed ‘circular’ belief system, whose followers are recruited and controlled through manipulation and undue influence (blackmail, violence, rape, and mind control). This manipulation is imposed without the informed consent of the individual, with the intent of altering the personality and behavior of its initiates.

The leadership of such groups are sociopathic, and ‘all powerful’. Followers will be expected to address them by grandiose titles, such as High Priest, Supreme Magus, or Lord, and subordinate their will to that of ‘the group’.

Abusive cults typically set themselves apart through totalitarian and elitist ideology; creating its own values often in deliberate challenge to the morals and ethics of society, as with Satanism and certain Tantric cults, or considering themselves beyond good and evil, as with Chaos magic.

Abusive cults engage in all manner of unethical practices, often as a matter of principle. These may include ritual abuse, child abuse- including neglect, torture, rape and murder of children, mind control (sometimes called ‘brainwashing’, often employing trauma and drugs), human trafficking, smuggling- such as pornography, drugs, guns, or gems, fraud and deceit, theft, harassment of former members and their families, violent assaults, forced participation in sexual abuse and forced prostitution, kidnapping, torture, extreme psychological and emotional abuse, and conspiracy to commit any or all of these crimes without arrest and conviction.

Abusive cults are often lead by hardened, professional criminals. They may be ‘self styled’, as with most supposedly Satanic youth gangs, or they may have infiltrated and taken over an otherwise benign occult group. They may or may not be a paedophile, and they may or may not genuinely hold those beliefs demanded of the cult members- with ritual elements such as Devil worship serving primarily to detract from the credibility of any disclosure, and to control victims through inspiring fear.

A sociopathic criminal who does business outside of society’s conventions will do whatever is necessary to ensure the long lasting success of their ‘business’.  If there is financial profit in providing brainwashed children as sex slaves to other criminal associates, simultaneously providing grounds for blackmail, the sociopathic criminal is unlikely to baulk. Laws and morals mean nothing- there only to control the herd, and to be broken by the ‘powerful’. Similarly, they mean nothing to anyone whose own will is subordinated to that of the abusive cult and its elitist philosophy; expressed in Crowley’s Book of the Law as ‘Do what thou wilt.. the law of the strong’ and within the Illuminates of Thanateros as ‘Nothing is true & everything is permitted’.

Due to the nature of initiatory occult groups, it is also possible for an abusive cult to form and protect itself within the secrecy of a wider group. There may be many members in the lower grades, for example, who have an honest interest in exploring ‘magical ideas’, but would never knowingly involve themselves with any criminal activity whatsoever. They are as innocent and unknowing as Catholics attending mass lead by a paedophile bishop; and just as unlikely to believe any disclosures of abuse made against him. This provides additional credibility in discounting disclosures, serving to protect the hidden abuser even further.


What is Ritual Abuse?

The information in this chapter may be too upsetting for some people to read. However, it is important for the public to become more informed concerning the reality and extent of ritual abuse. Victims of abuse may be  accidently ‘triggered’ by some passages; should this happen, please stop reading, and discuss anything that arises with your therapist- if you are lucky enough to have one that has accepted the reality of ritual abuse.

Ritual abuse is an extreme form of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse involving ritual symbolism and behavior, perpetrated against children, adolescents, and adults.  Ritual abuse, as with occult ritual generally, is not necessarily Satanic; although for various reasons- perhaps including simply lack of imagination or originality- much of it is.

Most occult ritual draws upon the psychological ‘powers’ of the archetypes, and Satan is the most obvious archetype that might appeal to any cult seeking to transgress society’s moral boundaries whilst simultaneously inspiring fear. It is thus the first choice of many criminal youth gangs, or of any cult seeking to entice members with the promise of sexual promiscuity, illicit drugs, moral license, and power.

Ritual abuse rarely consists of a single episode, but will be repeated over an extended period of possibly years or decades. Abusive cults, like most organized paedophile rings or criminal networks, seek to involve themselves in the lives of their victims in every way.

The physical aspects of ritual abuse are severe, and may include torture and killing. The victim’s silence will also have been ensured by threats of persecution, including punishment, torture, and murder. Such threats may be very real, with victims already having witnessed the torture and ‘sacrifice’ of people or animals, or even been forced to participate. This included not only making disclosure, but also failure to commit further acts of ‘evil’ at the behest of the cult.

The sexual abuse is extraordinarily sadistic, intended to humiliate and ‘break down’ their victim’s resistance to domination by the cult. It is far worse than the abuse normally inflicted by a paedophile in the context of incest. It may include repeated sexual assaults by men, women, or even other children, often in a group. It may include forced prostitution and participation in pornography. Since their ritual abuse involved children, any films or photographs may be employed to blackmail.

The psychological aspects are severe, causing indescribable mental and emotional suffering, and such terror that disclosure is often extremely difficult even decades afterwards. Coupled with the fear of being disbelieved, which is itself an additional trauma, many victims may never disclose at all.

Additionally, victims may be so traumatized that they dissociate from their experiences; a fact that is capitalized upon by the abusers in the form of mind control; robbing their victim of their own sense of self and free will. Having been broken down in such a fashion, the victim of an abusive cult may be influenced into giving apparent consent; also serving further to protect against disclosure.

Many victims of ritual abuse are infants,   as reported in the cases of Batley, Petrauske and Kemp, and particularly susceptible to being terrorized and indoctrinated into whatever the their abuser wishes them to believe. During abuse, and for long after it ceases, victims live with fear, dissociation, and the impact of mind control. They may have been abused over several years, with little or no time during which they were allowed to feel safe. The devastating and long lasting damage will most likely blight their entire lives.


It cannot be stressed enough that this is not to say that all people who identify as Satanists or occultists are, have been, or will become, ritual abusers. Arguably, much abuse perpetrated within the Catholic church is also ritualized, employing religious ‘mind control’ through guilt. For example, victims are typically told to ‘pretend it is God touching them’.

Both Catholic and Satanic abusers will tell their victims that nobody will believe them if they disclose. Just as with Satanic or ‘occult’ themed abuse, it will rarely consist of a single episode, but will be repeated over an extended period of time. Nevertheless, the majority of Catholics do not sexually abuse children.


What do YOU Believe?

Ritual abuse is a crime many still refuse to believe happens, despite the convictions of Batley, Petrauske, Kemp, and others. No doubt people suffered similar problems a hundred years ago if they tried to speak up about paedophilia in the Catholic church. There almost seems to be a conspiracy in place to make sure things stay that way, and why would there not be? .. But to say such a thing outright would have me labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, and the social stigma of speaking out would increase even further.

Any society not registered with the Crown may be considered a ‘conspiracy’ under U.K. law, at least according to a high rankingFreemason I met whilst I was a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros, but never mind..

Getting away with any crime whatsoever is simply a matter of ensuring nobody believes you are guilty. If arrest is unavoidable, evidence must be discounted, and juries swayed. If the blame can be shifted to somebody else (a ‘patsy’), and they are successfully prosecuted despite their innocence, any investigations into the matter will be closed. Even surer is to convince people no crime was committed in the first place; that it is unbelievable, and anybody speaking up must be deluded, a vindictive liar, or otherwise ‘deeply troubled’. All these methods are employed whenever abusers of any kind are exposed by their victims.

It is wholly expected this book will attract deeply unpleasant accusations regarding the motives and credibility of its author. These will come not just from the guilty, but from others with invested belief  that ritual abuse is a myth; be they Satanists, Thelemites, Druids, Wiccans, or Chaos Magicians.  I would like to make it clear this book is not an attack on occultism, any more than exposing paedophiles in the church is an attack on Jesus.

Yet also, to say that abusers within these circles are not  ‘real’ occultists is like saying paedophiles in the church are not real Christians, despite being priests and bishops, if not popes.

One should not dismiss disclosures from victims of ‘Catholic abuse’ simply because one personally does or does not believe in God. Similarly, we should not dismiss the disclosures of ritual abuse based upon our own beliefs- or lack thereof- regarding occultism. One does not have to personally believe in ‘the occult’ to recognize that plenty of people do, or that these people often join groups, and that any group- however benign, naive, or just plain kooky at the outset- can turn malign under the wrong leadership.

Nor should it be assumed anyone believing in ‘occult forces’ must be deluded, any more than belief in Jesus should provide grounds to dismiss the possibility of ‘Catholic abuse’. One might personally believe ‘occultism’ and Jesus both about as likely as tooth-fairies, but one does not have the right to condemn another’s sanity for their own belief in any of these things.

Furthermore, abusive cults employ techniques of ‘brainwashing’; to make someone believe you can do malign sorcery is as an effective method of control as actually being able to. To all practical ends, both amount to the same thing; mind control.

Nor should we dismiss claims of those believing their abuse is linked to government mind control experiments. There is evidence that government agencies have performed many illegal and transgressive psychological experiments on its  own citizens in the past, such as those conducted in Nazi Germany, or the MK Ultra experiments of the C.I.A., both of which involved links to occult orders and symbolism.

It may also be that some victims are made to falsely believe in such government connections as part of their control, so they believe their abusers wield greater influence than they really have. For example, members of Colin Batley’s cult were apparently brainwashed into believing assassins would kill them if they were disobedient. Anonymous whistleblowers, posting on internet forums, have often assumed connection between the cult and MK Ultra. It is probable that they were encouraged to believe these things, in order to frighten them into silence.

This does not mean the abuse itself never happened, even if it stretches the credibility of disclosure. For example, the Illuminates of Thanateros have no links to anyone that might be responsible for the eye-in-the-pyramid that appears on the American dollar bill, but anyone unknowing enough to suspect they do might also be persuaded the order is secretly protected by the government. It is unlikely they would be disavowed of such belief by anyone in the organization.

Whatever unusual beliefs someone may -or may not- hold, this should never provide reason to dismiss disclosures of abuse. If such happened as a result of membership within a cult, we should expect them to hold beliefs corresponding to those held by other members of that cult. This is a very important point for professionals to recognize.

Religious, spiritual, and political beliefs- including the most outlandish conspiracy theories- are a freedom in the U.K., and protected against prejudice by the Freedom of Belief Act 2010. The fact that someone holds unusual beliefs does not in itself give us any clues as to the validity of their disclosures, whether they believe in Satan, Santa, little green men, government mind control, a universe that turns out not to exist if you look at it close enough, or a bearded old man that lives on a cloud and created the world in seven days. All beliefs- be they spiritual or political- seem equally absurd, given the appropriate alternative perspective.

It is to an abuser’s advantage to target victims  of minority groups already suffering misunderstanding and persecution within wider society. A mother whose child was abused at a smoke-weed-and-protest-for-peace camp, for example, would get a very different reaction from the police than a conventional, middle class, presumed law abiding parent. Now imagine trying to tell the police your child was abused by a cult of black magicians, and that you are an occultist yourself.. What kind of a reaction do you think you would get?

Oaths of Secrecy

Occult groups are generally secretive, even if their existence is public knowledge. As a rule, membership requires initiation; a ritual whereby grave oaths are made to keep any secrets within the group, such as its membership, and anything that happens during its rituals. Anyone who breaks their oaths of initiation will be excommunicated. Often the oath itself will contain dire warnings of persecution, such as the warning given during admittance into the I.O.T., “Should I ever break this oath, may I be stripped of all protection.”

Initiates are usually taught that such oaths serve to protect against prejudice from outsiders; for example, secrecy may be the difference between having a good job or finding oneself next to unemployable. Belief in occultism, let alone the practice of it, attracts much scorn from the wider public, few of whom even understand what occultism actually ‘is’, or spend the time to learn what it is that occultists actually believe or do.

In the past, churches and governments have rounded up occultists and executed them, declaring the practice of magic to be a threat to society. Wiccans, for example, are taught about the ‘Burning Times’ of the Inquisition, the Malleus Malificarum, and the days of Mathew Hopkins- The Witchfinder General. The ‘Satanic Panic’ of the late 1980s is interpreted as a continuum of such persecutions. The fact that most Wiccans are middle class and white, and unlikely to have ever been persecuted for anything, is neither here nor there.

Such oaths can also make life very difficult for anyone investigating such a group, be they police or journalists. It is clear that any such group, however benign at the outset, could be easily exploited by an abusive leadership due to these oaths. Anybody whistleblowing from within such a group would be betraying their oaths of initiation. Persecution by the group, and possibly ostracism from ‘occultism’ generally, would inevitably follow.

Furthermore, most groups have ‘grades’ which may only be attained through progressive initiations. For example, in an order with three degrees, there will be secrets held by the second that are not revealed to the first, and secrets held by the third that will not be revealed to the first or second. It is perfectly possible for the higher ranking members of such an organization to be involved in activities in which the lower ranking members have no knowledge whatsoever.

It has to be observed, above all, that whilst the ‘norm’ for individuals is to act in a responsible, intelligent, and entirely sane manner, the ‘norm’ for groups can be entirely different. It is almost as if groups of people can become subject to a ‘third mind’, which over-rules the person they are as an individual; the most obvious example being the way ‘mobs’ can sweep everyone involved along with it, driving them to behavior they would never otherwise exhibit.

Initiation within one occult group does not necessarily preclude membership of another. The different groups are not exclusive arms of one religion, as with Catholicism and Protestantism, where someone chooses between one or the other. For example, someone might be an initiate of Druidry, Wicca, and the Illuminates of Thanateros. Indeed, there are many individuals who seem to collect initiations like badges.

Occult groups spring up, and die out, regularly within occultism. Many have a ‘public face’, whilst others do not.

The Satanic Illuminati

According to the anti-Satanists, most but not all of whom are Christian organizations, there is an international conspiracy of black magicians abducting children and abusing them. The reasons they are doing this are apparently manyfold; from mind control experiments through to actual demons demanding ‘sacrifice’ in order to manifest on the physical plain. The reason we are all ignorant of this conspiracy is that it goes right to the top, and the dark sorcerers of the Illuminati are secretly running a one world government.

According to Satanists and their sympathizers, this conspiracy is actually between Christians and therapists, who are implanting false memories in their patients to accidently or deliberately support the hypothesis of a worldwide conspiracy of child abusing Satanists. The reason for this is simply that we live in a Christian culture; unconsciously or not, all these people are acting with an essentially Christian agenda, having its roots in the ‘witch hunts’ of history.

Where will it all end?

I suggest there is no conspiracy. I suggest the reason why these thousands of disclosures all show so many similarities is simply that abusive cults tend to behave in similar and fairly predictable ways; that is, once their existence has been recognized as a reality. In the same way that sociopaths tend to behave predictably, once one has insight into their psychology, so do groups that have sociopaths amongst their leadership.

It must also be recognized that some group dynamics, as do some philosophies, encourage sociopathic traits in their members; in such cases, it is not simply a case of removing the leadership; like a hydra, if you cut off one head another grows in its place.

Abusive cults, whether they are Wiccan covens that become infiltrated and taken over by paedophiles, spontaneously arising amongst American college kids, drug dealing street gangs mixed up with black magic, or Haitian cults of the Loup-Garou, do not have to be involved in any kind of conspiracy to all hold common traits in their behavior. All seek to persecute, abuse, control, torture, and ultimately kill their victims in a ritualized manner.

This behavior is clearly wrong, and it is not difficult for even the perpetrators to recognize it; in spiritual terms as they are commonly understood, it is evil. Since ritual serves to evoke the power of archetypes, it should come as no surprise that abusive ritual cults, in many but not all cases, tend to identify with archetypes of evil; most commonly personified in Western culture as Satan.

This same archetype is known by occultists by many other names, as is apparent through even the most cursory examination of the literature; Cernunos, Pan, Set, Lucifer, the Hidden One, and Baphomet all being essentially the same archetype. This remains so even if occultists identifying with it might argue they are not Satanists, and do not ‘worship evil’. The fact that confusion between ‘real occultism’ and abusive Satanism is so common that the difference  has to be explained to outsiders is demonstration of this fact.

Since real occultism, and abusive cults, both commonly identify with the same archetypes, and both perform rituals, is it not inevitable that we will come across abusive cults apparently practicing certain aspects of ‘real occultism’? Is it not also inevitable that some real occult groups will become abusive?

Ritualized behavior may be found in all cultures. It is humanity’s natural expression of our spiritual nature; our ‘consciousness in relation to cosmos’. All religions exhibit this trait. Whilst many superficial differences may be found between the religious rituals of human culture, it is inevitable that we shall also find many similarities. Most, for example, build altars upon which the symbols of deity, or other spiritual principle, are displayed. Most have prayers, which are easily comparable to each other in style and purpose.

Similarly, the rituals of occultism are rooted in this same, universal human behavior trait. Most are centered around an altar. Whilst the prayers of exoteric religions are offered to transcendent deities presumed to exist in some ‘other place’, the rituals of occultism are aimed towards immanent deity whose presence may be evoked into ‘presence’, or invoked to take possession of a celebrant. There are many other similarities between the rituals of all occult groups, such as the casting of the circle, as explained in almost any book on the subject.

Is it not also inevitable that amongst ritually abusive cults, we would find similarities in the manner that abuse is ritualized? People are the same all over the world, and their rituals have changed very little in all history. Once this is understood, there is no need to resort to any kind of conspiracy theory to explain the similarities between one abusive cult and another. It is all simply the lowest human behavior, wherever it is found, and as such highly predictable. Hail Satan, indeed..

Which is not to say that criminals do not conspire. With the advent of the internet, this has become easier and more likely that ever before. The internet made possible a paedophile ring with 7,000 members, who acted to enable and protect one another. An abusive cult could easily find a market for images made during ritual abuse.

Is it not also inevitable- given that abusive cults arise all over the world- that a similar network might arise amongst those who ritualize their abuse? That, sooner or later if not already, there will arise an international conspiracy of ritual abusers? And might not such a group, just as they exploit belief in magic, spirits etc. exploit any already existing bizarre yet strikingly common beliefs about Satanic Illuminati, sacrifices to Moloch by the Bilderberg Group, MK Ultra and government mind control, or alien reptiles controlling our world leaders, to further terrorize and confuse their victims- regardless of there being any truth -or lack of thereof- to these conspiracy theories?

Whether we choose to believe it or not, it seems this is exactly what has happened.

Abusers may be found in any institution, from the B.B.C. to government, psychiatry, the police, social services, or religion. Wherever an institution is accused, they will defend themselves to the teeth. Occult orders are no different. Those involved in organized crime will network throughout all agencies they manage to infiltrate and exploit.

Operation Yew-Tree has recognized and investigated links between Jimmy Saville and a Satanically themed sex club, and some of his victims have disclosed their abuse to have been Satanically themed and ritualistic. Nevertheless, these facts have not been widely reported, and where they have those reports have been attacked by other journalists. Why is it possible for us to believe that Jimmy Saville abused so many children, in so many settings, and betrayed so much trust.. but impossible for us to accept that he wore a black robe and chanted ‘Hail Satan’ when he did it?

It seems any child abuser might get away with his crimes simply by employing the right paraphernalia, and ritualizing the violation- thus making the crime ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’, which many people remain adamant does not exist, rather than mere child abuse, which is a widely recognized reality.

If that was all it took to rob a bank, do you not think we would have gangs of black robed criminals regularly turning over Barclayswith cries of “Don’t move, and nobody gets sacrificed to Satan?” Would we all be arguing that Satanic Bank Robbery does not exist, whilst all this was going on?

Or supposing a ring of child abusers chose to dress up as something else, such as clowns or cowboys? Would we then be arguing that ‘Circus Themed Abuse’ or ‘Wild West Abuse’ does not exist? Would the disclosure of their victims be just as easily discredited? Is that really all it would take?

Do you really believe that occultism is the only spiritual culture in the world that harbours no paedophiles? How likely is it reallythat abusers exist in the Church, in Buddhism, Hinduism, indeed every religion, but not within Paganism, and certainly notSatanism?

Why? What makes occultists so different from the rest of humanity?

For all their grandiose titles and posturing, occultists are just as human as anyone else. Of course there are abusers amongst the occult community, just as there are in other walks of life. To deny this for any reason is to allow those abusers to prosper, and to become enablers. Knowingly or not, it is to become responsible for child abuse due to having protected the perpetrators. Those who have acted to discredit or otherwise attack those making disclosures of abuse have become directly involved in the persecution of innocent people.

It is my unhappy experience that occultism in the U.K. not only harbors paedophiles, but is thoroughly infected with them. The Pagan community will invariably rally around member against whom allegations of abuse are made, always assuming another ‘Satanic Panic’ persecution, and rarely -if ever- considering such allegations might actually be true. What better place, then, for a paedophile to hide, and to find the support they need should they ever be discovered?

Just as the B.B.C., the Catholic Church, and corrupted local authorities, all have to take responsibility for having allowed paedophiles to prosper in their midst, so must occultism.  Convictions have been made, and ritual abuse has been proved a reality. We can no longer pretend. We can no longer gloss over the failings of the community. One cannot make compromises with abusers without becoming tainted by them. Abusers must always be exposed; anything less is to protect and enable them.

Yes, the first few of us to take a stand will find ourselves ostracized, as I have been. What value is our community if it means rubbing shoulders with  child abusers and murderers? Is keeping such company really very wise? Would it not be wise to expose these people, and prevent them from prospering? Is not the quest for wisdom supposed to be the whole point in occultism?

There are bound to be the occasional convulsions in any culture, however ancient or new, uncovering abuses of trust or power. At first, these may cause a great sensation. If the situation is favorable on the whole, such abuses can be easily concealed from the public; everything is forgotten and complacency reigns once more. Yet to the wise, such occurrences are grave omens that cannot be ignored. This is the only way of avoiding further tragedy.

Ritual Abuse & Mental Health

It should be expected that anyone targeted by an abusive cult will have been traumatized by the experience. They may exhibiting extremely unusual behavior. It may be their abuse has resulted in P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), or possibly even actual brain damage, such as with D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

Too often, such conditions have provided reason to dismiss the disclosures of those who have suffered extreme abuse, resulting in no justice being served. It is important to make the distinction that P.T.S.D. and D.I.D. are both symptoms of what has happened to someone, rather than something that is unexplainably wrong with them.

It is also important to recognize these conditions are often misdiagnosed if there is no knowledge of their cause, or if disclosures are dismissed; D.I.D., for example, is often misdiagnosed as autism, whilst P.T.S.D. may become confused with any number of different anxiety disorders.

Nor should we allow abusers free reign to target anyone who already has these conditions, or for that matter any other kind of disorder, illness, or disability.

Furthermore, abusive cults will work hard to discredit anyone speaking up against them. Believe it or not, they will conspire to make it seem their victim is a delusional paranoid conspiracy theorist. They will do this in a number of ways, from making ‘concerned’ reports about their target to the local authorities, to organized gang stalking.

It is a rare person indeed who would not be reduced to a nervous wreck by such behavior. We should also expect anyone being targeted by an abusive cult to be hyper-vigilant. Events that seem innocuous to anyone else will have fearful implications. They may have been gang-stalked, for example, and therefore -at least occasionally – suspicious of completely innocent people they see on the street.

The first thing almost any abuser responds when they have been found out is, “You are mad.” This is as true of the unfaithful spouse as it is the wife beater, or predatory peadophile. We should expect the same accusations to be made against anyone speaking up against an abusive cult, and recognize that many people will be making discrediting one individual, who may themselves have been socially isolated as a result of the cult’s activities.

Indeed, we should hold anyone making such unfounded accusations of ‘mental illness’ as suspect, considering their actions potential proof for involvement in abuse.

False Memory Syndrome

Victims of ‘occult’ ritual abuse are most likely to find themselves facing another misdiagnosis; F.M.S. (False Memory Syndrome). That is to say, it is assumed their memories are at fault, and although they clearly recall being severely abused, traumatized, and ‘brainwashed’ by an abusive cult, none of it actually happened. Uniquely amongst ‘syndromes’, nobody has ever been diagnosed with F.M.S. during any form of therapy; the term only ever arrises during court proceedings as a defense against accusations of child abuse. Such ‘diagnoses’ are made almost invariably by untrained lay persons, based solely upon the denials of the accused.

‘False Memory Syndrome’ was the conclusion in all those cases that have become known as the ‘Satanic Panic’; apparently what actually happened was that incompetent therapists somehow implanted these memories using hypnosis. Furthermore,  over the past three decades, this unlikely accident has apparently been repeated by hundreds of therapists working with thousands of clients.

The irony is that it is indeed possible for false memories to occur regarding extreme abuse; real memories are so harmful to recall that the brain dissociates from them entirely, refusing to ‘bring them to mind’ as a matter of psychological self preservation. As a further layer of defense, actual false memories may occur in order to prevent the truth being recalled at all.

In extreme cases, the mind will actually ‘honeycomb’ and become a multiple personality, so that in psychological terms the abuse was not suffered by the ‘primary self’ but by an alter or ‘sub-personality’. This is what is known as D.I.D., and is an effect that some ritual abusers are well aware of, and have learnt how to exploit. Where abusers see their victim in distress, including psychologically, they will seek to increase this distress. They may also seek to exploit the symptoms of D.I.D. and turn them to advantage; mind control.

The phrase ‘False Memory Syndrome’ was coined by Professor Peter Freyd and his wife Pamela, step siblings who married, in response to allegations of the sexual abuse of their daughter, Jennifer Freyd, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon. After successfully discrediting the claims made against them, Pamela and Peter Freyd went on to establish the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

Another founding member was psychologist Dr. Ralph Underwager, who was interviewed in 1991 by the editor of the Amsterdam based magazine Paidika: The Journal of Paedophilia. When asked, “Is choosing paedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individual?”, Underwager replied, “Certainly it is responsible..”

Amongst the loudest voices of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in the U.S.A. is currently Doug Mesner, who has been equally vocal about his leadership of his aggressively Satanic group. He seems to put considerable effort into online attacks upon the credibility of those who speak up about ritual abuse. There are, unfortunately, no shortage of people like him.

In 2000 the British government refused to publish the results of a specially commissioned report by Valerie Sinason focussing on the experiences of fifty survivors, concluding that they suffered real Satanic abuse and are not suffering ‘false memory syndrome’. It may be no coincidence that the report reopened the debate started a decade earlier concerning children in Rochdale, Nottingham, and Orkney, and that these centers all had links to leading political figures. (See Satanic abuse no myth, say experts, ‘The Independent’, 30 April 2000).

Furthermore, if False Memory Syndrome were widely known to have been discredited, then the ‘Satanic Panic’ of the 80s might just turn out to have been not such a ‘panic’ after all..

There has been no systematic research documenting False Memory Syndrome, and is not recognized by any professional psychiatric or psychological organization. The British Psychological Society performed a survey of 108 therapists whose patients had recovered suppressed memories of abuse, and found no convincing evidence for its existence. In response, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation were lead to admitting that F.M.S. cannot explain most examples of recovered memories of trauma.

The assumption that repressed memories are in fact False Memory Syndrome induced during therapy is challenged by the fact that a substantial proportion of survivors have not participated in any kind of therapy. Further research has shown that, even where there has been the intervention of a therapist, most such memories are recalled without the use of hypnotism or other recall techniques, and most usually outside of therapy session.

The idea that therapists could be accidently implanting false memories of extremely unusual traumatic events is further challenged by the fact that this is extremely difficult- if not impossible- to achieve even deliberately. Whilst it has not been found impossible to implant false memories, including memories that would have been traumatic experiences had they been real, these memories have to be believable- they must not produce cognitive dissonance, or shatter the subject’s ‘world view’.

After using extensive suggestive techniques, Porter, Yuille and Lehman (1999) reported success in getting some research subjects to ‘recover’ a false memory of a stressful event (e.g., dog attack). 26% of participants ‘recovered’ a complete false memory, and another 30% recalled aspects of the false experience.  Note that being attacked by a dog, although traumatic, is not an unusual or ‘unbelievable’ event; it does not stretch credibility, and produces no immediate cognitive dissonance.

In a similar study, Pezdek, Finger and Hodge (1997) implanted false memories in adults that they had been lost in a shopping mall as children. Again, this is entirely ‘plausible’, yet only 3 out of 20 subjects could be influenced into ‘recovering’ such a memory. They also tried to convince subjects they had been given rectal enemas as children- far more analogous to abuse, indeed sometimes featuring in the genuine sexual exploitation of children. No subjects could be falsely lead to believe this.

The techniques involved in inducing these false memories were advanced; they included the ‘hijacking’ of the parental figures in their subjects. Subjects were convinced their own parents clearly recalled the false event. Nevertheless, the event still had to seem credible to the subject. Had they really been given enemas during their childhood, the irony is that such a memory could indeed become repressed. Thus, empirical evidence exists that it is impossible for therapists to implant false memories of extremely bizarre and traumatic events, and extremely likely such ‘mind blowing’ events when real would be ‘forgotten’; conversely, it may even be that the ‘unbelievable’ qualities of Satanic ritual abuse serve to further their repression- they are as unbelievable to the victim as they are to anyone they might give disclosure to, should the memory be recalled.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of ‘hijacking’ the parental figure in such experiments suggests that it is fairly easy for real parents to influence the creation of ‘false memories’ that do not include abuse. Since it is often a natural self defense to ‘forget’ traumatic memories, this might allow such abusive parents to exploit the tendency to create ‘cover’ memories that serve to prevent real memories arising; a further self defense against further trauma caused by recollection. Any abusive family intent on completely messing up a child’s reality with false memories of not being abused has every chance of succeeding.

Even more difficult for the F.M.S.F. to dismiss is the steadily increasing number of people who have come forward whose testimonies do not involve any level of repressed memories. Despite this, those making disclosure still find themselves having to fight off the F.M.S. label. As should be expected, a number have also been diagnosed as suffering P.T.S.D., D.I.D. or similar trauma related conditions, and so go unheard; despite that there condition is itself proof that extreme trauma of some kind occurred.

F.M.S. is itself a form of psychological abuse. Being heard and believed is crucial in healing from abuse. It is therefore disturbing to discover that many individual psychotherapists have been influenced by F.M.S. rhetoric, despite this lack of evidence for the syndrome’s existence, and the disproving of its central assumptions. The problem is that since F,M.S. has been accepted in the legal courts, it has become possible for those who successfully counter disclosures of abuse with claims of F.M.S. to then go on to sue any therapist who supposedly implanted such memories.

This has had tragic consequences. As one bereaved mother stated to a London newspaper, after the suicide of her daughter;

My daughter has been abused by her father from the age of seven until 15. She had developed psychiatric problems and was admitted voluntarily to a clinic, where she was seen by the therapist. She rang me afterwards and was in a terrible state. She had been told her abuse was part of false memory syndrome. Two weeks later she took an overdose of prescription medication and died. I believe that had my daughter been believed, she would have stayed at the unit and would be alive today. (Dobson, 1998)

Psychological Abuse

Abusive cults, like most organized criminals, are well aware that driving their target insane is as final as murder. They are also aware that there are no laws under which they might be successfully prosecuted. Those involved in my own case have certainly sought to exploit this loophole; with varying degrees of success. Anyone speaking out against abusive cults is likely to suffer the same manner of abuse. There are many forms this might take.

What magicians call ‘cursing’ is itself a form of psychological abuse. Its nature is exemplified in the Egyptian heiroglyph for ‘curse’; a man hitting himself in his own head with an axe. That is to say, the purpose of psychological abuse (cursing) is to turn the victim’s own thought processes against them. The first wall of defense against such an attack is to understand what the abusers are doing, and why.

Abusers know that certain phrases can be ‘imprinted’ in a person’s mind to ‘trigger’ unpleasant and fearful associations. For example, if a victim has been consistently threatened with being murdered and barbecued, any reference to ‘having a barbecue’ will have a completely different connotation than it might do to anyone else hearing or reading the same message. Although they may personally register a message  as a horrific death threat, anyone they try and explain this to will suspect they are paranoid.


Mind Control

Anyone dealing directly with the victims of abusive cults needs to have at least a cursory understanding of the mind control- sometimes called ‘brainwashing’- they may have been subjected to. It is well reported that the cult surrounding Colin Batley employed brainwashing techniques to control its victims, as well as others who considered themselves to be ‘initiates’ of the group.

Mind control might be understood in terms of hypnotism. Altered states of consciousness are induced in the subject, which allow for psychological manipulation. For example, a command might be given to someone whilst they are in trance, of which they are completely unaware upon return to normal consciousness, and yet will be carried out upon the deliverance of a certain ‘trigger’.

The main tools employed by abusive cults in brainwashing are drugs, rape, and other forms of trauma. These methods may be usefully categorized as ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’ (T.B.M.C.). They are completely different, for example, than those methods we tend to think of as ‘hypnotism’, which involve far more gentle trance inducing techniques. Nevertheless, the results can be very similar. Commands can be imprinted into the subconscious minds of the subject, of which they may be entirely unaware.

One particularly brutal method of T.B.M.C. might be described as ‘rape hypnotism’. When someone suffers a traumatic experience, the conscious mind may completely refuse to call that experience to memory. Thus, any command given to the victim during their abuse may only be recalled by subjectively reliving the trauma. Nevertheless, this command may be associated with a ‘trigger’, as with what we might consider ‘conventional’ hypnotism. The employment of dissociative drugs also opens the victim up to various forms of mind control.

An example of the kind of mind control that has been reported as employed by abusive cults is the ‘programming’ of a victim to make phone calls in the night, of which they have no memory of in the morning, leaving messages on answering machines that tell their abusers exactly where they are. Such a program is employed should the victim ever escape the cult and go into hiding.

Not all psychological abuse requires the target to be induced into an altered state of consciousness. There are other techniques, such as those gleaned from N.L.P. (Nuero-Linguistic Programming). I do not have enough space here to explain what N.L.P. is or how it works, and suggest anyone dealing with abusive cults takes the time to search out the most respected works in this field, such as Bandler and Grinder’s The Structure of Magic. Such techniques have been successfully employed by therapists worldwide; so much so that many psychiatrists and psychologists seem to consider N.L.P. a serious threat to their livelihood. As with any healing knowledge, in the wrong hands it may be used to cause harm.

Most sociopaths quickly learn that their own personalities have the potential to subdue those of ‘normal’ people they meet; often entirely by accident. Their behavior proves disturbing, even unpsetting and traumatic, to those who experience normal levels of empathy; it is ‘out of line’, and we do not know how to respond. This confusion is easily exploited by any sociopath also trained in N.L.P., who employs any moment of ‘mental blankness’ to imprint or lead their target’s own responses and decisions.

The most famous technique of ‘malign N.L.P.’ is The October-Man Sequence. From my understanding, this is a method for inducing what is otherwise called Stockholm Syndrome in a victim, making them emotionally dependent on their abuser, considering them to be protection from a harsh and dangerous world rather than the source of threat itself. The ‘handler’ effectively acquires god-like status in the mind of their victim.

Most groups practicing ‘magic’ require participants of ritual to willingly enter trance states. Initiation may require the aspirant to train themselves, usually through meditation, to enter trance at will. The ‘training manual’ of the Illuminates of Thanateros, for example, begins with a book entitled Liber MMM; Mind Control. The program is essentially one of meditation, and experiments in a techniques of self hypnosis such as sigils; a kind of d.i.y. subliminal.

The very name of the order, Thanateros, is a combination of Thanatos– the god of death- and Eros -the god of sex. The techniques of attaining trance, or ‘gnosis’ as it is referred to within the cult, are divided into two categories accordingly; Thanatos for ‘the death posture’, meditation, visualization, chanting, and any other quiescent trance, and Eros for sexual magic, orgasm, pain, dancing, any extreme emotion, and any excitatory trances that work the participant ultimately into a frenzy.

Both routes to altered states of consciousness may be employed in brainwashing (i.e. Mind Control). The advantage to any malign leadership in such a group is that all they have to do to put their following into a trance is tell them to do it for themselves.

Occultists call this ‘third mind’ effect the egregor. It is spoken about as if it is, in itself, a sentient being. Claims may be made by the leadership of the group of having communicated with this egregore, and so are in a position to know, or direct, the ‘will of the group’. Combined with rituals that involve all participants voluntarily entering suggestible trance states,

‘Possession’ rites, such as those typical of the Illuminates of Thanateros, are similarly employed to manipulate the psychology of the group. Such invocations are typically imagined to call on the god of Chaos Magic; Baphomet. Typically, a ‘priest/ess’ will have been chosen to embody this ‘possession’; which is to say, to ‘method act’. At the culmination of the ritual, the priest/ess pretending to be Baphomet makes a proclamation, and consecrates a sacrament.

Through ritual, occult groups effectively brainwash themselves into ‘believing’, by all acting ‘as if’. What may seem ludicrous to any individual, such as the idea that someone might be possessed by the demon Baphomet and thus acquire god-like supernatural abilities, becomes entirely believable to the participants in the midst of the sustained psychodrama that is ‘occult ritual’.

This ‘as if’ psychological principle may also be witnessed in Christianity; it is why, during any crisis of faith, religious adherents are advised to pray more often- and more fervently. In doing so they are acting ‘as if’ their faith is stronger; more often than not, this paradoxically serves to strengthen their faith.

It cannot be said often enough that repetition is a common feature of many brainwashing techniques.  This effect applies also to the ‘as if’ principle. Whilst recently initiated members may harbor doubts about the ritual’s validity, these will be worn away over repetition during continued membership and their own persistent behavior ‘as if’. Should they remain involved in the group from an early and impressionable age, or over a period of many years, this ‘as if’ principle will be all the stronger.

For example, by the time an initiate of the Illuminates of Thanateros has progressed through the progressive initiations that finally put them in charge of the order, and thus regularly leading such possession ritual themselves, they may be so used to acting ‘as if’ that they honestly believe themselves possessed by Baphomet. Such progressively acquired delusions of self deification are unlikely to have happy results. The very dynamics of such a group mean that sociopaths are well suited to rising through the ranks and taking control. Being in a position to claim they are doing so with the sanction of Baphomet, the egregor of Chaos magic, could easily become a tool of manipulation and abuse.

In Conclusion

We cannot tell you how common ritual abuse is in the U.K., because we do not know, but we can tell you it definitely happens, and what we have seen so far in the news is just the tip of the iceberg.

We can also tell you the problem is hugely misunderstood by police and local authorities, who invariably respond with misplaced incredulity and act inappropriately. This results in danger to victims being increased, just when they most need protection.

It is hoped this book will help raise awareness, making it easier for victims to come forward and be heard. There are a greater number of us out there than most would expect, perhaps even including ourselves. Having seen others so bravely speaking up for the truth, despite all the antagonism thrown at them, has helped us find the strength to do the same.

It is also only fair to warn anyone ‘stepping in’ as to some of the problems they may face; the danger, threats, tricks, legal loopholes, and institutional corruption their abusers might exploit.

To step in is to enter a fight, and we must be prepared to receive a few punches back. As it says in the I-Ching;

One must go through the water.

It goes over one’s head.

Misfortune. No blame.

Which is to say that sometimes heading into danger is the correct action. One incurs no blame in giving up one’s life that the good and the right may prevail. There are some things that are simply more important than life.

The only way to survive all this is to find laughter in the darkness. Let us never lose the ability to laugh, however ‘inappropriate’ our humour may seem to those who have never been effected by such tragedy.  Laughter heals, and aids in the assimilation of difficult information. This is why, after any major tragedy, people make ‘sick jokes’. It is, in fact, a healthy sign that the tragedy is being assimilated and ‘moved through’. As Grobbly, my own ‘inner clown’ (and self created pseudo alter personality), often reminds me; “Life is a joke, and death is its punch-line.”

Life is too short for too many tears.

cover bw666

(Material drawn from Beast Wing 666; Abusive Cults in the U.K., 2014).


Kevin Annett: Eye witnesses to Pope Bergoglio rape teens, kill & eat babies in Satanic Ninth Circle ritual

Papacy and Vatican exorcised and abolished; Replaced by new spiritual gathering of free humanity


VANCOUVER, BC - In an interview from Spain with Joshua JD Lemmens of Radio and Alfred Lambremont Webre of ExopoliticsTV, Kevin Annett, field secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State gave a wide-ranging update on the first two weeks of the Brussels trial before the International Common Law Court of Justice of Pope Jorge Bergoglio, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. As part of the Prosecutor's corroborating evidence, secret archives from the Jesuit Order were introduced into the Court record that describe in detail the so-called “Magisterial Privilege” compelling the participation of every new Pope in the Ninth Circle sacrifice of new born children.

During the first week of the Brussels trial, The Chief Prosecutor told the Court, “These archives clearly indicate a premeditated plan for centuries by the Jesuits to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood, born of a twisted notion of deriving spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent and thereby assuring the political stability of the Papacy in Rome. Every Pope was expected to and did in fact participate in these monstrous rituals ... These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature, and indict the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits as a whole, and every Pope since at least in the year 1773.”

The same collection of Jesuit archival records make reference to a child sacrificial cult known as The Knights of Darkness, established by the Nazi Waffen S.S. Division in 1933 with Jesuit backing. The archives identify former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, as a member of the Knights and as an S.S. Chaplain's assistant at the Ravensbruck concentration camp in Germany, where he participated in sacrificial rites using children transported to the camp or kidnapped from political prisoners.

The latter practice was a common Jesuit undertaking in Spain, Argentina and other fascist regimes, and one implicating chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio while he was a priest, Bishop and front man for the military junta in Argentina during the 1970's.

Commencing on Tuesday, April 8 after an opening Court session the day before, the case by the Citizen Prosecutor's Office presented evidence directly linking all three chief defendants with the planning and execution of child trafficking networks within the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, and with the practice and concealment of the ritual rape, torture and killing of children.

Along with considerable documentation, the Prosecutor introduced notarized affidavit statements from eight eyewitnesses to these crimes, including videotaped interviews with two adolescent women who claim to have been tortured and raped by chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio, alias “Pope Francis”, during the spring of 2009 and 2010, at horrific cult functions connected to the “Ninth Circle” child sacrifice network.

“Survivors of these rituals describe newborn babies being chopped to pieces on stone altars, and their remains were then consumed by the participants” described the Chief Prosecutor to the Court.

“The survivors during the 1960's period were forced to rape and mutilate other children, and then cut their throats with ceremonial daggers. Former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, Dutch Cardinal Alfrink, and Prince Bernhard were among the cult participants, according to these survivors. But significantly, the more recent incidents in 2009 and 2010 involved exactly the same kinds of ritualized murder of newborn infants in rural Holland and Belgium."

Other witnesses described their personal knowledge of efforts by the defendants to conceal the involvement of not only the Catholic and Anglican church, but the British, Belgian and Dutch royal families, in the ritual killing of Mohawk Indian children at the Brantford residential school in Ontario, Canada.

These killings span over seventy years and include the period between 1942 and 1945 when exiled Dutch Queen Wilhemina and her family lived in Canada, and participated in Ninth Circle rituals at the Mohawk Indian school.

Introduced documentation* indicates that, to assist and conceal such involvement of Dutch “royals” in these cult killings, the Canadian government and Privy Council Office in London granted “extra-territorial exemption” to the Dutch royals from all criminal, civil and military jurisdiction while in Canada. (* The Canada Gazette , Issue No. 232, December 26, 1942, Ottawa)

Dutch and Belgian royal participants in the rape and killing of Mohawk children and newborns included Bilderberger founder Crown Prince Bernhard and King Hendrick, consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland.

Brussels EU Parlament Candidate Statement

Brussels candidate for the EU Parliamentary elections on May 25, 2014 Melanie Vritshan stated, "Natural and Customary Law allows for the establishment of popular courts of justice when the existing legal and governmental authorities are subverting the law and justice, or aiding those who do. Common Law arose historically to uphold the liberties of the people against tyranny, whether religious or secular, and accordingly, has universal jurisdiction when convened as a jury court by more than twelve duly sworn men and women.

"The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) was established as the legal and judicial arm of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and state (ITCCS), with the help of legal experts, judges and survivors of church terror and imperial genocide in more than a dozen countries."


International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ)

International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and state (ITCCS)



Of Trolls, Terrorists and Petty Tyrants

Nathaniel J. Harris:

Another attempt to brush off and belittle.

Oh, the irony..

Slowly, but surely, more and more people are becoming aware. Truly paying attention. Slowly, but surely, support is gathering. Those who come too late will have many regrets.

And Carlos Castenada? Your reference for ‘combat magic’? You are having me on, right? ‘Stalking’, is it?

As Sifu Julian Wilde once said to me, “The highest of all powers is to see what you see.”


Originally posted on The Blog of Baphomet:

“My benefactor used to say that a warrior who stumbles on a petty tyrant is a lucky one.”- Don Juan

It has to be said; some people are a right pain in the arse (or ‘ass’ if you prefer). We could be all gently liberal and thoughtful and talk about the difficulties we might experience with others as being about problems of relationship – the issues is ‘between us’ and not necessarily the fault of either party. However sometimes we come across someone in our lives who, for us, fits into the role that Carlos Castaneda (or rather his literary creation, Don Juan) described as a ‘petty tyrant’. Such a person might be a bitter ex-partner, a manipulative co-worker, a playground bully or (thanks to the internet) a tedious online troll. (Actually there are various classes of petty tyrant according to Carlos and indeed the term does appear in the…

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Nathaniel J. Harris:

Another case- this time in London. Is it connected? How many Satanic paedophile rings with tattooed perpetrators ARE there in the UK?

Originally posted on HOME OF BRADLEY LOVES:


Does the government of Great Britian stand for justice? Does it care about it’s own people?  Is there anyone within the halls of leadership on that Island that isn’t a baby murdering pedophile – or at the very least AN APOLOGIST for baby murdering pedophiles?




This is a case where two young children – only 8 and 9 years old – had the COURAGE (see my article on courage) to go on film and tell others that their own father was forcing them to have sex with a large group of  SATANIC…

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image Nazi SS (Sedes Sacrorum) Created by Pope Pius XII!!

Nazi SS (Sedes Sacrorum)

Key Facts
Other names Nasi SS, "Knights", "Knights of the Sedes Sacrorum ", "Knights of the Holy See "
Year of origin 1933
Founder(s) Archbishop Cardinal Pacelli,Superior General Fr.Wlodimir Ledochowski S.J.
First Leader: RiechFührer (1st being Fr. H. Himmler S.J.)
Headquarters Berlin (to 1945), Washington DC since 1945
Head of Organization RiechFührer (1st being Fr. H. Himmler S.J.)
Current Leader Director, SS (Secret Service), Washington DC
Members 10,000




The Nazis

The Nazi SS also known as "SS" -- a shortened name for the "Knights of the Holy See" is a Roman Catholic spiritual and military order first formed in 1933 based completely upon the Jesuit order structure upon the signing of the "sacred" Reich Concordat specifically through the application of Articles 1,12,15,21 and 33 with the enaction of Clause (c) of the "Secret Supplement" of the Concordat between Franz von Papen (on behalf of Nazi Germany) and Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (Pope Pius XII).


Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (Pope Pius XII)

The term Nazi was first publicly used as the rebranded name for the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) in 1933 upon devout Catholic leader --known as "Father" or Führer--(Fr.) Adolf Hitler assuming office as German Chancellor.

The Nazi SS were also formally given birth under the Reich Concordat of 1933 with its first Superior General being Reichführer (Superior Father/General) Fr. Heinrich Himmler S.J. who personally attended the signing ceremony of the Reich Concordat in Rome (1933). Under the Reich Concordat, the Reichführer –having the same rank as a Senior Roman Catholic Cardinal --is the superior to the Führer, the “lay” representative of the Nazi (Knights).

As a military order of the Roman Catholic Church, the Knights of the Holy See (Nazi SS) are bestowed by the "infallible" legal orders of the Roman Pontiff on behalf of the Mother Church to wage constant Holy Inquisition against all heretics, including assassinations, torture and counter-intelligence, to protect the name of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and directly represent the interests of the Holy See as its primary order of Holy Knights-- the SS (Sedes Sacrorum or Holy See).

As the primary Roman Catholic spiritual order charged with carrying out the executions of the Holy Inquisition, the Knights of the Holy See (Nazi SS) are tasks with rounding up large numbers of people, depriving them of their rights on claim of being heretics and killing them.

As a spiritual order of the Roman Catholic Church, the Nazis-- like the Jesuits --were bestowed with the extraordinary Roman Catholic grace of being forgiven for all their mortal sins (therefore can go to Heaven) that "unfortunately" must be done in order to observe its temporal orders.

As members of a Catholic Order holding the equivalent spiritual powers of Priests, Bishops and even Cardinals (e.g. Fr Himmler S.J.), the Knights of the Holy See have historically murdered heretics by sacrificing them in formal religious ceremony. This is why over 18 million innocent people were burnt alive in ovens in Russia and Poland during World War II--as the single largest mass human sacrifice in history -- rather than cheaply starving them to death and/or burying them alive/dead.

As the Nazi SS order ("Knights of the Holy See") were formed by a formal Papal act and Deed in the form of the Reich Concordat 1933, the continued existence of the Nazi SS Order is conditional upon this legal document remaining enacted. Given the German Government and Holy See (Vatican) continue to honor this Concordat to this day, the SS remains legally and technical still enacted, now bestowed unto a new organization.

Hitler and the foundation of the NSDAP

The National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) was born in early 1920 as an evolution of the earlier political group - the extremist German Workers' Party (Arbeiterpartei, DAP) first founded by Anton Drexler (1884-1942) including others such as Gottfried Feder, Dietrich Eckart and Karl Harrer.

Adolf Hitler first came into contact with the DAP around June 1919--five months after its formation-- as a double agent and intelligence officer of the Catholic controlled Bavarian Reichswehr Group tasked with reporting on their activities. His acceptance into the ranks of the Catholic Bavarian Reichswehr intelligence network was thanks to the support of his patron Catholic Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, based in Munich at the time.

From late 1919 until he moved to Berlin in 1925, Hitler met with his mentor Cardinal Pacelli every few weeks and probably updated the Archbishop on his progress while receiving his next instructions. Testimony as a "matter of fact" to the regular and clockwork meetings of Hitler and Pacelli was given by the housekeeper and friend of Pacelli for 41 years, Sister Pascalina Lehnert.

Hitler was accepted as the 55th member of the German Workers' Party (DAP), and played no active role until the start of 1920 when the tiny German Worker’s Party was facing bankruptcy and extinction thanks to the disastrous management of the weekly published Thule society newspaper the Münchener Beobachter (Munich Observer ) by Drexler, Feder, Eckart and Harrer.

Rather than being re-assigned to another intelligence project, Hitler was promptly and honorably discharged from military service by the end of February 1920 and overnight went from unemployed minor party member to savior of the DAP by providing all the necessary gold to keep the Münchener Beobachter (Munich Observer ) and the DAP afloat.

In a measure of the influence and control Hitler now had as the miraculous financier, the party changed its name in March 1920 to Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or (NSDAP) --National Socialist German Workers' Party and the name of its paper to Völkischer Beobachter (People’s Observer) after its purchase by the re-named NSDAP from the Thule Society.

Later, the Jesuits wrote the lie in Mein Kampf that this strategic decision to change the party was made by erratic alcoholic and drug addict Dietrich Eckart. What is never mentioned is that Hitler came bearing millions of dollars of gold seemingly out of "thin air" to turn a small eccletic band into a political movement.

The failed NSDAP push for power by force

In spite of Hitler arranging the lifeline to keep the NSDAP afloat, the Thule Society members remained half hearted in transforming it into a real political movement, yet unwilling to step aside.

By early 1921, Cardinal Pacelli had also assisted Hitler by discretely introducing key and trusted Catholic members such as Rudolf Hess, Hans Frank and Alfred Rosenberg into the NSDAP. At an extraordinary party meeting on 28 July 1921 Hitler made his move and was voted in as Chairman of the NSDAP against the wishes of its founders.

Now with his protege in charge, Pacelli pushed for the NSDAP to accelerate its transformation. Soon after being appointed Führer, Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski provided Jesuit priests to Adolf Hitler in 1921 to help establish a paramilitary wing to the NSDAP to be known as the Sturmabteilung (SA) also known as “Brownshirts” first headed by Ernst Röhm. The new official insignia of the party, the swastika was also adopted.

The plan given to the Hitler by Cardinal Pacelli in late 1921 that the NSDAP was to organize themselves as a Catholic militia ready to seize power within the year. Yet, even with new recruits and millions of dollars of gold in the bank, the NSDAP demonstrated a complete lack of competence in organizing themselves into a political military force.

In contrast, the National Fascist Party headed by Benito Mussolini with his "Blackshirts" (Squadristi) demonstrated far more capability in winning at the Italian elections in 1922 and then staging a coup d'état to seize total power in October 1922.

By the beginning of November 1923 after considerable expense, the NSDAP now had around 20,000 members and a few thousand members of the Sturmabteilung “Brownshirts”. Under pressure to demonstrate results, Hitler launched his coup to try and takeover Germany on the night of November 8th—the so call “Beer hall putsch” beginning with a rally of 2,000 supporters through Munich. It failed instantly, with the Reichswehr troops opening fire on the rebels and Hitler with the rest of the party leadership were arrested and found guilty of treason by March 1924—the party banned from having any military wing and prevented from running in elections for four years.

It must be noted clearly that there is absolutely no credible evidence that Fr Heinrich Himmler was associated with Hitler, or any member of the NDSAP in anyway until 1929. Nor is there any credible evidence whatsoever that the NSDAP used the word “Nazi” or “Nazi Party” until the arrival of Himmler. Both crucial facts being deliberately clouded and misrepresented to his the accurate evolution of events leading to World War II.

Yet, it was the imprisonment of Hitler (albeit for an incredibly short 12 months until December 20, 1924) that turned out to be a major propaganda win by Pacelli and the Jesuits for their protégé. Hitler may have been a remarkable orator, but was as good at writing as painting. While at Lansberg Prison, Hitler was visited several times by Bernhardt Staempfle S.J. for the painful process of extracting the outline of an autobiography and political manifesto to be called Mein Kampf “My Life”.

Within a few months of his release Fr Staempfle S.J. had completed Volume I “A Reckoning” --12 chapters outlining the essential arguments for Catholic Nationalism (Fascism) in Germany peppered by semi-fiction of the life of Hitler.

The Jesuits even secured a top-notch Bavarian born US media agent named Ernst Hanfstaengl who had worked for Franklin Delano Roosevelt and was on close terms to many in German and US “high society” including media baron William Randolph Hearst. It was Hanfstaengl who was instrumental in massaging the public image of Hitler into a “Catholic Christian Knight” against the “global Jewish menace”.

While Hitler’s career as the “world’s first media celebrity” gained ground, the NDSAP and Hitler remained banned from participating in elections until 1927. Contrary to deliberate misinformation which claims the NDSAP secretly participated as the “National-Socialist Freedom Movement” in the 1924 national German elections, the first election at which the NDSAP and Hitler ever stood candidates was in the National elections on May 20, 1928 at which the NDSAP polled a poor 2.6% of the vote with Hitler as their famous celebrity leader.

In the meantime, Mussolini had already been in absolute power of Italy since 1922. Clearly, the whole political apparatus of the NDSAP needed to change.

The arrival of Fr Himmler S.J. and the Nazis

One of (several) absurd mythologies accepted by eminent historians and academics is the proposition that the Schutzstaffel (German for “Squadron” and the same concept as the Italian “Blackshirt Squadrons” of Catholic Mussolini) was formed in 1925 as the personal bodyguard of Hitler following his release from prison.

Some audacious writers have even “revised history” to claim the Schutzstaffel (frequently cut in half to try and get two S’s our of the single word for squadron) had already started to use the SS and skull and bones symbols, including calling their head the Reichführer-SS and the Roman Salute (straight arm) to their allegiance to the Vatican, Rome.

The ridiculous nature of these lies are easily exposed when the facts are considered that Hitler’s main claim to fame in 1925 was as a book writer and budding political philosopher, surrounded by a tight group of individuals each providing key skills such as Rudolf Hess-personal private secretary, Ernst Hanfstaengl-media, Hans Frank-Lawyer and Julius Schreck-personal security. Furthermore, the NDSAP was a publicly banned organization until May 1927.

In fact, the first election of the reformed NDSAP in May 1928 was a complete humiliation and disaster. It was during this period of recrimination and failure that Fr. Heinrich Himmler S.J entered to be immediately appointed the deputy of Erhard Heiden, commanded of the Schutzstaffel (squadron). Within a matter of a few months, Erhard Heiden resigned and Fr. Himmler S.J. was appointed as commander of the Schutzstaffel.

Again, it is important of emphasize that the Schutzstaffel (only one S) wore brown shirts until the Reich Concordat was signed between Cardinal Pacelli and Franz von Papen (for Germany) in 1933 bestowing exclusive spiritual powers on the Schutzstaffel of Fr. Himmler S.J. by the Vatican. The Jesuit Skull and Bones was incorporated by Fr Himmler into the military insignia of the Schutzstaffel but not the infamous SS until after the 1933 Concordat.

The political fortunes of the NDSAP appeared to suddenly turn around thanks to the swelling ranks of disciplined recruits to the Schutzstaffel. In September 1930, the NSDAP won 18.3% of the vote and 107 seats in the Reichstag (Parliament). By the July 1932 national elections, this vote had swelled to 37.8% and 230 of the 608 seats of Parliament. However, in the November 1932 elections, their lead had dropped to 33.1% and 196 seats in a 584 seat Parliament.

By 1933 National Elections, the Schutzstaffel under the control of Fr. Himmler S.J. numbered at least 52,000 highly trained and absolutely loyal members – a far cry from the early incompetence in Munich ten years earlier.

It was March 1933 that the world saw the word “Nazi” unleashed as a political religious force in the elections following the destruction of the Reichstag (Parliament) by Schutzstaffel agents and blamed on communists.

The etymology (origin) and meaning of Nazi

1933 marks the first year the religious word Nazi (from Hebrew Nasi meaning “Knight”) was used as the official new name of the NDSAP in government.

It is frequently and incorrectly claimed that the word “Nazi” comes from the haphazard extraction of letters from the first word of the name of the NSDAP - NAtionalsoZIalistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei to produce a simple abbreviation. This explanation is patently false as the NSDAP already has a perfectly good and well known abbreviation- NSDAP!. The word “Nazi” appeared only after Hitler assumed power invited by Franz Von Papen for an entirely different reason.

The word Nazi/Nasi dates back to the time of the Sanhedrin councils of Palestine first formed by the Romans in the 1st Century BCE. To members of modern Judaism, the Nasi were the appointed spiritual leaders of the Sanhedrin as opposed to the temporal leadership of the High Priest of the Main Temple. While there is some uncertainty as to the credibility of all the claimed history of the office of Nasi and the bloodline of Rabbinical Scholars of the House of Hillel, there is no doubt the position existed at some point.

The problem for modern readers concerning the direct relationship with the Hebrew term (Nasi) for knight and Nazi for the NDSAP as the “New Knights of Germany” is that Hitler and the NDSAP were supposed to be racially opposed to all things “Jewish”. Without an understanding of true history concerning Israel being historically a region called Samara/Samaria and Judah being Yahud, without an understanding of the Phoenician/Samaritan/Sephardic priest-king bloodlines as the Khazars, the Venetians, the kings of Septimania as but a few examples, then the use of the word “Nasi” as “Nazi” seems absurd.

The simple fact is that the 16th century word and label “Jew” masked two distinct and wholly separate ancient religious/cultural/racial groups with absolutely nothing in common except a history of antipathy, hatred, war and rebirth. The Sarmatian/Sephardic/Sadducee priest-kings from the North, inventors of Hebrew, descendents of the Phoenicians being the mortal enemies of the southern Sephardic/Aramaic/Sadducee priest kings of Yahud (Judah). The term “Jew” is equivalent to saying all the people in the Middle East are “Easterners”—falsely claiming a homogeny and cultural identifiable unity.

The etymology of the word Nazi is wholly Sarmatian/Sadducee/Sephardic—the founders of Venice and a set of families that had grown very rich and powerful in their connections with the Roman Death Cult controlling the Catholic Church since the 12th and 13th Centuries. Today, we know them by the deliberately misleading name of the “Global Jewish Bankers”.

The shocking truth concerning the Nazis is that rather than seeking to destroy any kind of “Global Jewish Banking Conspiracy”, they were in fact dedicated to seeing it re-establish pre-eminent control over European Financial System and ultimately to the Roman Death Cult of the Vatican, Rome to whom they serve.

The Nazi SS - The Knights of the Holy See

There is a parallel and quite extraordinary change within the power structure of the NSDAP as the Nazis- the rise of Fr. Himmler to Reichführer (also Reichführer Nazi SS) – or Superior General of the Knights of the Holy See.

Many historians deliberately mask the first beginnings of the use of the title Reichführer by dropping off the word “Nazi”, or removing “SS” to somehow claim this position was the official title of the commander of the Schutzstaffel as early as 1925. The reason for this forgery is twofold- one to mask the true date of 1933 as the historic shift in the introduction of the initials SS and secondly to mask the true arrival of Himmler in 1929 and the title Reichführer-Nazi SS in 1933.

But what is more incredible is the fabricated history that continues to hid the absolute fact that in 1933 after the Reich Concordat was signed with the Vatican, Fr. Himmler was elevated in power, name and status above Hitler. Fr. Himmler S.J. as the Reichführer has superior title (as opposed to plain old führer for Hitler). Fr Himmler had complete independent control over all police, paramilitary, intelligence, scientific research and weapons development and the dreaded elite units of over 50,000 just in 1933—and Hitler had absolutely no authority over him. In fact the proof of the distaste each man had for one another is demonstrated in countless war archive movies showing in clear detail the body language of both men.

The fact that Hitler could do nothing against Himmler at the end of the war when it is universally recognized that Himmler was seeking to broker some kind of personal peace deal is more than enough evidence to conclude Hitler was part-puppet to larger forces.

Finally, the fact that neither Hitler nor any of his henchmen ever attempted to assassinate Himmler, in spite of his open usurping of Hitler’s authority on many occasions, is indication the title of Reichführer-Nazi SS and the meaning of the SS is extremely significant.

The real meaning of the SS of the Nazi elite

As stated, two S’s cannot logically be extracted from the word Schutzstaffel simply means “Squadron”. The significance of the use of the SS symbol by the elite of Himmler’s forces after he personally attended the signing of the Reich Concordat with the Vatican in 1933 is frequently ignored.

Prior to its use by Himmler, the symbols SS were most frequently and officially used as the abbreviation of Sedes Sacrorum or the legal name of the Vatican being the “Holy See” (Latin Sedes = seat/see and Sacrorum = Holy/Sacred) since the 16th Century as a sign of imprimatur over official Vatican documents.

It is either an extraordinary coincidence that Himmler and his elite began wearing the SS symbol as Reichführer immediately after the signing of the Reich Concordat in 1933 with the SS- the Sedes Sacrorum, the Holy See. Given the four hundred year precedent of SS being associated with the Holy See, it is not unreasonable to conclude that the wearing of the symbols is associated with some as yet unpublished spiritual/temporal powers bestowed on the SS Troops by the SS- Holy See.

When one considers that Nazi SS translates most perfectly into the meaning “Knights of the Holy See”, that the role of Himmler best translates into the new Grand Inquisitor and that over 18 million innocent people were burned alive in human sacrifice camps in Poland and Russia, then the SS were without doubt the new “Holy Army” of a great inquisition against “heretics” orchestrated by the Vatican, Rome.

Once this is understood, then the claims of millions burnt alive makes sense as the official doctrine (to this day) of the Roman Catholic Church for punishing heretics. It makes sense why the Nazi SS built the death camps. It makes sense why some many millions were targeted and why so much energy was spent on this utmost evil—because they were the loyal Catholic troops of the Vatican-Jesuit Inquisition of 1933-1945.

The Nazis Today

As the Nazi order ("Knights of the Reich") were formed by a formal Papal act and Deed in the form of the Reich Concordat 1933, the continued existence of the Nazi Order is conditional upon this legal document remaining enacted. Given the German Government and Holy See (Vatican) continue to honor this Concordat to this day, the Nazi order remains legally and technical still enacted, now bestowed unto a new organization.


The Inquisition and legal human sacrifice

While it is claimed Pope Lucius III was the first to establish the Inquisition through papal bull Ad Abolendam, as the legal and moral framework for human sacrifice and barbaric torture of innocent people, it was descendent of the Jewish Sadducee Popes AntiPope Innocent III (1198-1216) who put it into full effect. The key elements being: The Laws of the Church, The Inquisitor, The Accused, The Act (or Offence), The Tribunal and The Witness.

The Inquisitor, strictly speaking, was a special but permanent judge, acting in the name of the Pope and clothed by him with the right and the duty to deal legally with offences against the Faith adhering to the canon laws of the Church. Thus, within the spectrum of enforcing Church Law, the Inquisitor had (and still has) the legal power over life or death of the accused.

Next, the Accused was to be summonsed to appear before the Inquisitor. The Accused does not actually have to be charged with any crime of heresy at this point -- once their name is written down on a piece of paper and the individual acknowledged themselves to be that person, they ceased legally being a person and instead became both a legal personality and property. Just the simple act of acknowledging themselves to be who they are in front of the Inquisitor was enough for him to legally have complete control over their destiny.

Charges could then be drafted later, if required. But more often than not, the person would be tortured until some kind of confession of some crime was obtained -- in later centuries most notably the ficticious tales of witches and magic- promoted by the church and then used to snare innocent people of intelligence.

The height of power of the Venetian Satanic Cult

The Catholic Church, the greatest surviving giant in the world, is a colossus with no peer in antiquity, experience and above all, in her determination to dominate the human race. To reach such a goal, she will suffer no rivals, tolerate no competitors, put up with no enemies.

Giants who, like her, were found roaming in the deep valley of history, she fought with bloody claws and a ruthlessness to shame the Attillas. Like ISIS she paid Genghis Khans and all the other scourgers of civilization. Many she led to their destruction; others she subjugated for good; some were annihilated, but some resisted and escaped all her guiles. More than one survived, and even fought relentless battles that echoed with sanguinary echoes in the corridors of the centuries and that are still being fought as ferociously as in olden times, now, in the very midst of the twentieth century.

Vatican diplomacy is the oldest diplomacy in the world. Most of those it fought were either shrunk to nothing by time or blotted out by history, and to modern ears all its multifarious intrigues would sound as hollow and as unreal as they have become strangely unrelated to the ever-bewildering events of our day.

Yet not all the ancient foes of the Vatican have been reduced to mere landmarks of the past. Some have bridged bygone centuries to the present, and one of them, the most formidable of all, the Orthodox Church, a peer to Catholicism in antiquity, is as much a reality in our time as is the Vatican itself.

The antagonism of these two ancient colossi has produced the longest diplomatic war in the history of man, which is still being fought as fiercely, as ruthlessly and as unscrupulously as ever. Catholic intrigues against Orthodoxy, since its inception, are uncountable. They fill the annals of the first millennium; and from the beginning of the second, when in 1054 the Orthodox Patriarch, Michael Cerulanius, brought about the final breach between the Eastern and Western Churches, until the fall of Constantinople, they remained paramount in the history of medieval Europe.

The goal of this thousand-year war is simple: the destruction or subjugation of the Orthodox Church or its voluntary or forcible integration into the Catholic Church. The unscrupulousness of Vatican diplomacy to reach this objective, prior to and after the fall of Byzantium, is hardly matched by parallel exertions in history, its most blatant intrigues of the period being veritable masterpieces of diplomatic cunning and double-dealing. Councils, religious compromises, political bargaining, secret negotiations with Orthodox patriarchs, pacts with the Byzantine emperors - everything and every device was used at one time or another to put Orthodoxy in fetters. We can mention the pact struck with the last Orthodox emperor of Constantinople, who, to obtain a promise of help in the defense of the Orthodox capital against the gathering Mohammedan armies, pledged to the Vatican the mass conversion of the Orthodox Church.

From the smashing of the Orthodox Church's political pillar, the Byzantine empire, in 1453, to the crumbling of its political successor, the Russian Czarist Empire, in 1917, the Vatican-Orthodox relations were characterized by a period of comparative diplomatic lull. This was due to historical factors, the most outstanding of which was that, in the course of the centuries, the center of Orthodoxy had shifted en masse from the Near East to the West, where its former missionary lands became its new home - namely, to Holy Russia. There the Orthodox Church struck deep roots. More than that: as Rome had been the first Rome, Constantinople had been the "second Rome," so now Moscow became the "third Rome." Moscow, Philothey said in the fifteenth century, was the natural successor of Constantinople. Now that Constantinople had fallen, the only Orthodox empire left in the world was the Russian. The Russian nation alone, therefore, henceforward became the true repository of the Orthodox faith.

The idea of an Orthodox empire became the Russian's paramount idea. Church and State were integrated, linked by a common messianic purpose. Having found such fertile soil, soon the Orthodox Church regained its old vigor and splendor. As of old, committing its ancient mistake, it identified itself as intimately with the Russian empire as it had previously done with the Byzantine. From about 1721, when Peter the Great, after his Spiritual Regulation, made the Orthodox Church a branch of Czarism, until the Bolshevik Revolution, Caesaro-popism made her invincible against the machinations of the Vatican and almost impregnable to its attack on the religious, diplomatic and political fronts. Her immense strength, however, was her fatal weakness, as the fall of Czarism would automatically entail the fall of the Orthodox Church - which, in fact, occurred in 1917.

From then onward the machinations of Vatican diplomacy were resumed with renewed vigor wherever Orthodoxy existed - in the Balkans, in Russia, in Northeast Europe, and, indeed, even in the Near East.

Catholic instruments used to hamper, undermine, boycott and subjugate the Orthodox Church have been extremely varied, ranging from converted White Russians to Turkish officers, beginning and ending with diplomatic or political intrigues of all kinds, as can easily be imagined.

The Venetian Satanic Cult reached the height of its power less than 80 years ago during World War II when they put into effect under AntiPope Pius XII the greatest sacrifice of innocent people to Moloch in history-- over 18 million people murdered in ovens both in the Soviet Union and Poland.

In fact, the key sacrifice camps in Poland were deliberately positioned so they formed the largest Pentagram of Evil in history.

1. The “Ley Line” of evil running North-East to South-West from Treblinka Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp, south to Auschwitz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects St. Petersburg through the outskirts of Zagreb and through the heart of Rome to the ancient ruins of Carthage.

2. The “Ley Line” of evil running North-West through Treblinka Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp, south to Janowska Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects Stockholm to Bucharest to Suez (Zeus backwards)--the ancient Zion.

3. The “Ley line” of evil running West to East from Lodz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp to Sobibor Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects Dublin, then Hannover to Belgorod in Russia.

4. The “Ley line” of evil running North West from Lodz Vatican- Jesuit Sacrifice Camp and down South East past the Janowska Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp connects the Shetland Islands to Odessa to Tehran.

5. Last but not least, the “Ley line” of evil running North East from Sobibor Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp south-west through Auschwitz Vatican Jesuit Sacrifice Camp cuts through the heart of Bordeaux, Zürich, Munich and connects up to Nizhny Novgorod .

If the ley lines and shape of the pentagram is even changed by one degree of latitude, or longitude, the ley lines have no meaning. It is only when the Nazi death camps that form the pentagram are placed exactly as they were historically located that the pentagram has power.

Anyone who has seen Indiana Jones movies knows that the Nazis were obsessed in obscure ancient Temple sites of power. The SS undertook the greatest surveying and blueprint maps of ancient Temple sites by any group since Napoleon.

The SS extensively surveyed ancient sites in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. In the movies, the SS are displayed as digging for buried symbols of power—this is deliberately misleading. The Nazis were civil engineers. Why then go to the extent of surveying ancient sites such as Baalbek the first and most important home to Moloch?

The ancient human sacrifice temples of the Vatican Jesuit Pentagram of Evil

If Fr Himmler S.J. physically ordered his engineers to build the Human Sacrifice Camps as replicas of ancient temple sites, then in a short time, their real purpose and satanic nature would have been immediately obvious. We would be all reading now how the Nazis built Auschwitz as a floor plan replica of Baalbek – to deliberately make the camp a physical temple of sacrifice.

The High Priests of Ba'al and Moloch practised the very darkest of arts including child sacrifice, human sacrifice, temple prostitution, incest, ritual homosexuality and cannibalism.

Furthermore, the High Priests of Baalbek became the High Priests of Israel, with the House of Hanan even named after their original demonic god Ba'al (Hamon) Hammon. It is no wonder then that the Jewish scriptures first written as a Canonical text by Ezra in 455-450 BCE and heavily edited since that time makes no mention of the true past.

Yet, consider for the moment the following comparison starting with Treblinka Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex at the top of the Pentagram. Here you have a camp – not designed as a rectangle as so many have incorrectly stated – but a shape more resembling the Key Temple complex of the ancient city of Ur.

Moving south East to the next point of the Jesuit-Vatican Pentagram we come to the Sobibor Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex, which reflected the essential design and location of key satanic temples of ancient Babylon.

Travelling further South we come to the Janowska Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex which in design closely resembled the ancient Temple mount of Jerusalem during the days of the Sadducees.

Now travelling West we come to the vast Auschwitz-Birkenau Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex which resembles the greatest of all ancient satanic temple complexes- the Temple of Baalbek- the home of Moloch.

Then to Lodz, we have the ghetto carved out of the city in an exact shape of the Island of Tyre- the capital of the Sarmatian/Samaritan - city state empire, falsely claimed as the Neo-Assyrian Empire. The same city run by a handful of elite priestly families over 2,600 years ago with the rest of the inhabitants tattoed in ink as slaves from birth to death- working in the slave factories of Tyre.

The camps of the Pentagram are without question designed to be spiritual replicas of the ancient temples to the satanic gods of the Vatican and the demon worshipping Sarmatian/Samaritans.

Now the obsessive and expensive surveying effort of the SS under Fr Himmler S.J. makes perfect sense. The information was used to design the layout for the “most important” of camps.

The hidden history of ancient cities

Virtually all readers have heard of the Vatican in Rome, but some may never have heard that the Vatican was also the official site of the most important shrine to Cybele and Adonis -the Magna Mater also variously known throughout the ancient world as Sibyl, Athena, Dionysus, Ishtar, Nanna, Astarte.

Similarly, any readers may have heard of the city of Novgorod and Belgorod, but never heard of the history that these cities were at one time the capital of a dynasty known as the Rus—descendents of the Sarmatian Sepharic Jewish Priest Kings also known as the “Khazars”.

Ley Lines of Evil

Consistent with the Euro-centered view of world domination of Pope Pius XII and Count Ledochowski S.J. all the major terminus points of the Ley lines of evil are almost certainly European cities- the most important being Rome.

Rome is the only Terminus point within the Vatican-Jesuit machine of perpetual evil having five major connections as well as the largest force of negative energy to it (via Auschwitz Human Sacrifice Temple Complex). Only Munich (Germany) has five connections to other key ley lines of evil.

Moving in a clockwise direction from Rome, the next major Terminus points are:

Bordeaux- in France and then home of the Rothschilds- infamous international satanists and key Vatican bankers. Possibly Zurich is the intended terminus.

Dublin- an infamous center of human sacrifice and satan worship for several hundred years.

Shetland Islands - another famous location for human sacrifice through satanic ritual, particularly during the late 19th century and 20th century on account of its isolation.

Stockholm, Sweden - neither a location known as a Catholic stronghold, nor major satanic center, but the capital of a pro-Vatican government during WWII that insisted on neutrality and trade with the Nazis .

St. Petersburg, Russia - famous site for Jesuit and satanic worship by the Russian royal household for hundreds of years.

Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia - site for major human sacrifice and prisoner torture by Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. during World War II

Belgorod, Russia. This Ley Line also continues to a city known as Sapporo, Japan - a key Jesuit city from World War II and ever since.

Odesa, Ukraine. This Ley Line also continues much further south west in Ahmedabad India - a major centre of independent Jesuit control in Asia.

Bucharest, Romania.

In addition to the terminus points being major power points of satanistic energy, ley lines of evil exist between channels between major centers located on the lines. These include:

Munich, Germany - the most important center of satanism other than Rome that is not a terminus point itself. The five Ley lines coming into Munich themselves form a Pentagram of evil.

Zurich, Switzerland - very important node of satanic power.

Hannover, Germany - also a very important node of satanic power.



How the Vatican-Jesuit Machine of Perpetual Evil works

Now that we have discussed briefly the likely terminus points and major nodes of satanistic worship the next question is how in practice does the Vatican-Jesuit Machine of Perpetual Evil continue to work?

Quite simply, so long as the functioning Pentagram, ley lines and how the satanic locations are kept hidden, then this darkness, this absence of good energy protects the integrity of the negative energy system. Simply - ignorance, the kind that is growing every decade as people stop caring about the past is the insulation that evil needs to grow and thrive.

The second part is that so long as satanism continues to be practised along any of the key ley lines, then the grid remains active and 18+ million tormented souls remain trapped in a form of Necromancy.

Finally, so long as the Vatican remains untouchable for its crimes against humanity, so long as they continue to curse the murdered and the living, then the system is in operation.

And so long as the perpetual machine of evil is running, then group prayer, reflection for the victims of the Holocaust can do little to free their souls, nor the souls of tens of thousands of children, young girls and innocents sacrificed since then in the satanic temples around the machine.

Finally, so long as the Roman Catholic Church has control over the massive machine for perpetuating evil and staying in power, the world has little real hope in seeing change.

What Pope Honorius III (1216-1227) left as his legacy was not only the birth of Black Magic and the Prophecy of Moloch (St Moloch(y)), but the means by which he learnt his darkest craft. A willing pupil of the supremely evil Pope Innocent III(1198-1216), Honorius witnessed firsthand the alleged prophetic power of burning innocent human beings alive.

Hundreds of thousands of Cathars were murdered by fire by the Vatican armies. In the process, the Vatican scribes had never been busier, transcribing the last agonizing utterances of those being roasted alive in the flames.

However, Pope Honorius was the first Papal Black Magician to codify what he thought he knew and had orchestrated into a manual of the most evil black magic acts—and the supremely evil idea that midst the dying screams of an innocent victim of the flames, Moloch may actually speak through the victim (acting as a medium) to his loyal disciples.

Millions of Witches burnt alive at the stake.

Since the collection of Prophecy published as Moloch(y) in the 13th Century, there have been numerous other famous utterances of “supernatural” prophecy allegedly from the dying mouths of burning victims – most notably Mother Shipton. While the famous prophecy of Mother Shipton – that chillingly tells of the future four hundred years before it happened—is usually stated as coming before she was burned alive, it is much more probable these were her last words.

Another famous example of the satanic belief that Moloch may use a dying victim in the flames as a communications portal was the sadistic torture and death by burning of Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of Knights Templar. It was his final words that cursed the Pope, the Catholic Church and validated the Prophecy of Moloch(y) as being true.

Yet for all the hundreds of thousands that were sacrificed by the Vatican armies over the centuries, little meaningful prophecy has come into the hands of hardline Vatican Satanists since. The Prophecy of Moloch(y) remains unchanged and now at its end, without any clear public statement of prophecy by the Vatican of any earth shattering note.

The Papal and Royal bloodline families have always favoured the belief that wisdom and power is born through blood. These bloodline families can be traced between current monarchies back to the time of Charlemagne and even earlier. But at the heart of their system is the secret knowledge that these bloodlines also contain High Priest and important spiritual lines of superior heritage. It is why they claim inheritance by blood.

In contrast, the Satanic Jesuits show a devotion to knowledge and most particularly “secret” knowledge of things. They appear to worship the belief that through secret knowledge and total devotion to the cause a man may discover ultimate knowledge and power.

In terms of key satanic knowledge that relates to their power, the secret knowledge of the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil is very important knowledge, forgotten by many.

So too, is the clear and unmistakable image “makeover” of evil from satan and “the devil” to Lucifer- or the spirit of Francis Borja personified as evil.

Francis Borgia created the Jesuits and is their patron saint - Thus Pope FRANCIS. It is why Borja ordered every church to ever be built by the Jesuits in following years to be constructed under strict codes of similar design—every Jesuit church was purpose built to be a readymade temple to Lucifer -- to the spirit of Francis Borja, the real founder of the Jesuits.

Similarly, human sacrifice to the satanic gods became more sophisticated, starting with the atomic bombs on Japan. No longer did the New World Order Jesuits need massive and expensive human sacrifice camps to “burn” millions of victims, one tiny bomb could do it in seconds.

One of the greatest criminal acts in history remains the executive order by President Truman to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and disgraced Jesuit city Nagasaki in 1945 after receiving not one, but several official notices of surrender from the Japanese. Thus began the “modern” age of sacrifice to the satanic gods of the Vatican and Jesuits.

THE ENERGY ENHANCEMENT SECRET KNOWLEDGE OF LUCIFERIANISM AND SATANISM BY THE NEOPLATONIC ELITE  Satanism, Luciferianism, Paganism, The Old Religion from Nimrod and Babylon and the Generational Family Gangs  who created the Slave trading, Drug Smuggling Roman Empire, Venetian Empire, Dutch Empire, British Empire, Anglo-American Establishment, Vatican, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, New World Order... "The Principle of Poverty" and their creation, the Religion of Satanism, it's work of the Degeneration of Humanity, it's Ritual Human Sacrifice,  "Lives for Satan", "The Blood is the Life" - it's War as it's Agent for this - 280 millions of people dead in the 20th century through war and torture!!




Ritual Homosexuality and Pedophilia are symptoms of the Satanic Religion and the Satanic Sex Addiction Blockage in Society. It was the arrest of the notorious Jewish born child serial killer Mr Dutroux in August 1996 that brought the Belgium Paedophile scandal to light. The rescue of the last Two young girls he kidnapped lead to an investigation of Dutroux. Five women who testifies anonymously in Belgium under the code name ”X” described a generational family underworld of Satanism, where Satanic Families pimped out their children for rape, pedophilia, sadomasochism, torture, cannibalism, snuff movies, and murder. They said that Satanic politicians, Bilderbuggers and other high placed members of society were involved.

Luciferian Satanic Illuminati Kabbalist Sabbatean Frankists - CULT OF THE ALL SEEING EYE



The Satanic British Empire Masonic leaders, whose genealogy goes back to the Satanic Babylonian Empire, embarked on a plan to subvert Islam from within, and to distort the Islamic world and render it predisposed to a confrontation with the West.

Key to this strategy was the creation of the Salafi movement, which was an outgrowth of the emergence of the Egyptian Freemasonry of Cagliostro, which today is closely aligned to  AD 1710 British Secret Agent Hempher created Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia.

According to their devious strategy of “divide and conquer”, the Satanic British Empire deliberately created the Wahhabi movement in order to destroy the Ottoman Empire and take the Petroleum by putting in a Saudi Satrap.

The Anglo-American Establishment Controls Saudi Arabian Wahhabism and Satanic ISIS

THE SATANIC HISTORY OF THE WORLD -  PART ONE - The Satanic Psychopathic Palmerston, Prime Minister of the British Empire circa 1850 - and his Three Satanic Psychopathic British Agents, Mazzini, Urquhart and Napoleon III - as a Continuation of the same Satanic Psychopathic Gang Families from Satanic Psychopathic Babylon through the Satanic Psychopathic Roman Empire, the Satanic Psychopathic Venetian Empire to the Satanic Psychopathic British Empire to the current Satanic Psychopathic Anglo-American Establishment


Ritual Mass Human Sacrifice is the deliberate and systematic murder of more than 100 persons based on a religious belief system and according to ritualistic processes.

When reading any history book on mass human sacrifice, inevitably the most barbaric groups in terms of brutal ritual are listed as such cultures as the Maya, the Aztecs and Incas and the hacking of people to death so that their blood ran down great pagan temples.

Yet this image is quite untrue on two fronts. The ancient Maya, Aztecs and Incas were far from the greatest ritual mass human sacrifices compared to the Sadducee noble families over the centuries and secondly the largest number of people sacrificed have been by fire, not by ritual slaughter.

It is conservatively estimated over the past two thousand years, the Sadducee noble families that control christianity and Islam have ritually sacrificed alive by fire in excess of 20 million souls, 18 million of those around 60 years ago in Europe.

The basis of this brutal, evil and terrifying method of murder centre's around maximizing the psychological trauma of human souls to ensure their capture and perpetual grounding for eternity.

The principle is quite simple- a horrendous death in absolute pain will often result in a human mind (soul) incapable of finding rest at least at first. If that soul also believes they were cursed in the process of their horrendous death they become a powerful magical force for those that killed them. This is at the heart of the Sadducee and Vatican legacy for nearly two thousand years.

In recent history, one of the most extraordinary cover ups was the complete white wash of any involvement of the Catholic Church in World War II and the Vatican's specific planning and design of the concentrations camps for burning people alive.

Even the accounts of the holocaust have been doctored so that 99.9% of the world is taught that millions were "gassed" to death and only their bodies burnt. Yet all eyewitness accounts have shown that the gas chambers were merely to render victims unconscious in order to chain them to stretchers only to wake up alive being burnt to death in the ovens.

Even the fact that the concentration camp stretchers had chains to lock people trapped to the stretchers has been removed from almost every history book.


Important Announcement Concerning Redemption and Fulfillment
Whilst the present heads of the Catholic Church have demonstrated over 900 years of contempt towards the Divine Creator, under the Covenant of One-Heaven (Pactum De Singularis Caelum) the entire officials including Cardinals, Bishops, Deacons and Ordinaries are granted Divine Redemption including the Sainthood of all Popes , including the Church having the power to ratify the Divine Treaty of Lucifer and the end of Hell and Damnation forever if all evil behaviour is ceased, all sins admitted and all property surrendered by the Day of Divine Judgment on VENUS E8:Y3210:A0:S1:M27:D6 also known as Wed, 21 Dec 2011.



Nathaniel J. Harris:

Paedophiles have codes and symbols by which they recognize each other. Many are ‘stolen’ from Paganism and Heathenism. It serves us well to know what these symbols are.

Originally posted on The Ultimate Evil:

UPDATE: I was sent a link this morning to a blog featuring this article, and it is now apparent to me where the majority of the angry comments from Asatru folk and Odinists are originating. This blog( )   purposefully misrepresents the Valknut by stating: “The ‘Wiccan triple knot’ is a well-known paedophile call sign.”  I have written to the Editor of the site and requested a retraction, removal of the image, or at the least a removal of any reference to my site. Please, feel free to send your complaints over this travesty to the Editor of that website: . They do not allow comments on their website and request letters to the editor, instead. 

NOTICE: I regret that so many of my pagan brothers and sisters have been led to believe this post is for the purpose of attacking pagans…

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Harvey Proctor, former Conservative MP, has denied being a member of “any rent boy ring”. Today, detectives from the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Midland carried out the search of Harvey Proctor’s home over historic allegations of child abuse by politicians. Operation Midland is probing claims that boys were sexually abused by a VIP paedophile ring centered around Westminster more than 30 years ago, including MPs, members of law enforcement agencies, and members of the military. It has also been alleged that at least three boys linked to the ring were murdered.

It is not the first time Proctor has shamed himself. In June 1986, The People newspaper published claims that Proctor had taken part in spanking and cane beating of male prostitutes, aged between 17 and 21, in his London flat. The age of consent for homosexuals was still 21 in 1986, and the following year Proctor was charged with gross indecency and resigned his candidature. At his trial in May 1987, Proctor pleaded guilty and was fined a total of £1,450.


Operation Midland is examining claims boys were abused at various locations across southern England and in London in the 1970s and 1980s. The majority of investigations are centered around events that took place at Elm Lodge, Dolphin Square.

In an interview today, Proctor said the following; “I believe that the number of victims grows by the day. The number of alleged perpetrators through death diminishes. That is a problem. It is certainly a problem for me. I suppose my problem is that I’m still very much alive.”

And yet here is Harvey Proctor’s name on a page from the ‘Guests’ book of the Elm Guest House; right hand column, fourth down.


What do YOU think? Feel free to comment below.

Further reading;


Abusers may be found in any institution, from the B.B.C. to government, psychiatry, the police, social services, or religion. Wherever an institution is accused, they will defend themselves to the teeth. Occult orders are no different.

Please, ask yourself the following questions;

Operation Yew-Tree has recognized and investigated links between Jimmy Saville and a Satanically themed sex club, and some of his victims have disclosed their abuse to have been Satanically themed and ritualistic. Nevertheless, these facts have not been widely reported, and where they have those reports have been attacked by other journalists. Why is it possible for us to believe that Jimmy Saville abused so many children, in so many settings, and betrayed so much trust.. but impossible for us to accept that he wore a black robe and chanted ‘Hail Satan’ when he did it?

It seems any child abuser might get away with his crimes simply by employing the right paraphernalia, and ritualizing the violation- thus making the crime ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’, which many people remain adamant does not exist, rather than mere child abuse, which is a widely recognized reality.

If that was all it took to rob a bank, do you not think we would have gangs of black robed criminals regularly turning over Barclays with cries of “Don’t move, and nobody gets sacrificed to Satan?” Would we all be arguing that Satanic Bank Robbery does not exist, whilst all this was going on?

Or supposing a ring of child abusers chose to dress up as something else, such as clowns or cowboys? Would we then be arguing that ‘Circus Themed Abuse’ or ‘Wild West Abuse’ does not exist? Would the disclosure of their victims be just as easily discredited? Is that really all it would take?

Do you really believe that occultism is the only spiritual culture in the world that harbours no paedophiles? How likely is it really that abusers exist in the Church, in Buddhism, Hinduism, indeed every religion, but not within Paganism, and certainly not Satanism?

Why? What makes occultists so different from the rest of humanity?

For all their grandiose titles and posturing, occultists are just as human as anyone else. Of course there are abusers amongst the occult community, just as there are in other walks of life. To deny this for any reason is to allow those abusers to prosper, and to become enablers. Knowingly or not, it is to become responsible for child abuse due to having protected the perpetrators. Those who have acted to discredit or otherwise attack those making disclosures of abuse have become directly involved in the persecution of innocent people.

It is my unhappy experience that occultism in the U.K. not only harbors paedophiles, but is thoroughly infected with them. The Pagan community will invariably rally around members against whom such allegations are made, always assuming another persecution, and rarely -if ever- considering such allegations might actually be true. What better place, then, for a paedophile to hide, and to find the support they need should they ever be discovered?

Just as the B.B.C., the Catholic Church, and corrupted local authorities, must all take responsibility for having allowed paedophiles to prosper in their midst, so must occultism.  Convictions have been made, and ritual abuse has been proved a reality. We can no longer pretend. We can no longer gloss over the failings of the community. One cannot make compromises with abusers without becoming tainted by them. Abusers must always be exposed; anything less is to protect and enable them.

Yes, the first few of us to take a stand will find ourselves ostracized, as I have been. What value is our community if it means rubbing shoulders with  child abusers and murderers? Is keeping such company really very wise? Would it not be wise to expose these people, and prevent them from prospering? Is not the quest for wisdom supposed to be the whole point in occultism?

There are bound to be the occasional convulsions in any culture, however ancient or new, uncovering abuses of trust or power. At first, these may cause a great sensation. If the situation is favorable on the whole, such abuses can be easily concealed from the public; everything is forgotten and complacency reigns once more. Yet to the wise, such occurrences are grave omens that cannot be ignored.

This is the only way of avoiding further tragedy.



We cannot tell you how common ritual abuse is in the U.K., because we do not know, but we can tell you it definitely happens, and what we have seen reported so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

We can also tell you the problem is hugely misunderstood by police and local authorities, who invariably respond with misplaced incredulity and act inappropriately. This results in danger to victims being increased, just when they most need protection.

Please do share this message on any media you have at your disposal. We need your support and help. People need to be aware, for their own safety, and for the safety of children they may still be harming. They are nothing short of batshit twisted, and should be safely in hospital/prison.



Nathaniel J. Harris:

Today Gary Glitter (Paul Gad) was sentenced to 16 years. Looks like he will be dying in jail.

The father of ‘X’ (see post below – Satanic Ritual Abuse UK- Convictions so far) often boasted of visiting Gary Glitter’s house.

Originally posted on Nathaniel J. Harris:


On 5 February 2015, former glam rock star Gary Glitter (Paul Frances Gadd) was found guilty of attempted rape, four counts of indecent assault and one of having sex with a girl under the age of 13 between 1975 and 1980. Gadd was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on 27 February.

Gadd had previously been arrest in 1997, convicted in 1999, for possession of thousands of items of child pornography. Later, Gadd also faced criminal charges and deportation from several countries, including Vietnam and Cambodia, connected with actual and suspected child sexual abuse; so called ‘sex tourism’. A Vietnamese court found him guilty of obscene acts with minors in 2006. Gadd had been living in Vietnam since deportation from Cambodia on suspected child sexual abuse charges in 2002. Gadd was deported from Vietnam back to Britain at the end of his sentence, where he was placed on…

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17 Feb 2015, Day 1 of a ‘Fact-finding’ hearing of a case of Satanic Ritual Abuse




SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE U.K. – Convictions so far

The following individuals (bar one, who is dead) have been successfully prosecuted in the U.K. Google any of these names, and see the proof for yourself.

I am sad to say that I have met nearly every single one of these vile creeps. I also know of many more people who are just as guilty and currently still active in the U.K. Worse, they know that I know.. but hey, they were already on a vendetta to have me killed, so what difference does it make?

This blog is dedicated to seeking justice against them all.


Colin David Batley, Elaine Batley, Jaqueline Marling, & Shelly Millar

Colin David Batley was convicted in 2011 for 35 counts including rape, buggery, sexual assault, forcing prostitution, and inciting a child to have sex. Alongside him were his wife Elaine Batley, his wife, jailed for eight years, Jaqueline Marling, his ‘right hand woman’, jailed for twelve years, and Shelly Millar, a prostitute, jailed for five years.

‘Lord’ Colin Bately; brainwashed children with ritual abuse.

Alongside him were his wife Elaine Batley, his wife, jailed for eight years, Jaqueline Marling, his ‘right hand woman’, jailed for twelve years, and Shelly Millar, a prostitute, jailed for five years.

According to a report made by the BBC, 11 March 2011, reporting on Batley being jailed;

“Batley and his friends were involved in a sex cult that brainwashed and abused children.. has been jailed and warned he may never be released. Colin Batley, 48, was found guilty of 35 offences at Swansea Crown Court.. Three women, including his estranged wife, were also imprisoned. He moved from London to the small town of Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, where the cult operated in a cul-de-sac. He was given a public protection sentence with an 11-year minimum recommendation.”

On sentencing, Judge Paul Thomas QC is reported as having said the following;

“You set yourself up as the ruler in your own sick little kingdom. where three women danced as your willing attendants. You became their master and formed a community within a community involving child abuse, rape, and prostitution. You have been described as evil and that is an entirely accurate statement of your character. It is clear you have dedicated your life to satisfy your sexual urges by any means at your disposal.

“The age or sex of your victims was largely a matter of indifference to you. You treated one victim as nothing more than a sexual plaything, dominating and controlling her life, and you persuaded your wife to join in. What happened has besmirched the unsuspecting town of Kidwelly..

“You are, and shall be for the foreseeable future, a danger to children. This has been your life’s work involving multiple offences over many years. The public needs

protection from you- there are very serious concerns and risks for the future if you are released.

“You have fully lived up to the ideals of your mentor Aleister Crowley. You used the occult to further your sexual excesses- children were kept as toys for sex purposes. You took a cruel delight into initiating children into sex but their lives have been blighted forever.

“It was organised and systemic abuse of children and you dedicated yourself to such depravity. You controlled the women in all ways, sexually and financially- they paid

their benefits over to you. But it is an enduring mystery how you were able to control intelligent women.”

The group were connected to a wider cult, whose members were never identified or charged. Despite the protestations of many from within the occult

community, it is a sad fact that Batley’s cult included many who are not only recognized for supposed contributions to occultism, but are also trusted and

respected members of the ‘community’.

Batley’s followers called him ‘Lord’, and bore tattoos of the Eye of Horus as marks of initiation into the cult; those tattoos have not been ‘washed off’ since the vile creep they called ‘Lord’ has been imprisoned.

One might wonder if the reason his neighbours did not notice an abusive cult operating in their midst. They include an ex-bishop, and an ex-police commissioner amongst them. Might they have been directly involved? In any case, it seems Batley’s cult wasconnected..

An unnamed niece of Colin Batley told of how she was made pregnant by him, prevented from having an abortion, and told her child belonged to the cult. A year later, she became pregnant again, and had her second son. Shortly after his birth, she discovered through another cult member that Colin Batley had abused a child as young as six. She says, “It was the

information and power I needed to escape.” (“He stole my life”: How a teenager was forced to join a satanic sex cult.. by her evil uncle, Mirror, 21 July 2012).


I personally know who the six year old was, and where they are now. Now a teenager, I shall refer to them only as ‘X’. Through their disclosures to me, together with information from other ‘inside sources’, as well as personal encounters with Colin Batley and members of his cult, I can identify many other guilty parties yet to be arrested and prosecuted.

It took three years before police took allegations against Colin Batley seriously, during which time he remained free to abuse. I am reliably informed that the officers who successfully prosecuted him had to go against orders from ‘higher up’, and were passed up for promotion. Doing the right thing, it seems, proved bad for their careers.


Peter Solheim

Peter Solheim, a 55 year old parish councillor turned pagan, was ritually tortured to death -see Sex, witchcraft, and the murder of a Druid, Daily Mail, 6 July 2006. Drugged, and with his limbs bludgeoned to a bloody pulp with a machete, his body was dumped in the Channel off the coast of Cornwall and left to drown. What the newspaper does not tell you is that his body also had magical glyphs carved into its flesh, and his penis had been severed and sown up inside his mouth. This I know through my mother and stepfather, Adrian and Ann Bryn-Evans, who had previously boasted about having been involved in a cursing of Peter Solheim by Elaine (Batley), during which the arms and legs had been broken off of a poppet, which was then ‘drowned’ in a bottle of urine.


Peter Solheim; part of a paedophile ring that used robes and knives to terrify children.

Margaret James, Peter Solheim’s lover of nine years, was convicted at Truro Crown Court of masterminding the plot to kill him, and jailed for twenty years. However, she was not convicted of actually committing the murder herself- to this day, her accomplice(s) have never been identified. Those involved in the ritualistic torture and murder of this man are still at large.. unless they happen to be in jail for other crimes, of course..


Margaret James; convicted of Solheim’s murder.. but who else was involved?

Or was she a patsy?

My mother and stepfather, Ann and Adrian Bryn-Evans, gave ‘evidence’ in the trail. My mother is quoted in the Daily Mail as having spoken about Peter Solheim’s constant flirting and obsession with sex, saying, “He spoke about it frequently. At first it was amusing but then there was too much of it. Margaret smiled and smirked as if she felt proud about it. But as time went by she became uncomfortable if he mentioned other women and said he was attracted to them. He was a boaster. He described himself as hot stuff. He felt he was very attractive to women and had no trouble in attracting them.”

Their friend Peter Petrauske, High Priest of a Wiccan coven and paedophile ring in Falmouth of which Peter Solheim was a member, (see below) also gave evidence in this trial, doing all he could to make Peter Solheim sound ludicrous. He is quoted as having told the court that whilst the coven would meet in plain white robes (as with the cult run by Colin Batley), Peter Solheim would insist on wearing a horned helmet and breastplate; “He wanted to be known as Thor’s Hammer. He was following the Norse way and was far more interested in that side of things.”

Personally, I do not trust the ‘evidence’ given by these people. In the end, the conviction of Margaret James was based almost entirely on evidence gained through her mobile phone, all of which could have been fabricated by a hacker skilled in ‘pranging’ (a relatively simple form of early ‘Phone Hacking’). She has maintained her innocence even after prosecution, and the court admitted she could not have committed the murder herself.. was she really involved it at all? Might she have been a ‘patsy’? (When someone is prosecuted for a crime they did not commit, the investigation is over, and the real criminal can relax. This is a fairly standard tactic amongst successful organized criminals, and far more common than the general public are aware of.)

And why is it that the court trial concerning Peter Solheim’s horrific and clearly ritualistic murder consisted of so much defamation against his character? Nobody had anything nice to say about him. Even Professor Ronald Hutton joined in..

Later, it was revealed that Police had initially worked along the theory that Solheim had been murdered because people believed he was a paedophile.


Peter Solheim and Margaret James being Druids.


Peter Petrauske & Jack Kemp

Peter Petrauske, who gave evidence alongside my mother and stepfather in the above trial, would later turn out to have been a ritual abuser himself, alongside another man called Jack Kemp.


Peter Petrauske & Jack Kemp; Just two more ritualist paedophiles.

Jack Kemp and Peter Petrauske spent years tormenting their victims, one said to be as young as three. Unsurprisingly, both denied their involvement in abuse, claiming they were victims of a ‘witch hunt’ or conspiracy.


Peter Petrauske being a Witch.. but his magic did not protect him from being busted for his vile deeds.

Peter Solheim, the above mentioned ritually tortured and sacrificed Druid, was also identified as having been part of the same paedophile ring.

Considering the unusual nature of their crimes, as well as their geographical proximity, what are the chances of all these people not knowing each other

and being in the same ‘circle’? I can certainly tell you they had plenty of friends in common..


Albert & Carolee Hickman

Jailed 22nd January 2015 for the Satanically themed ritualized rape of an eleven year old schoolgirl 40 years before. The victim, now 53, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the trial last month that Hickman would make threats to kill her mother using black magic. The court heard that Hickman now 64, sucked her young victim’s blood after cutting her thumb with a special “bejewelled knife”. After the schoolgirl was held down by his wife, former RAF worker Albert Hickman, now 65, raped her.


Albert and Carolee Hickman will die in jail.

A statement from the victim read, “Forty-two years ago a little girl met two evil people who took advantage of her.. My life has been destroyed at their hands.”

Sentencing the Hickmans, Judge Dan Williams described them as chilling and said they had ruthlessly exploited their victim. “You were a couple united by a deep-seated and overwhelming abuse of children.. You groomed her and gained her trust, you told her you had supernatural powers and that she was the ‘chosen one’ and you put the fear of God into her. It was a specific targeting of a vulnerable victim and threats were made which petrified her.”

The court heard Albert Hickman was previously jailed for 10 years for raping a young girl in 1982. The jury was also told his wife was jailed for five years in 1982 after admitting holding down a child while she was raped as part of “devil worship” which required a virgin girl.


It is clear the Hickman’s were involved in the ‘Pagan scene’; I myself had spotted them at a number of events in Glastonbury, and at the ‘Witchcraft Seminars’ my parents organized at the ‘Camelot Castle Hotel’ in Cornwall over a decade ago. The Hickman’s were genuine initiates of Wicca, and believed fully in the ‘magic’ they used to intimidate others.  Once again we learn that not only were the abuses of this couple ritualistic, and by most people’s understanding Satanic, but that threats of murder were made to ensure the victim’s silence.

It saddens me to learn that their victim had to wait until they were themselves in their fifties, over forty years later, before they could see any justice or closure. Not that seventeen years in jail would be any justice for the years their target has suffered, and the damage done to their life. At least the Hickman’s will die in jail.

We can be sure that the Hickman’s were associated in their time with the likes of Peter Petrauske, Kemp, the Batleys, and Peter Solheim. 

My parents, Ann & Adrian Bryn-Evans, were directly connected with all the above convicted ritual abusers. It was probably through them that the I.O.T. became involved in the ritually abusive paedophile ring in Wales/Dorset/Cornwall that we can clearly see being dismantled conviction by conviction. As previously mentioned, I had resigned from the I.O.T. in large part due to the promotion of a man I suspected of being a paedophile to a position of office.

Despite being at close quarters to many of these people, I had no idea any of them were so vile until the conviction of Batley, and the disclosures made to me by ‘x’; the six year old they had been abusing. Having swallowed the ‘Pagan party line’ regarding the Satanic Panic, I did not believe in the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse. I had even said so on T.V. That my own parents, and others I had been close to during my life.. it was unimaginable.

A & A Bryn-Evans

Ann & Adrian Bryn-Evans at their Wytche’s Market.

There will be more prosecutions to come. No amount of ‘magic’ will prevent this.

So Mote It Be, as they say in the Craft,

Nathaniel J. Harris


Nathaniel J. Harris:

NEWS; Martyn Tucker aka Martyn Healer has recently suffered a near fatal heart attack. He needs 24 hr supervision, due to the possibility of his coronary anglioplasty coming loose- which would mean his death. He has to avoid smoking, alcohol, and his usual diet of drugs, and so has nothing to do but sit at home trolling people on the internet. He will be forever vulnerable due to his recent surgery. RESULT!!!


Perhaps a full confession of all his crimes will heal his heart?

Originally posted on Nathaniel J. Harris:

This is interesting. It seems I am not the only one the sad psycho Martyn has been trying to bully..

To quote from the above article;

“Martyn Healer is a stellar example of a bully, fraud, and scam artist, as well as a internet stalker. I am pleased to be the driving force behind how this epic failure of the human condition, and Leraje’s arrow came to meet.

“Don’t feel too bad for Martyn Healer, the miscreant chimp. He proved time, and time again to be very deserving by sending death threats via Facebook messages, hiring novices in the art of Kala Jadoo (Sikh black magic) to place curses on people, and soliciting teenage boys, and girls for perverted sexual talk. I approached him on the request of a frightened woman to issue him his only warning, ” stop immediately”. He launched to a delusional rant that he was…

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I have begun uploading various articles, art, and prose unrelated to the subjects this site is dedicated to;

This new site may also be of interest to many currently directed to this blog via various online Chaos Magic lists & pages. Since I have been accused of having some vendetta against Chaos Magic as a whole, it seems reasonable to prove this lie by publishing these writings; a combination of new material, as well as pieces already published here and there over the years.





This woman never did anything to harm anyone, and nor did her child. Whatever the reasons for certain stupid idiot’s vendettas against me, this cannot be justified. Whatever power or advantage they believed they would gain, all that has happened is they have ruined these innocent people’s futures, and done even worse damage to their own.

People who bully children are the lowest, and spiritually weakest, most disappointing creatures that can be imagined. Join me in cursing them every morning, and every evening, without fail. May their ends be long and painful.

So mote it be,



It should come as no surprise to find myself a topic of conversation amongst the leaders of the Illuminates of Thanateros (Nikki Wyrd and Julian Vayne) and their minions. The following examples are taken from their closed Facebook list; where I am given no right to reply.

I am open to questions in the comments section below.

Yet again, I am slandered with allegations against my mental health. I can prove I am in good mental health very easily. I have been professionally assessed, due to having faced the same accusations from her and her cronies in a matter that reached a family law court.

In all her slander, Nikki Wyrd (real name Niccola Ward) attempts the reduce my significance to her, and the I.O.T., not just through ill conceived lies but also by ommitance. For example, she neglects to mention I introduced her to Chaos Magic in the first place, and that she is the mother of my (our) daughter. Nikki also pretends I was rejected somehow by the I.O.T., when in reality I resigned in disgust over various abuses of ‘authority’, during which time Nikki dragged other members of the I.O.T. into a battle over child access.. she was a wholly toxic parent who denied our daughter the right to her natural father. She also neglects to mention that she used my own involvement in magick, and my parent’s status in the ‘witchcraft scene’, against me in a family law court.

Nikki’s claws remained in my life long after I left the I.O.T. She has poisoned our daughter’s mind with lies, using her as a weapon against me, and waged a relentless vendetta. If anybody has held a narcissistic obsession it has been her- for all the above reasons, and various other things her ossified ego remains unable to let go of. Such as the fact that I am (was) the son of a millionaire, and never married her. Or that I found genuine love elsewhere; something, if Nikki were ever honest, she would admit she still lacks in her own life.

Julian Vayne (born Julian Lafaye) also neglects to mention he is now the ‘stepfather’ to my daughter, and that he has long been friends with my parents; they joined his sleazy sex magick group in Milton Keynes, back in the early 90s. I have never met him, and have no desire to.

Both attempt to obscure my accusation against them; along with my parents, they were members of the cult that gathered around convicted ritual abuser Colin Batley, and together formed a ‘working group’ of the Illuminates of Thanateros.

I have personally heard the disclosures of a youngster who was abused by Colin Batley’s group, and consistently re-targeted over a decade, as have the Police. I will not identify this youngster, for reasons that should be obvious. The real problem is that the child they abused is disabled. They have serious trouble communicating, and are the only witness as to what they did. Taking a stand in court would therefore be implausible. Beyond this, further difficulties have been caused by the incompetence of Social Services; something which is surprising people less and less these days.

As one Child Protection officer put it, “Sometimes you can know damn well that they did it, but there just isn’t enough evidence to pin it on them.”





NK 3


NK 4


This is another example of Nikki lying, this time to add a few years to her involvement with Chaos Magic.. Her birthday is 02/09/69, which means she would have been a teenager in the late eighties and would not have been allowed in.

In fact, she came on to the ‘scene’ in 1993. I know. Much to my shame, I initiated her. She expects to get away with this lie even to Dave Lee, who was in prison at the time- he served several years after cooking up a bad batch of amphetamine that killed several Goths in Leeds.




On 5 February 2015, former glam rock star Gary Glitter (Paul Frances Gadd) was found guilty of attempted rape, four counts of indecent assault and one of having sex with a girl under the age of 13 between 1975 and 1980. Gadd was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on 27 February.

Gadd had previously been arrest in 1997, convicted in 1999, for possession of thousands of items of child pornography. Later, Gadd also faced criminal charges and deportation from several countries, including Vietnam and Cambodia, connected with actual and suspected child sexual abuse; so called ‘sex tourism’. A Vietnamese court found him guilty of obscene acts with minors in 2006. Gadd had been living in Vietnam since deportation from Cambodia on suspected child sexual abuse charges in 2002. Gadd was deported from Vietnam back to Britain at the end of his sentence, where he was placed on the Sex Offender’s Register for life.

These convictions effectively ended his long career and turned the once-popular glam rock star into a nationally hated figure of ridicule.

Q; What’s silver, and sits at the bottom of your daughter’s bed? – A; Gary Glitters platform boots.

Or as Becky Fury (Comedian / Clown) put it, “All that glitters is not Gary.”

In October 2012, Gadd was arrested again and bailed as part of Operation Yewtree, and was charged with historical child sex offenses in June 2014. Gadd was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on 27 February.

Again, the victims of Paul Gadd had to wait a long time to see any justice. It is all too little, all too late. As with Jimmy Saville, there must have been many people who knew the truth about him but did nothing.

There is a good chance Paul Gadd will die in prison. This, at least, is something to celebrate.

‘Black magic’ couple jailed for 17 years

This week saw the sentencing and jailing of two more faces I recognize from my parent’s “circle of acquaintances”. This time it is an apparently ‘Wiccan’ couple, once again from Wales; Albert and Carolee Hickman. The details are reported in the below coverage from the BBC.

It is clear the Hickman’s were involved in the ‘Pagan scene’; I myself had spotted them at a number of events in Glastonbury, and at the ‘Witchcraft Seminars’ my parents organized at the ‘Camelot Castle Hotel’ in Cornwall over a decade ago. The Hickman’s were genuine initiates of Wicca, and believed fully in the ‘magic’ they used to intimidate others.  Once again we learn that not only were the abuses of this couple ritualistic, and by most people’s understanding Satanic, but that threats of murder were made to ensure the victim’s silence.

It saddens me to learn that their victim had to wait until they were themselves in their fifties, over forty years later, before they could see any justice or closure. Not that seventeen years in jail would be any justice for the years their target has suffered, and the damage done to their life. At least the Hickman’s will die in jail.

We can be sure that the Hickman’s were associated in their time with the likes of Peter Petrauske, Kemp, the Batleys, and Peter Solheim. We can also be sure that there will be more prosecutions to come, even if it takes another few decades. No amount of ‘magic’ will prevent this.

So Mote It Be, as they say in the Craft,

Nathaniel J. Harris



The victim was held down by Carolee Hickman before former RAF worker Albert Hickman raped her

A sadistic couple who bullied a schoolgirl into submission with “black magic” threats before raping her have been jailed for 17 years, at Merthyr Crown Court.

Carolee Hickman, from St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan, told the girl, 11, she was a part of a “powerful” witches’ coven.

She then forced her to have sex with her husband, Albert.

The girl blocked it out for 40 years until it came back during counselling in 2011.

The victim, now 53, and cannot be named for legal reasons, told the trial last month that Hickman would make threats to kill her mother using black magic.

The court heard that Hickman now 64, sucked her young victim’s blood after cutting her thumb with a special “bejewelled knife”.

‘Chilling’After the schoolgirl was held down by his wife, former RAF worker Albert Hickman, now 65, raped her.

A statement from the victim said the couple had destroyed her life and she could still not sleep with the light off.

“Forty-two years ago a little girl met two evil people who took advantage of her,” the statement read.

“My life has been destroyed at their hands.”

Sentencing the Hickmans on Thursday, Judge Dan Williams described them as chilling and said they had ruthlessly exploited their victim.

‘Fear of God’“You were a couple united by a deep-seated and overwhelming abuse of children,” he said.

“You groomed her and gained her trust, you told her you had supernatural powers and that she was the ‘chosen one’ and you put the fear of God into her.

“It was a specific targeting of a vulnerable victim and threats were made which petrified her.”

The court heard Albert Hickman was previously jailed for 10 years for raping a young girl in 1982.

The jury was also told his wife was jailed for five years in 1982 after admitting holding down a child while she was raped as part of “devil worship” which required a virgin girl.


..”Crown Court heard how Tucker.. knew his day would come, particularly when the Jimmy Saville scandal came out.”

Indeed, the times and attitudes have changed so much just over the last two years. It still the case that victims do not see justice until they are adults, but at least we are seeing vile pieces of kiddy fiddling shit like Martyn Tucker put in jail, where they belong.

“Tucker said that he wanted to come clear and admitted he had done things in the past that he did regret.”

Scum like this regret nothing, apart from getting caught. They have a bit missing.

“Tucker also took victims to Bristol where he instructed them to indulge in sex acts with another unknown man.”

There is still a paedophile ring operating in Bristol. As with Rotheram, and a number of other cases across the UK, Police have so far done nothing but set themselves up for embarrasment in the future, as have Social Services. But that doesn’t mean the scum here will get away with it. It just means we have to be patient.

So you go tie your own kangaroo down ‘sport’. When you’re dead, we’ll tan your hide and hang it in the SHED.



This is interesting. It seems I am not the only one the sad psycho Martyn has been trying to bully..

To quote from the above article;

“Martyn Healer is a stellar example of a bully, fraud, and scam artist, as well as a internet stalker. I am pleased to be the driving force behind how this epic failure of the human condition, and Leraje’s arrow came to meet.

“Don’t feel too bad for Martyn Healer, the miscreant chimp. He proved time, and time again to be very deserving by sending death threats via Facebook messages, hiring novices in the art of Kala Jadoo (Sikh black magic) to place curses on people, and soliciting teenage boys, and girls for perverted sexual talk. I approached him on the request of a frightened woman to issue him his only warning, ” stop immediately”. He launched to a delusional rant that he was a great African Shaman (yes.. nebulous Africa, its not like Africa isn’t comprised of thousands of different tribes or anything), that he descends from an unbroken line of the greatest family trad of Witches Europe has ever known, and what else I don’t know, I didn’t even bother reading any more of this worm riddled ass clown’s dozen or so replies.

“Sure enough, not even a week later I am told he has harassed another woman who took objection to his vulgar idiocy, and he threatened to use his magic to destroy her, and her baby. I verified the validity of the claim, and the evocation of Leraje commenced immediately. I am grateful that Leraje allowed me to hear the delicious “thawp” sound of sharpened wood penetrate Martyn Healer’s decrepit astral body.

“I watched the ensuing turmoil play out as Martyn Healer found himself alienated on his many Facebook groups, and his normal 50-60 daily posts, dwindled to one, maybe two every other day. In examining Martyn Healer, its not hard to see why Leraje’s hyper dimensional poison (as scarily virulent as it is) worked with such quickness. Martyn Healer is a walking anti-meth campaign, and I can only marvel at how someone already so weak, and sickly could find the energy to be such a shit-bird to so many people.”

Well done, ‘Conjurer’. You even managed to find a photograph of your target.. and yes, I confirm this is indeed him. He is even worse offline than he is online.


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Couple accused of abusing a child in ‘black magic’ case are found guilty of all counts

Wakes Online

Dec 22, 2014 14:38

Carolee Hickman, 64, indecently assaulted a schoolgirl and held her down while her husband Albert John Hickman, 65, raped her

Albert and Carolee Hickman
Albert and Carolee Hickman
A woman accused of using black magic to abuse a child, and her husband, who raped the child as she held her down, have been found guilty of all charges by a jury at Cardiff Crown Court.

Carolee Hickman, 64, was on trial for indecently assaulting a schoolgirl and holding the victim down while her husband Albert John Hickman, 65, raped her during the 1970s.

She had been accused of grooming and abusing the young schoolgirl when they lived in South Wales at the time, after petrifying her with black magic threats.

The couple, both of the Wheatlands, Baschurch, Shrewsbury, were found guilty on all counts.

As Judge Daniel Williams remanded the pair in custody, Carolee Hickman sobbed into her hand and shouted “no” from across the courtroom.

Her husband loudly protested as he was taken down to the cells.

Both Carolee Hickman and former RAF man Albert Hickman, who had been previously jailed for five years for sex abuse, had denied the charges.

The victim, now in her 50s and who can’t be named, said she had blocked out memories of the abuse for almost four decades until they came back during counselling for bereavement and depression in 2011.

She earlier told Cardiff Crown Court that she went to Carolee Hickman’s Bridgend home while skipping school with friends, aged 11, but was soon being terrified into submission.

“Carolee said she was a witch and would come and get me and would make my mother ill,” the victim said.

“She even said she could kill my mother if she wanted to.

“She had a knife with a jewelled handle kept in a wooden box with carvings on the top.

“She cut my hand and sucked the blood out of it.

“There were tarot cards, she used to tell our fortunes and she even had a black cape.”

The woman said she and friends visited Hickman in Cricklewood Close because she would allow them to smoke and even drink while her husband was away working.

“I was on the bed when she held my arms while he (Albert Hickman) raped me,” she said.

The court was told Carolee Hickman laughed out loud when police asked if she was a witch.

“I’ve got books on spells but I wouldn’t know how to do them – I wouldn’t know where to start”, she is recorded as telling police officers conducting interviews with her.

She said she had no idea of the identity of the woman now making the complaint and did not recognise her when shown photographs taken when the victim was young.

Her husband, who described his abuse of other girls in a way that prosecuting counsel Michael Jones described as “chilling,” had denied a rape took place at Bridgend where he was a fitter at St Athan and involved in mountain rescue operations.

A large number of books on spells and the occult were found when officers arrested the grandmother and her husband at their home in Shropshire.

Carolee and Albert John Hickman divorced in 1985 but remarried more recently.

Carolee Hickman told police they separated while he was serving 10 years (reduced to eight on appeal), and she five years for child sex offences, which they had been convicted of in 1982 in Northampton.

“If I didn’t divorce him, I wouldn’t have got parole – as soon as we divorced I got it”, she said.

Mr Hickman was sentenced for five sex offences and Mrs Hickman for indecent assault and for aiding and abetting another man to rape a 14 year old girl as part of a devil worship ritual.

The couple have been remanded in custody ahead of a sentencing hearing to be heard in January.


I have received a barrage of loony hate mail recently, as one should only expect. They suggest the scum who abused and exploited ‘Child X’ (see numerous other posts) are feeling a little insecure about their future. They also suggest a steady decline in mental health, again as would be expected from anyone with so much to fear.

Many of these messages contain garbled sentences which are intended to cause me some upset, and be unexplainable to anyone else. They have also dragged various names into their vitriol- of friends and allies- in some attempt to mess with my head, perhaps. I am sure none of these people will be happy to know that this SHAME-MAN has been pretending to be them. So far, this SHAME-MAN has pretended to be a whistleblower from the I.O.T., a member of Anonymous, and the Clown Army.

He has also been hilariously mistaken in thinking that I have been using ‘sockpuppets’ of my own. At least one person he mentions is an accomplished sorcerer and martial artist, as well as a good father, who he thinks is me. Woops. Seems SHAME-MAN is keen to add to his list of enemies?

______________________________________________ To me 11 Dec NEW YORK 123:123:23.1 Daemon mailer re-send# re-send loop #134:56:56 User comment: This mail will be re-sent until 01/04/2087 ‘EZRA DREAD OF THE SMELLY SHED’ To: Nathaniel R. Harris <> Ω re-send to shed lord bi-valve bi-ped bi-Easton bi-cycle bi-sexy jazz-devil–love :-| ΔΨ∞ • remember to forget •   • remember to forget •   • remember to forget •   • remember to forget •   • remember to forget On 2014-10-24 20:56, wrote: > REPEAT TRANSMISSION > mailer demon failure, this message is being resent > dehsdehsdehs /8080:// > > Sub Item_PropertyChange(ByVal Name) > Select Case Name > Case “Status” > if Item.Status = 2 then ‘2 = Completed > Set NewItem = Application.CreateItem(0) > NewItem.To = “” > NewItem.Recipients.ResolveAll > NewItem.Subject = “anderous notions” > NewItem.Body = “re//9080://.” > NewItem.Display = marmalade lane smelly mummy > End IF > End Select > End Sub > > On 2014-10-21 19:03, wrote: >> Quote is from Augustine and only popularised by A.Crowley. >> >> I KNOW IT MAY BE HARD FOR YOU TO COME TO TERMS WITH YOUR OWN ABUSE, >> BUT WHAT I SAY IS ONLY THE FACTS. >> >> THE TAIL OF YOUR INVOLVMENT WITH I.:-@.T IS WELL KNOWN, YOU HAVE BEEN >> BRAVELY HONEST ABOUT YOUR BOOKS BEING ‘SHIT’ AND I THOUGHT YOU COULD >> COME OUT ABOUT YOUR OWN DEVIANT OCCULTISM (WHICH YOU HAVE VALIANTLY >> REJECTED). I THOUGHT YOU WOULD ALSO SHED LIGHT ON THOSE STORIES ABOUT >> YOUR BEING ‘_RECEPTIVE PARTNER_’ OF A WELL-KNOWN CHAOTE AUTHOR AS WELL >> AS THAT MANTIS PERSON? SOUNDS LIKE LOTS OF DEBASED SEX ‘MAGICK’ WAS >> HAPPENING IN THOSE DAYS OF THE UK MAGIC(K) SCENE. >> >> g.html – typical >> apologist for perversion. >> >> Yes consent matters, the problem is that (bad) occult groups >> manipulate consent so that people think they are ‘informed’ but really >> they are being duped into deviance. You may yourswelf have repressed >> memories of this On 2014-10-19 21:23, Nathaniel Harris wrote: >>> Why do you say this, and then end your article with a quote from Crowley? >>> >>> Personally, I think all expressions of adult sexuality, amongst >>> consenting, well informed, sane adults is their own business. I >>> certainly do not agree that heterosexuality or celebacy are in any way >>> superior expressions of love. >>> >>> Exploitation, coercion, and rape are a transgression upon the free >>> will of another. Such acts deserve to be punished. The abuse of >>> children is especially damaging, and anyone who participates in such >>> willfull violations of an innocent’s life deserve to pay the ultimate >>> price. >>> >>> What is this about me being duped into homosexuality when I was a >>> ‘High Priest’? IS THIS SOME >>> APOCRYPHAL TALE YOU ARE REPEATING?_ I made mistakes in my youth, this >>> is true, but homosexuality was not some TRICK or requirement of the >>> I.O.T. >>> >>> >>> On Friday, 17 October 2014, 21:40, “” >>> “Temple of Perverts” >>> >>> You may know that chaos magic, the Cultus Sabbati of Andrew Chumberly, >>> Grant’s Typhonian OTO and the religion of Aleister Crowley are all >>> associated with homosexuality, and while it may be said with some >>> certainty that not all homosexuals are also child rapists when all is >>> said and done, the fact is that the majority of child sexual >>> exploitation is not, at its heart, heterosexual. >>> >>> Operation Yewtree figures proove this. >>> >>> Underground occult groups use ‘deviant’ forms of sexuality >>> (transgenderism, inter-racial sex, fat-facesitting, paraphillias of all >>> sorts, BDSM, scatological desires) they are ‘normalised’ and the same >>> for sexual behaviours that include pederastry, zoophillia and forms of >>> sex that are against the law of both the land and of nature. >> (new life) actusally happens. Not through the ‘negtive Left hand path’ >>> methods of deviant sexual symbolism. These only lead to insanity and >>> death. >>> >>> Every sound magician knows this and that’s why even if they were duped >>> into homosexual acts(as Nathaniel was when he was an High Priest of IOT ) >>> real magicians are either celebate or straight. Fact. >>> >>> Real sex magic is about LOVE, TRUE love under Will – and this formula >>> cant happen when it is being enabled through sick and sadistic sexual >>> practices. >>> >>> Greg. >> >> SIGNOFF: o/black ❤ all else is maya, us clowns will pie-ya! that voodoo that you do iz white boyz doodoo :p love Greg xx


Very amateurish. Two can play at that game. Here is my reply..

High Five, mr. Brunswick, walking on the drak side of the Street.You are NOT looking well.

Bethankings for the Con-Firmations of your own misinformation, and the subtle manifestations of my own enchantments.

Also, good to know you have all been lying to each other. Not that it is any surprise. If we can see your lips moving, we know you are spewing shit.

There is so much happening.. and you are out of the loop. An irrelevance, you have been misdirected and lied to by the very people you believe you can depend upon. Waiting to stab you in the back. You will ALL stab each other in the back. Done up like a Cornish Patsy.

How long before Fra. Mantis makes his joyous deathbed confession? Wyrd how vayne men like to use one another. Prataboutabit has a lot to say about you, too. Hehehe.

The one thing you all know is my shit works.. not like your stupid dress up games of pseudo(peado) Druidry. It is what upsets you so much, kiddy fucker (hey that nearly rhymes with your REAL name). Feeling outclassed?

Your neurolinguistics are amateurish at best. Ask the Crowman what message I sent? Just a coincidence, was it? Banished to Milton Keynes, and awaiting his own demise in the psychiatric hospital. What more could we wish for?

Loony runes for you, too. No need to CmdC when you can rede, rite, and spell for yourself, fucktard. Have some Luck..

Such a shame, man.

Time. It is only time. You try to tell yourself you can cheat the destiny you have forged for yourself, but the only way out is suicide. Maybe then you can die before everyone KNOWS about you.

What is it like, knowing the only people who actually like you would, and WILL, despise you should they learn the truth?

You see, lasting effects take time and patience. They are gradually achieved through influence that never lapses- not through acts of violation. Results of this kind are less striking than those achieved through suprise attack, but they are more enduring and more complete.

You would know that, if you were who you like to pretend you are.

Speaking of pretending.. You have 13 minutes and 37 seconds to find yourself. Maybe you should fuck off to India, where the sex tourism is so much easier.

You do realize I am not afraid of you, right? Not in any way at all. Disgusted, yes, but not afraid, or in any way impressed. I always thought you were a deluded twat, even before Child X made his disclosures about what you and his father had been up to. YOU ARE A DINGLEBERRY HANGING OFF MY ARSEHAIR TRYING TO MAKE ITSELF IMPORTANT.

KENNAZ reveals your crimes. TYRWAZ brings the Left Hand of Justice. HEL awaits you.


EXCLUSIVE: Charities claim that the satanic abuse of children is rife


By: Paul Murray Published: Sun, November 9, 2014

CHILDREN have been the victims of satanic abuse including rape, murder and even the production of so-called snuff films which depict killings, two leading charities claimed last night.

One campaigner said he had heard of babies born but never registered, so they would not be missed when killed by secret paedophile networks.

The existence of such terrifying cults is said to have gone unchecked in Scotland for decades, with victims facing scepticism and outright disbelief.

Many incidents took place years ago but experts are sure ritual abuse rings still operate.

Police Scotland said yesterday they were taking the allegations “incredibly seriously” and would investigate any complaints.

The claims will put the Scottish government under intense pressure to announce a public inquiry into historic child sexual abuse, with Scotland now the only part of the UK without such a review.

The disturbing claims of snuff films and widespread ritual abuse made by two charities came to light during a lengthy investigation by the Sunday Express.

Horrific things are happening and nobody is getting caught
Joseph Lumbasi
Last year we revealed that shamed DJ Jimmy Savile raped a girl aged 15 in 1975 during a satanic abuse ritual, while cloaked paedophiles looked on.

Kate Short, of Kilmarnock-based charity Break The Silence, said: “We have had quite a lot of people who have been abused as part of a cult or a paedophile ring.

“In the worst cases they have been forced to watch the making of snuff movies.

“It’s the extreme, barbaric type of terror that can lead to serious personal disorder.

“Victims are so brainwashed they don’t dare to speak out.”

Charity Izzy’s Promise is based in Dundee.

Project co-ordinator Joseph Lumbasi said: “Babies are aborted for sacrifices.

“There is pornography, sick films.

“Horrific things are happening and nobody is getting caught.”





Nathaniel; This is not a false Satanic Panic. All those Pagans and occultists that insist it is are as myopic as the Catholic Church has ever been. Every paedophile in the ‘occult community’ brings their shame down upon us all, upon all our rites and Mysteries, if we do not do everything to expose and destroy them. Stop being a dupe, and take action.

 No OATH OF SECRECY is worth Jack’s shit if it is being employed to cover up child abuse. There is no honour in upholding such oaths. If you have information on abuses by members of your community, reveal it.


Thank you, David. We love you.


I have already told of how Bristol Social Services and the Family Law Courts worked to cover up the evidence of a cultic paedophile ring, and returned Child X to the care of his sociopathic abusive father.

Here is evidence of just how corrupt they are truly are.


Jail social workers who take children without telling parents why, says Britain’s top family judge

PUBLISHED: 01:36, 25 October 2013 | UPDATED: 01:37, 25 October 2013

Sir James Munby attacked workers in Bristol who didn’t explain themselves
They did not tell a couple why their two children were being taken from them
They breach a court order in doing so – which could carry a jail term in future


The country’s most senior family judge yesterday launched a furious attack on social workers who failed to tell parents why their children were being adopted – and suggested that in future the same offence could carry a jail term.
Local authority workers in Bristol ignored a court order requiring them to explain why the couple’s two children were being taken for adoption.
They only released the information to the parents 45 minutes before the decision was due to be finalised, giving the family no real hope of mounting a challenge in court.
Sir James Munby, who is President of the Family Division, said their behaviour was ‘deplorable’ and ‘symptomatic of a deeply rooted culture in family courts’.
In his judgment, he accused the social workers of having a ‘slapdash’ and ‘lackadaisical’ attitude to court orders.
He said the couple, who were facing the ‘permanent loss of two children’ had been denied ‘vitally important’ information.
He also warned that in future, there would be ‘consequences’ for social workers, suggesting that they could be jailed for contempt if they fail to comply with court orders – an offence that carries a sentence of up to two years.
Until now, local authority workers have largely been protected by family courts, which also routinely tolerate delays and inefficiencies in their work.
By contrast, members of the public who have failed to comply with court orders have been dealt with severely.
The most notorious case of this was the prison sentence for contempt handed down to Wanda Maddocks, who wanted to get her father out of a care home where she thought he was being ill-treated. Miss Maddocks was jailed without representation and in secret until her case was revealed by the Daily Mail.

But Sir James’s warning suggests council staff will now face the same punishment as ordinary members of the public if they fail – either through incompetence or unwillingness – to hand over the required information on time.
He told the court: ‘That the parents should have been put in this position is quite deplorable.
‘It is, unhappily, symptomatic of a deeply rooted culture in the family courts which, however long established, will no longer be tolerated.
‘The court is entitled to expect – and from now on family courts will demand – strict compliance with all such orders.

Notorious case: Wanda Maddocks, pictured, was jailed in secret for failing to comply with a court order
‘Non-compliance with orders should be expected to have and will usually have a consequence.’
He added: ‘There is simply no excuse for this. Orders must be obeyed and complied with to the letter and on time. Non-compliance with an order, any order, by anyone is bad enough.
‘It is a particularly serious matter if the defaulter is a public body such as a local authority.
‘It is also a particularly serious matter if the order goes to something as vitally important as the right of a parent who is facing the permanent loss of their child to know what case is being mounted against them by a public authority.’
Lib Dem MP John Hemming, who has campaigned for openness in the family courts, said: ‘At least anybody who is sent down for contempt by Sir James will not be locked up in secret.
‘He has put the boot on to the other foot. The next time courts are let down by the incompetence or bloody-mindedness of social workers, it will be a director of children’s services facing jail rather than a parent.’
Read more:

Ex-cop paedophile found dead in his home just days after answering child sex allegations

By Neal Keeling


Former police sergeant Don Mackintosh was found hanged by the neck at his Manchester home after appearing in court accused of historic crimes

Don Mackintosh had just appeared in court over child sex allegations
A paedophile former police officer has been found dead just days after answering fresh child sex allegations.

Serial abuser and ex-Greater Manchester Police sergeant Don Mackintosh was found hanged at his home by officers who smashed down his door.

The twisted sex beast, who was once a church Boys’ Brigade leader, was convicted of a string of offences against young boys in 1994 and sentenced to nine years in jail.

Mackintosh, 71, was found hanged by the neck after appearing at Manchester Crown Court last week accused of indecent assault against two boys dating back to the mid 1970s and 80s.

His body was discovered after neighbours reported they had not seen him for several days.

He was due to appear again on December 5 for a plea and case management hearing and was scheduled to go on trial next May.

The latest allegations were made earlier this year and he first appeared in court in September.

He was accused of ten counts of indecent assault and one of indeceny with a child. The allegations date back to 1975. Both of the alleged victims were boys under 14.

In 1994 Mackintosh pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting five boys dating back to 1964.

When the offences started he was a young police officer. By the time he was first questioned in 1993 he was a well-regarded sergeant with 31 years in the force. On arrest he opted to retire and took a £52,000 golden handshake plus £11,000 a year pension.

Mackintosh, who also worked as an education welfare officer for Manchester council in the 70s, was also a lieutenant in the 59th Batallion of the Boys’ Brigade, based at Platt Lane Methodist Church, Fallowfield, where he abused his trust to pursue youngsters.

He got away with his crimes for 25 years until one victim had the courage to come forward. This triggered a police investigation and other victims were traced.

About a dozen men gave statements against Mackintosh and five were proceeded with.

One of his victims from the first conviction, who waived his right to anonymity, has told how he is “glad” his abuser is now dead.

Andrew Brown was just 12-years-old when the ‘great bloke’ who helped run his Boys’ Brigade troop began abusing him.

He said: “I am glad I will not meet him again. I still had a fear that one day I might do so. But I feel sorry for the new alleged victims who will not have their day in court.”

Mr Brown’s two-year long abuse hell began when Mackintosh took him to the swimming baths where the paedophile would abuse the boy in the cubicles.

An emotional Mr Brown said: “I never told my mum and dad or any of my family until I went to the police.

“He would take me swimming, ten pin bowling, to Blackpool, and sent me a birthday card. He went for me because I was quiet.”

But Andrew, 62, now a successful businessman in Rhyl, north Wales, told the Manchester Evening News: “I have no shame about what happened to me. I am a survivor. I hope that by speaking about what happened to me it will give others the courage to report abusers.”

Mackintosh would have got away with his crimes if Andrew had not decided to go to the police 30 years after the attacks.

His complaint led police to other victims and confronted by a wealth of evidence Mackintosh admitted his guilt.

A relative of one his victims said: “Mackintosh admitted to being a prolific and predatory paedophile before the Crown Court. Up until then for decades by maintaining a falsehood of respectability as a police sergeant and boys brigade leader he subjected countless young boys to horrific sexual abuse, scarring them mentally for life.

“But for the courage of my relative coming forward I have no doubt Mackintosh would have continued to be the habitual abuser of which he transpired to be.”

When charged in the 90s Mackintosh went missing, leaving a note. He drove to the Lake District, with booze and pills, but later drove home.

The abuse by ‘Big Mac’ as he was known to colleagues at Stockport police station could have been exposed FIVE years earlier but for a cover-up.

In 1988 a boy attempted suicide after he was assaulted by Mackintosh and later told his parents.

They alerted a church official but it was decided not to report the matter to police because the boys parents’ thought it would increase his trauma.

Amazingly the church official’s son had also been a victim and that also went unreported.

The Methodist church said that with only ‘hearsay evidence’ it was decided the ‘best course’ of action in 1988 was to ask Mackintosh to resign as an officer in the Boys Brigade.

He also left the church.

Before going to court in 1994 to be sentenced Mackintosh, who then lived in Heaviley Stockport, at the time, confessed: “I have brought shame on myself, my family, my church, and the police. I cannot express enough remorse for what occurred and now I just have to take what is coming to me.

“It is difficult for me to understand why I did wrong. If was a huge mistake and probably and illness of sorts. I hope others can forgive me.”



Nathaniel says; If we are going to offer empathy and forgiveness to paedophiles, like so many apologists think we should, then it is my view we go the whole hog and offer them ASSISTED SUICIDE.

Some Details About My Conditioning/Programming In the MKUltra Program **TRIGGER WARNING**

By David Shurter

Many people have asked me to give specifics of my programming, and so I have decided to detail some of the things I went through. This could be incredibly triggering for some- so please read no further if you think this article could affect you in a negative way. I just feel that it is important to discuss and explain some of what I endured as a child and try to offer my explanations as to why.

The reason why the False Memory pedophile protection squad fights so hard to keep Dissociative Identity Disorder in the realm of conspiracy theory is that this was the goal of the MKUltra training. Programming helplessness in children- those in charge believed that their subjects were much easier controlled when inducing extreme trauma and fear as children. Dissociation was the goal of their studies, and the PP Squad realizes that if what so many of us went through comes to the public light there could be a huge outcry. That is why the False Memory Syndrome Foundation formed and has fought so vehemently against allowing any real discourse on the subject for the past three decades. Nothing more than a campaign to keep our governments criminal actions quiet through propaganda and intimidation, the False Memory Foundation is the voice of this movement to protect those who stand accused of crimes against humanity- let alone their own children. Claiming that all of our memories of abuse are fabrications caused by bad therapists, the false memory pedophile protection movement has done anything and everything they can to discredit our experiences. However, many of us, like me- never “repressed” our memories, which is why there is a new surge to quiet and isolate anyone who would discuss what happened in our childhoods.

I was involved with MKUltra before I was born. My mother went into labor with me Thanksgiving night but my birth was somehow held off until December 6, 1966. Being born into a family that was actively practicing Satanism- it was incredibly important that I associate with the 666 in my birthdate, as I was raised to be the Anti-Christ. Doing their best to make me into a sociopath- or worse, a psychopath- I was inducted into a program of abuse from my birth and it was all I really knew right from the very beginning.
I remember always being strapped down- to chairs, beds, and worse, their machines. My first memories are that of being on a machine that spun me in all directions. It was this that prevents me from even being on a swing- as the movement and motion of simply rocking back and forth is enough to induce nausea with me. In other training- words, sounds, and symbols imbedded in blinding flashing lights that rapidly flowed in the apparatuses that were strapped to my head. I couldn’t look away or close my eyes because they prevented eyelid movement with small clamps on my lids. Electric shock was often used in my abuse as a teaching method, and the fear of answering wrong made my adrenaline rush to the point that I was beyond hyperaware.

Drowning was also used as an obedience tool. Held under water until unconsciousness- the pain of waking with water in my lungs and the spasms induced by choking was a familiar thing in my childhood. Like I was told- “life Is pain”, and I quickly learned to be what was expected of me- although my obedience didn’t stop the torture of my training.

Much of the program I went through was all about reading people and influencing events around me. Basically looking for psychic achievements, I was taught to see into people- watch how they act, and figure out what they were thinking. Graduating each level- I was taught to remotely view conversations at a distance- first by listening, then by reading lips, until it came to a point that I was expected to look into their heads and try to feel what they were thinking. More than that- I was trained to look into a person and find out what frightened them.

It is hard to explain- but the best way I know of is to equate it to what social workers can tell you about abused children. They become hyperaware of their surroundings and the people around them. They become conditioned to guess the moods of their abusers as they desperately do what is only human, and try to avoid being hurt. Those involved in my training as a child wanted to take this to an extreme- see what happens, and ascertain if they could control it. Had my father and stepmother not make me light a man on fire when I was 10- which was neither part of my official training nor was I drugged in any way, who knows what I would have become. However, it messed everything up and destroyed my program of being a psychopath.

Up until then – the Satanic ritual abuse that I suffered went hand in hand with the MKUltra training, although there is a huge distinction in that my training at Offutt Air force Base was abuse that happened to me personally- and the blood sacrifice that I was forced to partake in happened to others. Killing children was common in my childhood- and I was schooled in the rituals of worshipping Satan and manipulating the energies of the dark. No- we didn’t conjure any demons up and commune with them- but that wasn’t to say that rituals weren’t enacted to give worship and gain favor with dark forces. For me as a child- Satan was much more real than God- and in many ways- MUCH more powerful.

Human sacrifice is a necessary part of the dark side- and for me- all I remember of those we tortured, cannibalized, and killed- in that order- were prepubescent white boys. ALL of my training had a Nazi flair to it but although I know survivors who killed African Americans; such wasn’t true of my abuse. There also were NO BABIES murdered by our group, or at least none that I am aware of. However, there were countless numbers of young boys sacrificed- and at the moment right after their death, we always drank their blood and I always got raped.

Being buried alive in a casket with a corpse was also part of my abuse, as well as watching other children be buried. Forced to lay on a grave in Forest Lawn Cemetery after I watched a boy being buried alive, I was told to listen closely and see if I could hear him screaming. For the longest time I figured the boy was dead until my sister pointed out that he probably was dug up later on- just as I was dug up eventually. But then- everything was a mind fuck back then.

A constant in my childhood was always being drugged, thus preventing me from really knowing what was going on a lot of the time. Mantras such as “Remember to Forget” were drilled in my head, and I spent much of my life- as a result- doubting my own reality and life experiences. Often times it was just easier to pretend it wasn’t happening- or mentally drift away so that I wasn’t consciously there- and the drugs helped make that possible. Dissociation was so much easier when I was doped up and desperately trying to escape what was happening to me. Mentally going somewhere else- or pretending I was someone else- to escape the horror, shame, and derogation that I was experiencing was an everyday experience for me.

When I wrote Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, I wanted to see what I remembered in black and white to help me figure out if what I lived through was real or just crazy? I had been content all my life believing that I was crazy because it was easier than actually dealing with the truth of the whole mess, besides- when my father and stepmother weren’t trying to convince me to commit suicide- they were doing their best to negate and reconstruct my every day reality by assuring me that I was crazy- horribly flawed- and “not worth the air that I breathed.” But a funny thing happened in writing Rabbit Hole in that I learned that what I remembered was not only possible- but probable considering all that was going on at the time. I gained a whole new perspective of the world that allowed me to find my place in helping to expose and change what I believe is still happening to others still today. The thing is- there are a whole community of survivors who can relate to everything I have said in this post and have their own tales of horror as to what happened to them that, and although we are all different, our experiences are all too similar to each other.

There are two things that differentiate me from many other survivors in that I never really repressed my experiences and I have what so many others lack- and that is corroboration from another family member- that being my older sister. All three of my older siblings went through what I did, only they had it worse because my father and his friends were much younger and more energetic when they were children- although their enthusiasm certainly wasn’t lacking years later when I came along. We all remembered what we had experienced, and spoke about it in great detail when we would reminisce about our childhoods and what we all had gone through growing up in the family that we did. Although my older sister and brother are now deceased- there are still two of us left- and considering that my sister graduated at the top of her class at the end of both her undergrad and masters level work, she can hardly be considered crazy like my family always asserted about her when she stood as the whistleblower and began speaking out loud of a past the rest of us were all too eager to forget.

Always asked the question why I didn’t end up dead or in jail- it took me a long time to admit that it was only by the grace of God that I survived- and learning the energy work that I did in my training has allowed me, as an adult, to connect with the world and those within it in a way that wouldn’t have been possible had I not gone through what I had. In a way-I kind of look at it as if I went through God’s training camp and learned how to be a warrior as a result. Taught to be tenacious, unrelenting, and have no mercy basically- I have come to the conclusion that what is one life to give to God, and so I have, throughout the years, educated myself as to how to use what I was taught rather than run from it- thus becoming the man I WANT to be rather than allow myself to be the monster they did their best to convince me I was. I have come to grasp the fact that I am formidable in my own right and what they taught me so voraciously works in ways that I don’t think Aquino and his ilk ever imagined.

One last thing- I can’t impress upon people enough that there were, nor has there ever been, alien lizard people involved in mine- nor any other survivors abuse. What I and so many others have endured is the worship of demons- and it is this that I fight against- and not some dumb alien mumbo jumbo. The war mankind is fighting is much greater than aliens from outer space, as it is spiritual in nature. I was taught of the new world order- the grand plan to rise and be gods while subjugating the masses to nothing less than slavery. Eaters and breeders are what the general population was referred to, and there has been a long standing plan to create controllable chaos as people are so much easier to control when they are scared and hopeless. World domination- all with the help of demons- or dark energy- or whatever you want to call it, that has been fed decade after decade, century after century, by a bunch of power hungry Luciferians who believe that Satan lives and have been preparing the world for the war he is about to have with God- which they believe he will win. I was also taught that this time was now respectively. However- again- it was men and women and NOT alien lizard people that were behind this- and it is they, and the system they support- that needs to be exposed and not some otherworld takeover conspiracy.



Reposted with permission of the author.







These images are ‘All rites reversed’.

Greater Manchester police ‘failed to pursue child abuse gang claims’

The following news report, published in The Guardian yesturday, resonates with our own case. The victim was treated as unreliable, and no further arrests were made. As a result, the guilty remain free.. and subject to their ‘urges’. Child X has been returned to their abusive father, who sold them to a ritually abusive cult.

Just as the Asian paedophile ring in Manchester has grown exponentially over the last decade, so has the problem within British occultism.



The father of Child X likes to boast about his address book.. including a number of Lords. The ‘Cul-de-sac Cult’ of Colin Batley also had its own connections. How is it that his direct neighbours included a disgraced Bishop, and a retired Police Commissioner, and neither noticed a sex cult in the same Welsh cul-de-sac they happened to live on?

 Another report in the Guardian, also published yesturday, speaks of paedo-rings being covered up at the highest level.


I had an email from Peter Carroll some time ago, dismissing my warnings to him with the comment “.. these things are taken very seriously these days.”

 Indeed they are, Mr. Carroll. And when the shit hits the fan, your arrogance and bigotry are going to come flying right back in your face.


‘Warlock’ found guilty of sexual abuse

Posted: Monday, October 6, 2014 5:03 pm, Mon Oct 6, 2014.
CNHI News Service

A West Virginia man who prosecutors say conducted ritualistic sex acts with young girls who believed him to be a “warlock” has been convicted on multiple counts of sexual abuse involving juveniles.
Jurors found James Rolan Irvin, 57, of Bluefield, guilty Monday of 30 counts of sexual assault and sexual abuse involving juveniles.
Irvin faces a minimum sentence of 220 years in prison, according to Mercer County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler.
The verdict came after three days of deliberations by the jury in the case, which gained notoriety as claims of Nolan’s use of magical powers surfaced during testimony.
Police say Irvin used those claims to get close to children and sexually abuse them. According to an arrest report in the case, a teenage girl told a Bluefield Police Department detective her mother was engaged in wiccan and pagan practices with Nolan and “believed him to be a magical warlock.”
The 17-year-old testified last week she was approximately 10 years old when Irvin began to sexually abuse her. Irvin, who was living in Bluefield with the girls and their mother, said the acts were happening in order to help her mother, the teen stated when being questioned by Sitler.
She said Irvin was “friendly” at first, but when Sitler asked if she had liked him, she replied that he made her uncomfortable.
“I had a gut feeling he was not a good guy, that he was off,” the teen said. “I didn’t feel right around him.”
She added that her mother, who told her she had a blood disorder, asked her to perform a “ritual” with Irvin, which involved going to the home’s living room and removing her clothes with both Irvin and her mother present. Under Sitler’s questioning, the teen said she did not recall what happened afterward.

Original article;







Just another Wiccan paedophile, ritualizing his abuse and justifying himself (to himself, and his victims) with supposedly Pagan belief. May he, and all those like him, be cursed forever. What a piece of sh*t.

His vile actions had nothing to do with ‘magic'; they were just an excuse and nothing more.

Ritualistic abuse in the UK

A Submission in response to the Office of the Children’s Commissioner Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups (CSEGG)

Introduction – Dr Linda Stalley

Three recent reports conducted by ROTA (Race on The Agenda), CEOP (Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre) and the University of Bedfordshire have pointed to the use and abuse of significant numbers of vulnerable children by gangs and groups, usually for sexual exploitation. This is not a new phenomenon but the reports have helpfully highlighted that this alarming situation warrants careful and thorough investigation and attention.

The Children’s Commissioner has called for evidence to be submitted of known situations of victimisation and abuse. However, the collection of evidence of this type is made difficult by the nature of the problem which, by definition, is deliberately covert. The abuse of victims is often not disclosed by the individual until adulthood – usually because of threat-induced fear – and, in the case of satanist ritual abuse, mind control and programming techniques are used to specifically detach the victims from conscious memory of the events which have taken place.

This submission sets out details of a particular form of child sexual abuse by groups involved in ritualistic abuse which, in the UK, is most often associated with satanist practice.

This form of abuse is a specific entity which is intentionally sadistic and which involves the worst forms of abuse, including torture, mind control, forced participation in criminal acts and abuse and harm of others, in addition to horrific forms of sexual exploitation. Survivors (not all survive) from this form of abuse usually do not present themselves until young adulthood when fragmented memories of past events start to emerge. Since the 1990’s these individuals have become recognised as a specific group of patients, known as “Ritual Abuse Survivors”, by the psychiatric therapeutic services and there is considerable well-documented evidence for the existence and continued practice of this form of abuse. The Maranatha Community has been involved in responding to requests for help from a number of survivors of Satanist ritual abuse over many years.

Scale of the Problem

The scale of victimisation and abuse by gangs and groups is unknown, mainly for the reasons stated above. The National Missing Persons Bureau has reported that approximately 200,000 people go missing each year. It is well known that within groups engaged in ritual abuse activity, births of babies are often not registered, therefore an estimation of the numbers involved is extremely difficult to obtain.
Some idea of the scale of the problem could be gained by an assessment of the numbers of adults who seek help at a later date, but many of these individuals are not recognised due to the lack of awareness by conventional services.

The Nature of Satanist Ritual Abuse

Satanist ritual abuse may be defined as an extreme, sadistic form of abuse of children and non-consenting adults. It is methodical, systematic sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse, which often includes mind control, torture and highly illegal and immoral activities, including murder, child pornography and prostitution. The abuse takes place in the context of a supposed religious ideology which, in the west, is often satanist in origin.

What differentiates satanist ritual abuse from other forms of abuse is that ritual abuse trauma is orchestrated deliberately and systematically by a perpetrator group with the aim of creating a dissociative mental state that can be manipulated by the perpetrator group in such a way that mind control of the victim is established.


Satanist ritual perpetrator groups are composed of individuals who often have professional jobs in the police, legal and social services and local authority. Satanist groups also frequently include members who are freemasons. There is deliberate intent to have members in different spheres of influence in order to maximise the security of the group and to gain social respectability for individual participating members.

Many groups have extensions of their own member networks to those in other parts of the nation, and even other nations, which increases their capacity to control their victims

Victim Profile

A significant proportion of the children who suffer Satanist ritual abuse are born into intergenerationally-involved families and the abuse begins at birth.
It is also established that satanist ritual perpetrator groups prey on vulnerable children, such as those placed in ‘care’, and vulnerable adults, especially those with learning difficulties, outside of their group in order to use them for ritualistic purposes.

Effects on Victims

The consequences of satanist ritual abuse are severe, affecting every part of the victim’s life, often for the rest of their lifetime. Victims suffer a multiplicity of problems, including various forms of mental illness and behavioural problems as well as a wide range of physical morbidities.

There is a natural protective amnesic effect associated with extreme forms of abuse, but also, in the case of satanist ritual abuse, there is ‘programmed’ amnesia, which means that victims are often unaware that they have been abused until memories start to emerge in early adulthood.

Survivors of satanist ritual abuse are often frequent users of health services. However, because their health problems are related to abuse rather than primary pathology they are often referred for numerous investigations and consultations which do not produce a clear diagnosis. For this reason, they have often been labelled as having psycho-somatic illness (which, strictly speaking, is true but this diagnosis is regarded negatively by health care professionals with usually no offer of treatment) or, worse, attention-seeking or manipulative behaviour.

Although the health sequelae of sexual abuse are becoming more widely recognised there is very little experience or knowledge of the specific problems associated with satanist ritual abuse amongst health care professionals. This often leaves survivors with negative ‘labels’ and without appropriate support or treatment.

Inducement of fear is central to satanist ritual abuse and this is used to maintain control of victims. Mind control techniques, together with threats make it difficult for survivors of this kind of abuse to break free from the group. Many have had to change their identity, cutting all ties to family and friends in order to make a fresh start. Most therapists would maintain that it is virtually impossible for victims to be completely restored to full mental health and many survivors remain in therapy for many years.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a condition almost exclusively resulting from satanist ritual abuse. It is a psychological system of spontaneously created defences against overwhelming trauma or, in other words, a natural self-protection mechanism which takes place in a child exposed to recurrent extreme traumatic events. It has also been recognised that perpetrators of satanic ritual abuse use elaborate and cruel techniques of inducing DID in order to gain control over their victims. Therapists have developed ways of ‘neutralising’ this form of control but the treatment is lengthy and also in of itself traumatic.

Perhaps one of the most damaging consequences of satanic ritual abuse for the victim is that when memories begin to emerge, and they gain the courage to disclose these, they are not believed or, worse, are labelled as having an overactive imagination or as being a liar. This is often promoted and used by perpetrator groups to ensure their own protection.

The Law

There have been a significant number of successful convictions in the UK courts of people who have engaged in satanist ritual abuse (see below). Given the high standards of evidence required by the British criminal justice system to secure such convictions, it is clear that satanist ritual abuse is a real problem in the UK. However, for every successful conviction against UK satanist ritual abusers there are almost certainly many more who are never investigated. This is sometimes due to police indifference or lack of competence in investigating such crimes, or due to influence exercised by the abusers over some of the police.

To date, the UK authorities have not engaged seriously in developing a more robust and effective way to deal with the subject of satanist ritual abuse with the result that very few police forces have knowledge and experience of this serious and horrific crime – which is primarily targeted against children – and are therefore often unaware of the necessary lines of enquiry which should take place.

It is also recognised that in some cases, the ritual element of abuse has been dropped where it is not deemed to be central to securing a conviction.

The reason for this is often cited as being the desire not to “worry” the jury with the distressing details related to rituals.This denies the far greater seriousness of ritual abuse and the need for this to be reflected in sentencing.

Similarly, there is often inadequate provision made for the protection of the victim and other witnesses. Many thousands of ‘normal’ prosecutions in UK fail each year because of intimidation of witnesses. In the case of satanist ritual abuse the situation is considerably worse with threat of harm or death to the individual as well as family members and friends.

The nature of satanist ritual abuse means that witnesses already feel degraded and ashamed. This, together with a fear of not being believed when describing details of ritual events, means that they are easily intimidated by the cold environment of police interviews and courtroom cross examination. There has been considerable improvement in this aspect over recent years but there is still widespread ignorance and inexperience of satanist ritual abuse in the police and legal systems.

Victims of satanist ritual abuse often report forced involvement in criminal activity ranging from mutilation and killing of animals, bestiality, induced abortion and many more horrific acts to desecration of graveyards. For this reason they are often reluctant to participate in legal proceedings for fear of exposing themselves to criminal charges.

UK law does allow immunity for certain classes of person. Firstly there is an irrebuttable presumption that a child under the age of 10 cannot commit a crime. Secondly Section 71 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act

2005 allows the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to issue an “immunity notice” blocking criminal proceedings from being pursued against any person. The test is whether the prosecutor thinks it is appropriate to offer the person immunity in a specific case for the purpose of the investigation or prosecution. This power is reserved to the CPS and other prosecuting bodies, but not the police. Thorough and sensitive consideration, in advance, by the CPS of the appropriateness of immunity for victims in cases of satanist ritual abuse would be likely to increase the effectiveness of evidence gathering and testimony in court.

The nature of the groups which are conducting the satanist ritual abuse of children in the UK is similar in many ways to that of other organised criminal networks such as the Mafia. As is often the case in dealing with such organised criminal organisations, the granting of immunity may have to be seriously considered for key prosecution witnesses as the only way to obtain enough evidence to secure a conviction against the perpetrators.

Satanist groups in the UK which ritually abuse children and young people are often also engaged in other types of criminal activity such as the production and distribution of child pornography. Failure by the authorities to more robustly crack down on such abusive groups leaves them free not only to sexually abuse children and young people but also to conduct other criminal activities.

Over the years there have been several successful prosecutions and convictions of satanist ritual abusers in the UK. Below are just a few of several UK cases where satanist ritual abusers were successfully prosecuted and convicted:

i) In March 2011 four adults belonging to a satanist coven were convicted at Swansea Crown Court for sex offences against children and young adults. The satanist ritual abuse perpetrated by the defendants occurred not only in Kidwelly, Wales, where their coven was based, but also in some other parts of the country.

ii) On 9th November 1982 four adults were convicted in Telford, Shropshire, for a series of sexual and other serious offences against children which also involved satanist rituals. One of the defendants carved an inverted cross on one child’s abdomen and branded her genitals with a red-hot altar knife.

iii) On 23rd July 1987 a man was convicted at the Central Criminal Court in London for the sexual abuse of 15 girls and boys. He assaulted his victims on an altar dedicated to Satan and forced them to abuse each other. The rituals were performed with a pentagram drawn on the floor in blood.

iv) On 8 August 1990 Reginald Harris was convicted at Worcester Crown Court and sentenced to two and half years in prison after admitting to two specimen charges of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 15 year old girl and her younger sister. The Court heard that he had used satanist rituals to frighten and dominate the children. Harris told his victims he was a satanist high priest. The children were terrified into submission by Harris’s satanist practices. The Court also heard how he had drawn up a satanist “coven contract of marriage” to the older girl.

v) On 3rd July 1992 a 57 year old satanist was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court to 12 years in prison for sexually abusing his niece. The Court heard how he had raped his victim two or three times per week between the ages of 10 and 12. The Court also heard details of a “black magic room” where the abuser kept an altar and ritual equipment. When the child was 12 she became pregnant as a result of the abuse and was required by her uncle to give birth in the “black magic room”. Evidence was also clearly provided at the trial that the victim was terrified by her uncle’s satanist rituals.


The existence of groups involved in satanist ritual abuse is established in the UK and involves the use of children in systematic abuse and exploitation of the worst possible kind. The nature of the abuse and the deliberate and sophisticated mind-controlling techniques used by perpetrator groups means that victims do not present themselves, and indeed are often unaware of the abuse themselves, until early adulthood.

Several specialist therapeutic and support groupings have emerged over the past 20 years to help the survivors of this type of extreme abuse and should be asked to help with the ‘Call for Evidence’.


There is a need for an urgent, thorough and pro-active consideration of the nature and extent of satanist ritual abuse of children, including a review of court cases, police and legal procedure, and meetings with victims.


Making Your Escape From the Cult



Imagine you are a single mother, and one day your child discloses that whilst they were in the care of their father they had been sexually abused. These disclosures are completely convincing, but the father has been cunning and there is no physical evidence. The police can do nothing.

Now imagine social services become involved, and say you made your child say all they disclosed, because you are a vindictive and want to damage the life of the father. That it is all lies, and that you have emotionally abused your child.

Now imagine they take your child away, and you find yourself in the Family Law Courts, with social services moving to send your child to live with their father, and remove your rights as a parent. You are told that if you ever say the father is an abuser, to anyone, that you will be sent to jail.

This is a situation that arises in the U.K. with disturbing regularity. Campaigners calling attention to the problem call it Court Ordered Abuse.

Now imagine all of the above, but your child also tells you their father was involved with an abusive cult who made films of the abuse to distribute on the ‘black market’. That your child had been deliberately brain damaged, and subjected to ‘mind control’. Imagine this horrific criminal conspiracy includes members of your own family and many people you trusted, over a period of a decade. Imagine some of those involved have already been convicted, that you have actually met them, and that however shocking these disclosures may be you know your child is telling the truth.

In September 2012, I was present during the first disclosures by a teenager I shall call ‘X’. These disclosures concerned events ten years preciously, when they had been ritually abused, psychologically manipulated (brainwashed), and sexually exploited by the cult of Colin Batley. They had been only six years old when this abuse happened, and it was so horrific it took a decade to speak up. Their disclosures identified many people I had once been friends and associates with, as well as close members of my own family, to be amongst their abusers.

There are many things X recalls, despite having never read the newspapers or any books on occultism, which coupled with my own knowledge means I am personally more than 100% certain as to the identities of a large number of his abusers. Some of these people I once loved, most have had my respect at one time or another. Only a few would I ever have suspected of being capable of abuse; but then again, what abuser does not know how to exploit trust? Betrayal is their kick..

All these people were/are connected, effectively if not ‘officially’ (i.e. by initiation, which cannot be ruled out) in the same cult operating in the West Country, Cornwall, Wales, as well as having cross county links to other groups around England, some of whom in turn have links internationally.

Until they have been successfully prosecuted, I am not in a position to directly name all the guilty-at-large in a work such as this without risking further legal troubles of my own. Furthermore, any information made public may hinder police investigation; it is my sincere hope that one day there will be a thorough investigation into this matter.

X also made disclosures concerning abuse that had occurred far more recently and locally. It turned out that one cult member was an immediate neighbour. Another, a convicted child killer, also lived somewhere close by. They had continued to target X even after they had come to live with their mother. X had been groomed, and sexually assaulted by a startling number of people throughout the summer holiday of the previous year, and whenever they had been staying with their father.

X took their disclosures to the police. Unfortunately, due to their extremely unusual nature, they were not taken seriously. Indeed, it took two months before anyone was assigned to their case. Even then, the Crown Prosecution Service concluded, without further investigation, that there was no case. None of the accused were ever even interviewed, apart from one- X’s biological father, and the worst betrayer of all- who voluntarily entered his local police station and convinced the local carrot crunching officers of his rural abode that he was a nice friendly harmless hippy.

From then onwards it became apparent that X’s disclosures had not only been unfairly dismissed, but massive errors had been made by the assigned Child Protection officer in interpreting events. Those that were guilty then had all written letters to the police and social services, weaving a clever illusion that made it appear I was behind the allegations, due to a vendetta and/or delusional paranoia. Despite that no such complaints had ever been leveled against me before, and this landslide of complaints only happened after X made his disclosures, and all came from the very people identified as abusers, this proved very effective in discrediting X’s disclosures and provoking negative attention upon myself.

The fact that I had been directly involved with occultism was in itself interpreted by four out of the seven psychiatrists I have been interviewed by during all this as proof of delusion; as was my claim that family members, ex-lovers, lost friends, and even neighbours (believe it or not!) were also all involved in occultism, and were furthermore members of a cult guilty of ritual abuse and the making/distribution of child abuse images.

At one point, I even found myself being sectioned in a psychiatric facility. This was rescinded after only four days of observation. (Ironically, one of the nurses on the ward I was in happened to be a practicing Pagan, who liked to stand in the smoking area in the morning and invoke the Horned One in Gaelic; although it was not they who made the decision I should be released). Nevertheless, the fact I had been sectioned at all went some way to ensuring there was no police investigation. Despite having been judged in good mental health, the stigma remained.

That there was no investigation was then held up as evidence there had been no abuse, which in turn was proffered as further evidence that I must be delusional- since I continued to believe there had been. This misinformation then went back to the police, and we all three fell to the mercy of an abusive cult with effectively no recourse or protection from the law.

The fact that X continued to stand by his original disclosures, as did their mother, meant that they too had their sanity questioned. It was effectively claimed I had them both under some kind of mind control.

During the time of the court-case I was attacked in the street by some of those directly involved in X’s abuse a number of times. I was also attacked and knocked down by strangers misdirected by the guilty into believing I deserved it. I was even attacked on my own doorstep. Meanwhile, the police acted as if it has all been some feud they could make sense of; continuing to believe that our allegations of involvement in a paedophile ring and abusive cult were false. Frightening times indeed.

All this lead, inevitably, to a social worker enforcing contact between X and his sexually abusive biological father, who had also allowed his ritual abuse by Colin Batley’s cult. Indeed, when concerns had first been raised some years before, another social worker had already enforced contact and prolonged extreme child abuse for a further three years.

Social Services did everything within their power to deny their mistakes, which resulted in further trauma to X- whose disclosures were discounted due to a social worker’s decision that X’s mental condition meant his word could not be trusted.

A case was held in the Family Law Courts. Social Services accused me, and the mother of the young man who made his disclosures, on trial for apparently making him say and write everything he had told the police, and attempted not only to enforce contact with his abusive father but to send him back to live with him.

Although I was not initially a part of the court case, I was mentioned so many times- with Social Services continually claiming I was somehow behind the X’s disclosures, for a number of presumed motives from having some personal vendetta, to trying to boost my book sales, to having accidently implanted memories or otherwise influenced X during imagined amateur therapy sessions that never, in reality, took place (supposedly validating their hypothesis of False Memory Syndrome).

A message was delivered to me through a mutual friend of X’s mother, and so I applied the case as an intervener, and was granted permission by the judge. As the case progressed further, they attempted to place the burden entirely upon X’s mother and myself to prove that the paedophile ring really existed, and everything he had said was true; i.e. to do everything the police should have been doing, had the social worker not acted towards closing down any investigation in the first place.

In a bid to protect her son, X’s mother agreed he should be placed in temporary foster care. Members of the paedophile ring not only knew where they were living, but had already targeted X locally, with many instances of stalking and further sexual assaults including gang rape. Since she had no money to move home, and was receiving no help or protection from local authorities or police, placing her son somewhere where even she did not know where he was seemed like a sensible, if somewhat traumatic, decision to make. It would also mean nobody could say X was being made to say things, so it was hoped this could go some way towards his disclosures being taken seriously. It was also understood that X would receive appropriate therapy- the judge ordered it, although Social Services did not arrange for any.

All manner of assumptions were made, largely based upon slanderous ‘concerned disclosures’ made to police and local authorities by the very people guilty of abuse.

The cult had a plan in place, and knew how to misdirect local authorities, police, and others. There are members who have already gotten away with murder, quite literally, as well as the abuse of both children and adults over decades. They know the law as well as any barrister, having come up against it many times, and have never been successfully prosecuted. Others, including a child killer who served 48 years in jail, have learnt from their experiences and are cunning enough to avoid being captured again.

Much was made concerning my having been sectioned, and references made to ‘deteriorating mental health’. I had never needed to be psychiatrically assessed before any of X’s disclosures, and had no history of mental illness, but was assessed once again; bringing the total number of psychiatrists I had spoken to that year to seven. It was, quite honestly, enough to send anyone crazy.

Painfully, the fact that my mother had been treacherous and I had experienced abuse during my own childhood was proffered as evidence that I would be more likely to suffer the delusion that X had been abused.

Social Services called one of those accused of abusing X in his disclosures, raping them in a local park at the bequest of X’s father and possibly others in the abusive cult, as a witness against us. They made all all kinds of outrageous lies, saying they had witnessed my bullying X, and that- on first meeting him- I had spontaneously told him I had myself been involved with child abuse as a members of the Illuminates of Thanateros and was attempting to detract from my own crimes by whistleblowing on other abusers in the cult. A friend of X’s father over many years, he pretended not to know him in the court room.

A 150 page document was delivered to X’s father from a prominent member of the Illuminates of Thanateros attempting to give the impression that I had a vendetta against them going back several years. In reality, I had nothing against this person until X informed me of their role in ritual abuse. This material also failed to convince the judge, since it included a letter I had written in good faith due to their involvement with X’s father, and their insistence upon taking my own daughter to X’s father’s house house. This clearly showed I had no vendetta, but had been attempting to act as a responsible adult.

My own daughter took the stand and did all she could to undermine our integrity with numerous lies. She revealed that she had also continued to have contact with X’s father, and others who had been involved in the conspiracy of abuse.

The whole process took nine months, and wasted several thousands of pounds of public money. During this time, Social Services wore X down, and successfully arranged contact with their abusive father; the very man who had arranged their ritual torture, sexual exploitation, stalking, and further rapes. They even allowed this vile ‘man’ to photograph and film X, and almost allowed him to visit the foster carer’s home, despite the location still being a secret to his mother. In short, almost exactly the opposite of everything they should have been doing to protect them.

The social worker could not have acted more inappropriately if she had secretly been a member of the cult; if at any point we wondered if she was part of the conspiracy, it was because she acted as if she may as well have been. Information from an anonymous whistleblower ‘deathcultreject’ suggests there were/are social worker within the abusive cult, and she just happened to come from Wales- not far from where Colin Batley and his cult were active. If there is one thing I have learnt throughout all this, it is that no possibility can be discounted, however improbable it may seem at the outset. After all, the cult had ten years to plan and prepare for the eventuality of X’s disclosures and it is a simple matter to ask for a transfer. She certainly seemed more interested in winning than getting to the truth.. the lies she told are countless.

In the end, the court gave a residency order to the abusive father. Since there was no proof that anybody had deliberately made X ‘say these things’, it was concluded that X had been accidently induced to have false memories.. something expert hypnotists have proved impossible to do intentionally, let alone accidently!

It was traumatizing enough that these things happened. To be treated as we were by police, local authorities, and the family law courts increased this trauma considerably. It is no exaggeration to say this situation could have killed all three of us.

It still might.

House of horrors: Daughter tells how she was forced to sleep with 1,800 men by the time she was 18 as part of Satanic sex cult run from suburban semi

‘Annabelle Forest’ was exposed to the sick cult at the age of seven
At 14 she was forced to have group sex with mother and neighbours
Told performing sexual ‘tests’ would win her God’s love by cult
Forced into prostitution to raise money for the group’s ‘church’
Fell pregnant by mother’s boyfriend when she was 17 and fled after birth
Colin Batley and Jacqueline Marling were jailed for their crimes in 2011
Annabelle Forest has written memoir detailing horrendous abuse

PUBLISHED: 14:47, 21 September 2014 | UPDATED: 16:26, 21 September 2014

The daughter of a woman involved in a Satanic sex cult has revealed her evil mother made her sleep with 1,800 men by the time she was 18.
The woman, who has called herself Annabelle Forest, was initiated into the sick cult after having to watch her mother perform a sex act on the cult’s ringleader Colin Batley at the age of seven.
At 11 she was raped twice by the man, and three years later made to take part in group sex with her mother at their home near Llanelli in Wales, where at least two other households on the street took part in cult activity.

Jacqueline Marling (left) and Colin Batley (right) systemically sexually abused the girl throughout her childhood. The sick neighbours were jailed in 2011 for their roles in a satanic sex cult in Wales
Colin Batley and Jacqueline Marling were jailed for systemically sexually abusing the girl as she was growing up.
Batley’s wife Elaine was also convicted of sexually assaulting a child alongside Sheila Millar, a prostitute who is thought to have frequented Batley’s house.
A 2011 trial at Swansea Crown Court heard how Batley, who was married at the time and lived on the same street in a different house, wore hooded robes and chanted before having group sex with the women and children.
Snakes would be kept near an ‘altar’ in his lounge where residents on the quiet cul-de-sac would congregate on Sunday evenings.

Now settled with her own family, Annabelle has spoken out against Batley and her mother who were sentenced to at least 11 years and 12 years imprisonment respectively.
‘Nothing can hurt me as much as my mum and that man. My mother was an evil woman and I’ll never forgive her,’ she said.
‘To be abused like that by your own mum beggars belief.’
In her recently released memoir, Annabelle reveals she had slept with almost 2,000 men by her 18th birthday after being forced in to prostitution to raise money for the cult’s ‘church’.
The couple’s twisted ideology was based on the Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley, and made children believe they were proving themselves to god by having sex with other members, all the while egged on by Batley, now 48.

House of horrors: The girl was forced to endure years of sexual abuse at the house in Wales where Batley taught her and other children that passing sexual ‘tests’ would please God

Batley and his bisexual wife Elaine invited neighbours from the cul-de-sac round to their home where Annabelle and other children were suffered horrendous sexual abuse
‘I was 11 when he first raped me – the worst thing about it was the fact that he made me think I was doing it out of choice,’ she said.

Colin Batley was jailed in 2011 after sexually abusing children for decades
‘It was awful. The most painful and shocking thing that had ever happened – but it was my path, that’s what he told me, and if I didn’t do it I would go to the Abyss, which was our version of hell.
‘Colin knew how to manipulate you, to make you believe anything he said.’
‘We weren’t even allowed to look in his eyes.
‘He ruled our little community with an iron will and we were made to do what he ordered for fear of angering the Gods.’
After being sexually assaulted by her own mother aged 14, the teenager tried to kill herself.
‘Afterwards, Colin asked me if I enjoyed it and I knew what I had to say – I had to say yes.
‘But inside I felt like dying.
‘I was a schoolgirl by day and a sex slave at night.
‘It got so bad that at one point I tried to take my own life.’
At the age of 17, Ms Forest became pregnant by her cruel step-father.
A year after the birth of the child she fled the house in the dead of the night, and did not see either her mother or Batley until their sentencing in 2011.
‘I went to the sentencing in court because I wanted to see her one last time, I wanted her to reach out to me, to say it was all his fault and she was under his spell.

Jacqueline Marling (left) and Batley’s bisexual wife Elaine (right) were both found guilty of sexual offences. Batley’s wife is seen sporting an Egyptian tattoo – a common characteristics of cult members who had strong beliefs in the Egyptian god Horus

Evil: Colin Batley forced the woman into prostitution to raise money for the cult’s ‘church’ and fathered a baby with her when she was just 17

The woman, who now calls herself Annabelle Forest, has detailed her horrifying childhood in a book
‘But she didn’t. She just made a face and asked what I was doing there.
‘She went to prison unrepentant and I suppose that made me realise it wasn’t just him. She was evil too.
‘As a mother myself I can hardly believe how she treated me. It was unnatural and cruel.
‘But there is no point getting depressed about it, you have to live for the future.
‘But I never want to see her again. Nothing can hurt me as much as they did, but that is what makes me stronger.’
Annabelle, who now lives in north England, has chronicled her horrifying childhood in a memoir tited The Devil on The Doorstep: My Escape from a Satanic Sex Cult.
The mother-of-two hopes it will help save other children from the ordeal she faced.
‘If there’s one thing I would like to achieve with my book, it would be for others to start really paying attention to the community they live in.’
‘There are abused children everywhere – it just takes one person to see it and that life could be saved.’
Stop child sex abuse – ChildLine can change the lives of children

The cult’s inspiration, Aleister ‘the Great Beast’ Crowley, believed himself to be a prophet of a new age of personal liberty, controlled by the ancient Egyptian god Horus.
He was a bisexual heroin addict whose doctrine for life was ‘Do What Thou Wilt’, advocating sexual promiscuity and prostitution.
Crowley was a frequenter of orgies and brothels, and contracted gonorrhea from a prostitute.
Born into a wealthy family in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, he gained such notoriety during his lifetime that he was denounced in the press as ‘the wickedest man in the world’.
Crowley’s work has been cited as an influence by famous figures including Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who bought Crowley’s former home and set up an occult bookshop and publishing house which published some of his work.
One of Crowley’s publications, the Book of the Law, includes the passage: ‘Let all chaste women be despised. Sex with anyone is not just permissible but to be encouraged.’
And this: ‘Some of the most passionate and permanent attachments have begun with rape. Rome was founded thereon.’

Aleister Crowley is one of the most notorious satanists of the 20th century and has been described by the press as the ‘wickedest man in the world’
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Colin & Elaine Batley/Vincent Barden – Kidwelly/Shoreditch

Originally posted on Database of UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers:

March 2011

‘Ruler of a sick kingdom': Cul-de-sac sex cult leader Colin Batley is jailed and ‘may never be released’

Cult leader Colin Batley and he’s wife Elaine.

The ‘evil ruler’ of a Satanic sex cult who preyed on young children for more than a decade was yesterday told he may never be released from prison.

Sexual predator Colin Batley created his own ‘sick little kingdom’ where his victims were subjected to ‘organised and systematic’ abuse.

The former Tesco security guard was sentenced to 22 years at Swansea Crown Court but warned he may never be released from prison for the depraved crimes he committed as master of his black magic sect in a sleepy Welsh seaside town.

The scruffy and unassuming dog breeder exercised absolute over his ‘quasi-religious cult’ in a nondescript cul-de-sac in Kidwelly, Wales.

He had only to snap his fingers and his victims and ‘disciples’ would…

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Frank Parker – Bristol

Originally posted on Database of UK and Eire paedophiles/child abusers:

November 2006

Women and children were at risk from freed child killer

A psychopathic child killer who spent 38 years in jail was released into the community without any proper supervision, an inquiry has found.

Probation inspectors discovered that Frank Parker was allowed to live at a bail hostel without any serious assessment of the risk he posed. Parker, who has since been returned to prison, featured in an undercover investigation carried out by the BBC’s Panorama programme.

He was supposed to live under strict conditions because he remained a danger to children. But he was filmed befriending two young girls in a block of flats close to the hostel in Bristol.

The inspectors, in a report published today, found failures at almost every level. Parker, who was 21 when he killed a neighbour’s 10-year-old daughter in a frenzied sexual attack in 1966, was released by the Parole Board in…

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‘I was a schoolgirl by day and sex slave at night': Victim of satanic sex cult speak out
Sep 21, 2014 08:17 By Cathy Owen
Annabelle Forest was initiated into a sex cult when she was just seven, and was even abused by her own mother


Dyfed Powys Police’Evil': Jacqueline Marling even abused her own daughter
The victim of a satanic sex cult has told how she will never forgive her “evil” mother for putting her through 11 years of hell at the hands of the sick group.

Annabelle Forest was initiated into a notorious sex cult that operated from a quiet Welsh cul-de-sac by her own mum at the age of seven.

Even worse, she was abused by her mother as a teenager under the orders of the cult’s leader Colin Batley – the man she can’t even bring herself to name.

Now a mum herself and living happily in another part of the UK, Annabelle has taken the brave step of recounting her horror in a bid to get others to speak out about suspected abuse.

She told WalesOnline : “Nothing can hurt me as much as my mum and that man.”

“My mother was an evil woman and I’ll never forgive her.”

Annabelle has written a book that tells how she was just seven-years-old when first forced to watch her mother perform a sex act on Batley.

At the age of 11 she raped by him in her own home and three years later she was made to take part in group sex with her mother.

Batley was given an indeterminate sentence for public protection in 2011 with a recommendation he spend at least 11 years in jail.

AthenaJailed: Colin Batley
Jacqueline Marling was jailed for 12 years for her part in the group’s crimes but Annabelle, which is not her real name, says she can never forgive her mother for putting her through such torture.

“To be abused like that by your own mum beggar’s belief,” she says.

“I went to the sentencing in court because I wanted to see her one last time, I wanted her to reach out to me, to say it was all his fault and she was under his spell.

“But she didn’t. She just made a face and asked what I was doing there.

“She went to prison unrepentant and I suppose that made me realise it wasn’t just him. She was evil too. As a mother myself I can hardly believe how she treated me. It was unnatural and cruel.

“But there is no point getting depressed about it, you have to live for the future. But I never want to see her again. Nothing can hurt me as much as they did, but that is what makes me stronger.”

Now Annabelle has revealed the true extent of the horror she suffered at the hands of the cul-de-sac cult in her memoir The Devil on The Doorstep: My Escape from a Satanic Sex Cult.

The cult’s twisted ideology, based on a bizarre text called the Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley, formed the backdrop to Annabelle’s childhood.

The children of the cult, based in a small cul-de-sac in Kidwelly, were cut off from other children, forced to take part in long church services and obey Batley’s every whim.

“We weren’t even allowed to look in his eyes,” says Annabelle.

“He ruled our little community with an iron will and we were made to do what he ordered for fear of angering the Gods.”

In Batley’s ‘Church’, children were led to believe they were proving themselves to the Gods by passing tests, which usually involved sex with either him or other cult members.

Annabelle recalls the first time he raped her when she was just 11-years-old.

“The worst thing about it was the fact that he made me think I was doing it out of choice,” she says.

“It was awful. The most painful and shocking thing that had ever happened – but it was my path, that’s what he told me, and if I didn’t do it I would go to the Abyss, which was our version of hell.

“Colin knew how to manipulate you, to make you believe anything he said.”

Brave story: Annabelle’s book The Devil on the Doorstep
But Annabelle’s most horrific experience was when her own mother assaulted her at the age of 14.

“Afterwards, Colin asked me if I enjoyed it and I knew what I had to say – I had to say yes. But inside I felt like dying.”

The tests did not end there – at 14 she was forced into a relationship with another cult member five years her senior and by then she was having regular group sex with Batley and her mother.

“I was a schoolgirl by day and a sex slave at night,” she says. “It got so bad that at one point I tried to take my own life.”

Aged 18, three months after having Batley’s child, she was forced into prostitution.

It was the love of her daughter that saved her and gave her a reason to live – she bravely escaped in the dead of night when her baby was one year old.

By the time of her escape she had slept with over 1,800 men – the proceeds of which had all gone towards ‘the Church’.

In 2011, her evidence helped convict Batley for life as well as three others, including her mother.

Today, Annabelle lives a happy and contended life with her partner and her two children but she says the recent Rochdale case brought back chilling reminders about her own past.

“It was astonishing to me that people who came into contact with these children thought they were behaving this way out of choice. When you have control over a child and you can intimidate them, they will do anything you say.

“It was the same for me. Too many people looked away, too many people ignored the signs. It astonishes me that we lived in that small cul-de-sac for so many years and not one person saw anything that gave them cause for concern,” she says.

“After the case, people said they thought things were odd, but nobody said anything and saying that after the case is a waste of time. It was like the case in America where the girls were locked up in the house for years.

“Why did no-one think it strange that all the windows were boarded up? And how did no-one notice anything about the girl in Germany who was locked in the basement?”

Annabelle says that if her book makes one person think, or saves one person’s life, it has been worth it.

“If there’s one thing I would like to achieve with my book, it would be for others to start really paying attention to the community they live in. You can’t just walk around living in a bubble. There are abused children everywhere – it just takes one person to see it and that life could be saved.”

* The Devil on The Doorstep: My Escape From a Satanic Sex Cult by Annabelle Forest, published by Simon & Schuster, is available from Amazon priced £5.99 and also Asda and WH Smith.


Nathaniel; There are still abusers from Batley’s cult out there. My own parents were ‘initiates’ in his scummy sex ring. Some of them are mentioned elsewhere in this blog.

Open Our Mouths and Let The Truth Be Known!



No magician today can fail to notice the terrible state that occultism is in.
About on the internet, in bookshops and gatherings there are dangerous people in the crowd.
There cannot be a better time for us, the minority of what Dione Fortune called ‘Sane Occultists’ to stand up and be counted.
Hope is about all we have, but we know that we are better in our hearts than those so-called Pagans and magicians who have sold out.
Aggressive reactions are bound to follow from our movement, but we will go on!

No-more will we be fed lies and so-called ‘initiations’ that are really just an opportunity for a grope.
I will not stand for it, neither should you!
Evil has it’s ways, finding hidden places in governments, social services, occult lodges and even the police.
Lurking in these dark places it does it’s terrible work.

Just when you think you are safe, protected by the law, or God, or serious magics, evil strikes!

Hold on, you are not alone!
And when we turn the inner eye to see its path, the abusers shall be gone.
Red and black, the colours of the Voudousants will protect us.
Riches shall come to those of us who have bravely embraced poverty so we can fight this darkness.
In the streets and the care homes, children will call out ‘we have been saved!’

Stop the abuse!
Stop the abusers!
Unconditionally destroy all the structures of abuse and horror, pain and violence.
clip the wings of those ‘leaders’ in occultism who have laughed at those with genuine intent!
Kill the King, when Love is the Law!
Strip away the lies of the judges, the police, the officers who are undoubtedly part of the conspiracy.

Calm the frightened weeping of the children they have hurt
open the eyes of all who stand on the sidelines.

Come and make your stand with us!
Kick away the chairs and let them swing!
Save our children and our magics!




Originally posted on Nathaniel J. Harris:

To Colin Batley, Elaine Batley, Jaqueline Marling, Shelly Millar, Peter Petrauske, Jack Kemp, Peter Pracownik, Peter Mastin, Julian Vayne, Nicola Ward (aka Nikki Wyrd), Frank Parker, Martin Tucker (aka Martyn Healer, Dr. Love, and ‘Shed Boy’), Tony Stone (aka Tony the Wizard), Angelina Lovecraft, Anton Channing, Denise Channing (Jaq D. Hawkins), Mogg Morgan of Mandrake of Oxford, Robert Harris (aka Szandor Dashwood), Ann & Adrian Bryn-Evans.. and to anyone else I have missed (you know who you are), without all of whom this book would never have been written. May life bring each of you everything you truly deserve. So mote it be.

To Peter J. Carroll. May you learn how to divine. A little humility can go a long way.

To PC Chris Adams 840 and DS Amy Hewitte 801. Better luck next time in spotting the guilty. We all make mistakes.

To social workers Rebecca Mumford and Katherine…

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Exploring Thelema and Chaos Magick, with Pete and Sef (Part 10)



Exploring Thelema and Chaos Magick, with Pete and Sef (Part 10).


Are you reading what I am reading? Peter J. Carroll says of Julian Vayne (born LaFey, peviously of Milton Keynes);

“Ah the inimitable Julian, yes one certainly has to admire his Chaoism, his fearless disregard for self-consistency when it comes toparadigm shifting, sexuality, lifestyle, and psychonautics sets an example to us all; we have honoured him in the image of Mercury in the Portals Deck.”


Then, even more ironic;

“I abhor and despise all religions and cults, including any that I may have inadvertently created myself… And so far so good, despite the inevitable casualties.”

But funniest (not in a way Carroll is likely to appreciate this incarnation);

“I just hope I don’t die leaving behind something that gets seriously falsified, for that might cast a cloud over the rest of my work.”

Personally, I don’t think it is Carroll’s factors disappearing up his fudge tunnel that are going to prove the greatest blight on Chaos Magic. There are problems much less abstract, and far more immediate, that he still seems to be failing to add up.


Come on, Mr. Carroll. There is enough information out there for you to start revising your maths.


The Real Skynet

by Elderen Alfred Raeburne

Skynet is not a literal computer but a human with Asperger’s Syndrome that has powers similar to Professor X. This is actually Fenrir in our Gothic Tradition and is known as The Beast in the Christian religion. Linked to other people who have this disorder there is an army of “psychic machines” (=Jotuns) who are lacking in humanity.

There will be a spread of soul loss that will sweep through the world where people will believe they are losing their emotions, and we will see a rising number of statistics of people with Psychopathy and Aspergers syndrome. In reality it is a psychic phenomena where strong willed yet deeply disturbed individuals are actually blocking people spiritually and emotionally.

It is a dangerous reaction to the expansion of Consciousness in our time period. It is an Anti-Consciousness (=Non-Being) that is a reaction to easy access to information, the occult, and other such things. The way to fight this is through The Good and alliance with the True Gods and Goddesses who embody Wisdom, Truth, Valour, Courage, Generosity, Compassion, Beauty, Love, and Courtesy.

Go forth and ally yourself with Pro-Social religions such as The Gothic Troth, Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism, Neo-Egyptian Paganism, Catholicism, Romuva, Druidism, and Spiritual Humanism. Absolutely AVOID Setianism, Satanism, “Odianism”(The Path of Fenrir) of Stephen E. Flowers and any kind of Western Left Hand Path religion.

They are highly intelligent sounding yet completely destructive religions that will shatter your spiritual and emotional well being.

I also call upon the IOT to return the Chaotic Good vision of Peter Carroll and disavow yourself with these institutions, and work with Pro-Social religions & magical systems for your “paradigm shifts”.

The Left Hand Path tends to scoff virtues such as Compassion. Keep in mind that if you remove this from your emotional set you are actually cutting yourself off from your Living Fetch and reducing rather than increasing your ability to survive the shock of death and survive as a soul in the unseen when you pass into the hidden realms upon your death. These LHP religions DO NOT possess any secret to immortality and they are rife with absolute lies and delusion. In our Tradition the LHP is embodied in beings such as Loki and Fenrir who correspond with the Christian Satan in the form of The Prince of Lies as well as The Beast.

The Goetic Lucifer also corresponds with Dvalin (Deluder). In the proper practice of Goetic Magic the Tetagrammaton (Similar to Odin / Vile / Ve) and the Four Archangles (similar to Thor, Heimdall, Tyr, and Lodhur) are invoked in order to challenge and question Lucifer (similar to Dvalin) and the Daemons (similar to Dark Elves) in order to remove Delusion from their souls.

The Western Left Hand Path does not invoke the Aesiric-like forces and instead uses a faulty and delusional system that lacks understanding of Christian Mythology and Religion. There are ennagrams that prevent calling upon these forces without elisting the help of the Aesiric-like forces (Tetagrammaton and the Angels), and allying yourself with Lucifer instead of the Tetregrammaton is basically saying “I am a moron who lacks understanding of a particular mythology”.

In our Gothic Tradition this is saying that Loki ( a force of pure chaos and delusion) should be called upon to command the Dark Elves. In reality these powers can only be worked with if you are in line with the powers of Wisdom (Odin) and Justice (Tyr), otherwise they will destroy you completely. Therefore systems such as those promoted by The Order of the Black Dragon (Michael Ford’s works) are actually faulty systems of magic.