Buddha - On Immortality and Reincarnation

"Through many a birth wandered I, seeking the builder of this house. Sorrowfull indeed is birth again and again." - Buddha.

"The first proof of progress in meditation is that you see all your past lives. As you explore the Chakras above the head there we find the causal Body of the Soul which stores the information about all our past lives. In seeing all these lives I understood that the ego personalities in charge of my body in all these past lives were essentially illusory. Not illuminated, they were essentially mad. Acting from the selfish competitive ego. Creating distress in themselves and in everyone around them. Wondering why everything goes wrong!!

And it is this kind of life which people seeking immortality desire. Not illuminated, they are essentially mad. Acting from the selfish competitive ego, creating distress in themselves and in everyone around them. because one of the ways of creating immortality in oneself. Essentially to create immortality, bad people need to cut themselves off from God.

They implant Energy Blockages above their heads in ritual. The higher the blockage, the more the energy, the deeper the evil. Because cutting yourself off from God removes you from conscience and creates you as a psychopath. Cutting yourself off from god means that you cannot die, You cannot go to heaven!!

This insists that upon the death of your body you exist on the astral plane waiting to enter into and take over another body - to possess another body like a hungry ghost.

Normally they take over the bodies of people in their families, normally their sons because these families are the richest families in the world, and through primogeniture, they immediately inherit all the money so as to continue their evil schemes.

And not only that, these evil people implant more energy blockages into their hearts making them cold, insensitive, non empathic. Blockages in the heart mean that you do not care a jot for the people around you and you start to consider other people as, "The Human Herd"

It is as if these people, by cutting themselves off from the energy of god and the energy of the heart have become less than human, created of themselves another species endowed with will and intellect - but without a heart.

And these evil people need to be like that because through cutting themselves off from the energy of God who supplies power to all humanity, they need to learn how to vampirise the energy of normal humanity.

These people are the real energy vampires, themselves and their practices written about in many ancient books...

The only way to escape their evil is to work at your spiritual practises, try to become good, render unto Ceasar etc Speed up your Process with Energy Enhancement and become enlightened and work from the Spirit as an Ascended Master..

This is the Real Immortality where one becomes a helper of God. Nothing else can work!!



Why? read this...

My Master, Swami Satchidanand said, "This world is a factory for the production of enlightened beings"

As Kurt Vonnegut said, "One thing which has not changed is that none of us, no matter what continent or island or ice cap, asked to be born in the first place, and that even somebody as old as I am, which is 80, only just got here.

There were already all these games going on when I got here"

And these evil people have been in charge of Humanity for 200,000 years. They are in charge of the banking system. By creating the myth of Private Banks being in charge of the Central banks like the Bank of England or the American Federal Reserve they issue debt to all the Governments and take the usury in return. Any President who wants to nationalise the banks and create governmental credit - "The Hamilton Credit system" which historically creates 10% growth year on year in any country it is tried - is assassinated. Examples of this are President Lincoln who invented the Greenback and also President John F Kennedy.

They control all the armies and worship WAR.

They have invented the science of eugenics. Salk, the creator of the polio vaccine was also a top eugenicist who believed in the necessity of reducing the human population from seven billions to one billion. On video, on youtube he talks about himself putting cancer viruses from weaponised lab monkeys into the vaccines. And not just polio, all vaccines. and from being a rarity, cancer has jumped  over the last fifty years since vaccines became endemic, to killing off one in two people.

They are using genetics now to create the perfect golem servants by mixing animals with humans - chimeras. They invented genetically modified Monsatan Frankenstein food which first sterilises and then kills.

Check all these things in Google..

"You are living in a dream world, Neo" - Morpheus, Matrix - and to become enlightened, you need to, Wake Up!!"


Probably the most important proof of reincarnation, apart from talking to truly enlightened beings, is the life of Siddhartha Buddha. The two greatest spiritual teachers to ever walk this earth were Buddha and Christ. There are some who would say that Buddha did not teach reincarnation but instead spoke of rebirth. This is more a difference in semantics. Buddha spoke of having many lives. This is what reincarnation is. The primary difference between Buddha's teachings and traditional Hinduism's teachings concerns the teaching about Atman. The Hindus believe in the soul as being a discreet unit that incarnates over and over. Buddha taught that even the soul was an illusion to overcome and that nothing was separate from GOD. See: Buddha: Atheist or God? It is beyond the scope of this article to expound on the subtleties of the various teachings about Atman. Suffice it to say here that it is Buddha's teachings about Atman that makes it appear that he taught rebirth and not reincarnation. For the purpose of this article, the words rebirth and reincarnation are considered synonymous.

The Buddha taught that the self (or soul) was an illusion. But what many fail to realize is that until the illusion is seen for what it is, the cycle of birth and death continues. Just because the soul is an illusion doesn't mean there are not rebirths and deaths. Contrary, it is the failure to see the past the illusion of self that traps one in samsara (the cycle of births and death). Until one breaks free from samsara there continues to be the illusion of a soul. It may sound like I'm splitting hairs but it is important to understand the subtleties of Buddha's teachings. Even Buddha remembered his past lives back when he was still under the illusion of self.

So what does Buddha's life tell us about reincarnation, the soul and past lives? Buddha was able to recount stories of his past lives. He achieved retro-cognitive powers. Here is one of his past life stories.

"In days gone by there was a wicked king who used to extort from his subjects all he could get; and he ordered one of his officers to lay the lash on a man of eminence. The officer little thinking of the pain he inflicted upon others, obeyed; but when the victim of the king's wrath begged for mercy, he felt compassion and laid the whip lightly upon him. Now the king was reborn as Devadatta, who was abandoned by all his followers, because they were no longer willing to stand his severity and he died miserable and full of penitence. The officer is the sick bhikkhu, who having often given offence to his brethren in the vihara was left without assistance in his distress. The eminent man, however, who was unjustly beaten and begged for mercy was the Bodhisatta; he has been reborn as the Tathagata. It is now the lot of the Tathagata to help the wretched officer as he had mercy on him."

See Gospel of Buddha: The Sick Bhikkhu


The Buddha's remembrance of thousands of past lives during the first watch of the night he achieved omnipotent enlightenment gave rise to a vast body of Buddhist literature, in many versions, called the Jatakas or Tales of the Buddha's Past Lives. The Pali Jatakas record 357 past lives as a human, 66 as a god, and 123 as an animal. For Buddhists, the biography of the Buddha consists of not one but many lives.

The Jatakas is a collection of "birth stories" detailing many of the previous lives of the Buddha. Buddha Shakyamuni spent many lifetimes in the six realms of transmigration. His lives as the monkey king, elephant king, deer king, and goose king are examples of lives spent in the realm of animals.

The Buddha also has incarnated many times in the realm of humans. One time, after Sundari, the courtesan, made a defamatory accusation against him, the Buddha explained how actions from a previous life can effect the shaping of events in one's present life.

The Buddha said, "Many lives ago in the past, in a city called Varanasi, there lived a man by the name of Pure Eyes (Vimalanetra) who was in the performing arts business of acting and singing (equivalent to today's actor). "At that time, there was a beautiful woman by the name of Deer Form. Pure Eyes and Deer Form entered into a sexual liaison with each other.

"Since Deer Form was a very wealthy lady, Pure Eyes later murdered her for her money and buried her body in the house of a realized spiritual cultivator by the name of Joyful and Spontaneous Solitary-buddha.

"Joyful and Spontaneous Solitary-buddha was mistaken to be the murderer. He was tied to the back of a donkey and publicly paraded through the streets. "Just as Joyful and Spontaneous Solitary-buddha was about to be executed by arrow, Pure Eyes gave in to his conscience and confessed the crime to the prosecutor. A new investigation established Pure Eyes' guilt. Pure Eyes was executed by arrow and then beheaded."

The Buddha is our greatest authority on rebirth. On the very night of his enlightenment, during the first watch, the Buddha developed retro-cognitive knowledge which enabled him to read his past lives. "I recalled," he declares, "My varied lot in former existences follows: first one life, then two lives, then three, four, five, ten, then a hundred, a thousand, a hundred watch the Buddha, with clairvoyant vision he perceived beings disappearing from one state of existence and reappearing in another. He beheld the "base and the noble, the beautiful and the ugly, the happy and the miserable, passing according to their deeds."'

These are the very first utterances of the Buddha regarding the question of rebirth. The textual references conclusively prove that the Buddha did not borrow this stern truth of rebirth from any existing source, but spoke from personal knowledge, a knowledge which was super-normal, developed when he achieved enlightenment and which could be developed by others as well. In his first paean of joy, the Buddha says: "Through many a birth wandered I, seeking the builder of this house. Sorrow full indeed is birth again and again."

In the Dhammacakka Sutta, his very first discourse, the Buddha, commenting on the second noble truth, states: "This very raving is that which leads to rebirth." The Buddha concludes this discourse with the words: "This is my last birth. Now there is no more rebirth." The Majjima Nikaya relates that when the Buddha, out of, compassion for beings, surveyed the world with his Buddha-vision before he decided to teach the Dhamma, he perceived beings, who, with fear, view evil and a world beyond.

In several discourses the Buddha clearly states that beings, having done evil, are, after death, born in woeful states, and beings having done good, are born in blissful states.

Besides the very interesting Jataka stories, which deal with his previous lives and which are of ethical importance, the Majjhima Nikaya and the Anguttara Nikaya make incidental references to some of the past lives of the Buddha.

In the Ghatikara Sutta the Buddha relates to the Venerable Ananda that he was born as Jotipala, in the time of the Buddha Kassapa, his immediate predecessor. The Anathapindikovada Sutta describes a nocturnal visit of Anathapindika to the Buddha, immediately after his rebirth as a Deva. In the Anguttara Nikaya,' the Buddha alludes to a past birth as Pacetana the wheelwright. In the samyutta Nikaya the Buddha cites the names of some Buddha's who preceded him. An unusual direct reference to departed ones appears in the Parinibbana Sutta. The Venerable Ananda desired to know from the Buddha the future state of several persons who had died in a particular village. The Buddha patiently described their destinies. Such instances could easily be multiplied from the Tipitaka to show that the Buddha did expound the doctrine of rebirth as a verifiable truth." Following the Buddha's instructions, his disciples also developed this retro-cognitive knowledge and were able to read a limited, though vast, number of their past lives.

So, if anyone says there is no such thing as reincarnation, they are basically calling Buddha a liar.



Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !&#*!@


In November, Kurt Vonnegut turned 80. He published his first novel, Player Piano, in 1952 at the age of 29. Since then he has written 13 others, including Mother Night, Cats Cradle, Breakfast of Champions and Slaughterhouse Five, which stands as one of the pre-eminent anti-war novels of the 20th century.

Many of his Novels have become Movies. Look him up on www.imdb.com, read the books.

As war against Iraq looms, I asked Vonnegut, a reader and supporter of this magazine, to weigh in. Vonnegut is an American socialist in the tradition of Eugene Victor Debs, a fellow Hoosier whom he likes to quote: “As long as there is a lower class, I am in it. As long as there is a criminal element, I am of it. As long as there is a soul in prison, I am not free.” - Joel Bleifuss

You have lived through World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Reagan wars, Desert Storm, the Balkan wars and now this coming war in Iraq. What has changed, and what has remained the same?

One thing which has not changed is that none of us, no matter what continent or island or ice cap, asked to be born in the first place, and that even somebody as old as I am, which is 80, only just got here. There were already all these games going on when I got here. … An apt motto for any polity anywhere, to put on its state seal or currency or whatever, might be this quotation from the late baseball manager Casey Stengel, who was addressing a team of losing professional athletes: “Can’t anybody here play this game?”

My daughter Lily, for an example close to home, who has just turned 20, finds herself—as does George W. Bush, himself a kid—an heir to a shockingly recent history of human slavery, to an AIDS epidemic and to nuclear submarines slumbering on the floors of fjords in Iceland and elsewhere, crews prepared at a moment’s notice to turn industrial quantities of men, women and children into radioactive soot and bone meal by means of rockets and H-bomb warheads. And to the choice between liberalism or conservatism and on and on.

What is radically new in 2003 is that my daughter, along with our president and Saddam Hussein and on and on, has inherited technologies whose byproducts, whether in war or peace, are rapidly destroying the whole planet as a breathable, drinkable system for supporting life of any kind. Human beings, past and present, have trashed the joint.

Based on what you’ve read and seen in the media, what is not being said in the mainstream press about President Bush’s policies and the impending war in Iraq?

That they are nonsense.

My feeling from talking to readers and friends is that many people are beginning to despair. Do you think that we’ve lost reason to hope?

I myself feel that our country, for whose Constitution I fought in a just war, might as well have been invaded by Martians and body snatchers. Sometimes I wish it had been. What has happened, though, is that it has been taken over by means of the sleaziest, low-comedy, Keystone Cops-style coup d’etat imaginable. And those now in charge of the federal government are upper-crust C-students who know no history or geography, plus not-so-closeted white supremacists, aka “Christians,” and plus, most frighteningly, psychopathic personalities, or “PPs.”

To say somebody is a PP is to make a perfectly respectable medical diagnosis, like saying he or she has appendicitis or athlete’s foot. The classic medical text on PPs is The Mask of Sanity by Dr. Hervey Cleckley (See
PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOPATHY DIRECTORY). Read it! PPs are presentable, they know full well the suffering their actions may cause others, but they do not care. They cannot care because they are nuts. They have a screw loose!

And what syndrome better describes so many executives at Enron and WorldCom and on and on, who have enriched themselves while ruining their employees and investors and country, and who still feel as pure as the driven snow, no matter what anybody may say to or about them? And so many of these heartless PPs now hold big jobs in our federal government, as though they were leaders instead of sick.

What has allowed so many PPs to rise so high in corporations, and now in government, is that they are so decisive. Unlike normal people, they are never filled with doubts, for the simple reason that they cannot care what happens next. Simply can’t. Do this! Do that! Mobilize the reserves! Privatize the public schools! Attack Iraq! Cut health care! Tap everybody’s telephone! Cut taxes on the rich! Build a trillion-dollar missile shield! Fuck habeas corpus and the Sierra Club and In These Times, and kiss my ass!

How have you gotten involved in the anti-war movement? And how would you compare the movement against a war in Iraq with the anti-war movement of the Vietnam era?

When it became obvious what a dumb and cruel and spiritually and financially and militarily ruinous mistake our war in Vietnam was, every artist worth a damn in this country, every serious writer, painter, stand-up comedian, musician, actor and actress, you name it, came out against the thing. We formed what might be described as a laser beam of protest, with everybody aimed in the same direction, focused and intense. This weapon proved to have the power of a banana-cream pie three feet in diameter when dropped from a stepladder five-feet high.

And so it is with anti-war protests in the present day. Then as now, TV did not like anti-war protesters, nor any other sort of protesters, unless they inserted paid anarchists to guide the movement in the required direction and then these paid anarchists created a riot for the benefit of TV. Now, as then, on account of TV, the right of citizens to peaceably assemble, and petition their government for a redress of grievances, “ain’t worth a pitcher of warm spit,” as the saying goes.

As a writer and artist, have you noticed any difference between how the cultural leaders of the past and the cultural leaders of today view their responsibility to society?

Responsibility to which society? To Nazi Germany? To the Stalinist Soviet Union? What about responsibility to humanity in general? And leaders in what particular cultural activity? I guess you mean the fine arts. I hope you mean the fine arts. ... Anybody practicing the fine art of composing music, no matter how cynical or greedy or scared, still can’t help serving all humanity. Music makes practically everybody fonder of life than he or she would be without it. Even military bands, although I am a pacifist, always cheer me up.

But that is the power of ear candy. The creation of such a universal confection for the eye, by means of printed poetry or fiction or history or essays or memoirs and so on, isn’t possible. Literature is by definition opinionated. It is bound to provoke the arguments in many quarters, not excluding the hometown or even the family of the author. Any ink-on-paper author can only hope at best to seem responsible to small groups or like-minded people somewhere. He or she might as well have given an interview to the editor of a small-circulation publication.

Maybe we can talk about the responsibilities to their societies of architects and sculptors and painters another time. And I will say this: TV drama, although not yet classified as fine art, has on occasion performed marvellous services for Americans who want us to be less paranoid, to be fairer and more merciful. M.A.S.H. and Law and Order, to name only two shows, have been stunning masterpieces in that regard.

That said, do you have any ideas for a really scary reality TV show?

“C students from Yale.” It would stand your hair on end.

What targets would you consider fair game for a satirist today?


Joel Bleifuss has worked as a investigative reporter, columnist and editor since 1986. Bleifuss has had more stories on Project Censored's annual list of the “10 Most Censored Stories” than any other journalist.

"You are living in a dream world, Neo" - Morpheus, Matrix - and to become enlightened, you need to, "Wake Up!!"

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This is the Real Immortality where one becomes a helper of God.

Nothing else can work!!

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Chapter IV - On Samadhi

Here is a translation of Hatha Yoga Pradipika which I studied as a young man as part of my studies of Hatha Yoga by my Guru, Theos Bernard who became accepted as a Rinpoche, Tibetan Reincarnation when he came to the gates of Tibet.

Through the practise of Hatha Yoga from the age of fourteen and the study of Pranayama and Agnisar Kriya at age 21 and then the study of meditation and Shambhavi Mudra at age 28 I gradually built up the happy power of samadhi within my being and became a healer with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers of Great Britain.

My Guru, Swami Satchidananda said that when he was young he could touch a person and take away their Heart disease or Cancer. But later he found the same people coming back with the same problem. By this he learned that the people had to change themselves, their attitudes, their lives before the disease, a product of all that, could be truly healed.

In reality, Illumination is the final healing required. Although the normal miracle can show what is possible, this should only show the way. So then he started teaching yoga and meditation. Healing came in from the side.

With the addition of Energy Enhancement, came the finish of all the problems associated with Energy Blockages, the bane of every healers life yet at the same time their reason for existence.

I can now say the same for every man and woman on this planet, "Energy Blockages, the bane of every persons life yet at the same time their reason for existence"

In order to evolve we need to understand that Energy Blockages are the reason for all your problems.

The higher process than Samadhi, or Samyama that is Energy Enhancement, is the solution.

Satchidanand - "who can know the true greatness of the Raja Yoga. Knowledge, mukti, condition, and Siddhis can be learnt by instructions from a guru alone" Hatha Pradipika 4.8

"Energy Blockages are encapsulated Revenge from everyone you have ever Hurt; Bad Luck, Accidents and Disease waiting to happen!!" Satchidanand


Chapter IV - On Samadhi

1. Salutation to the Guru, the dispenser of happiness to all, appearing as Nada, Vindu and Kali. One who is devoted to him, obtains the highest bliss.

2. Now I will describe a regular method of attaining to Samadhi, which destroys death, is the means for obtaining happiness, and gives the Brahmananda.

3-4. Raja Yoga, Samadhi, Unmani, Manonmani, Amaratwa, Laya, Tatwa, Sunya, Asunya, Parama Pada, Amanasska, Adwaitama, Niralamba, Niranjana, Jiwana Mukti, Sahaja, Turya, are all synonymous.

5. As salt being dissolved in water becomes one with it, so when Atma and mind become one, it is called Samadhi.

6. When the Prana becomes lean (vigourless) and the mind becomes absorbed, then their becoming equal is called Samadhi.

7. This equality and oneness of the self and the ultra self, when all Samkalpas cease to exist, is called Samadhi.

8. Or, who can know the true greatness of the Raja Yoga. Knowledge, mukti, condition, and Siddhis can be learnt by instructions from a guru alone.

9. Indifference to worldly enjoyments is very difficult to obtain, and equally difficult is the knowledge of the Realities to obtain. It is very difficult to get the condition of Samadhi, without the favor of a true guru.

10. By means of various postures and different Kumbhakas, when the great power (Kundali) awakens, then the Prana becomes absorbed in Sunya (Samadhi).

11. The Yogi whose sakti has awakened, and who has renounced all actions, attains to the condition of Samadhi, without any effort.

12. When the Prana flows in the Susumna, and the mind has entered sunya, then the Yogi is free from the effects of Karmas.

13. O immortal one (that is, the yogi who has attained to the condition of Samadhi), I salute thee! Even death itself, into whose mouth the whole of this moveable and immovable world has fallen, has been conquered by thee.

14. Amaroli, Vajroli and Saholi are accomplished when the mind becomes calm and Prana has entered the middle channel.

15. How can it be possible to get knowledge, so long as the Prana is living and the mind has not died? No one else can get moksa except one who can make one's Prana and mind latent.

16. Always living in a good locality and having known the secret of the Susumna, which has a middle course, and making the Vayu move in it, (the Yogi) should restrain the Vayu in the Brahma randhra.

17. Time, in the form of night and day, is made by the sun and the moon. That the Susumna devours this time (death) even, is a great secret.

18. In this body there are 72,000 openings of Nadis; of these, the Susumna, which has the Sambhavi Sakti in it, is the only important one, the rest are useless.

19. The Vayu should be made to enter the Susumna without restraint by him who has practices the control of breathing and has awakened the Kundali by the (gastric) fire.

20. The Prana, flowing through the Susumna, brings about the condition of manonmani; other practices are simply futile for the Yogi.

21. By whom the breathing has been controlled, by him the activities of the mind also have been controlled; and, conversely, by whom the activities of the mind have been controlled, by him the breathing also has been controlled.

22. There are two causes of the activities of the mind; (1) V�sana (desires) and (2) the respiration (the Prana). Of these, the destruction of the one is the destruction of both.

23. Breathing is lessened when the mind becomes absorbed, and the mind becomes absorbed when the Prana is restrained.

24. Both the mind and the breath are united together, like milk and water; and both of them are equal in their activities. Mind begins its activities where there is the breath, and the Prana begins its activities where there is the mind.

25. By the suspension of the one, therefore, comes the suspension of the other, and by the operations of the one are brought about the operations of the other. When they are present, the Idriyas (the senses) remain engaged in their proper functions, and when they become latent then there is moksa.

26. By nature, Mercury and mind are unsteady: there is nothing in the world which cannot be accomplished when these are made steady.

27. O Parvati! Mercury and breathing, when made steady, destroy diseases and the dead himself comes to life (by their means). By their (proper) control, moving in the air is attained.

28. The breathing is calmed when the mind becomes steady and calm; and hence the preservation of bindu. The preservation of this latter makes the satwa established in the body.

29. Mind is the master of the senses, and the breath is the master of the mind. The breath in its turn is subordinate to the laya (absorption), and that laya depends on the nada.

30. This very laya is what is called moksa, or, being a sectarian, you may not call it moksa; but when the mind becomes absorbed, a sort of ecstasy is experienced.

31. By the suspension of respiration and the annihilation of the enjoyments of the senses, when the mind becomes devoid of all the activities and remains changeless, then the Yogi attains to the Laya Stage.

32. When the thoughts and activities are destroyed, then the Laya Stage is produced, to describe which is beyond the power of speech, being known by self-experience alone.

33. They often speak of Laya; but what is meant by it? Laya is simply the forgetting of the objects of senses when the V�sanas (desires) do not rise into existence again.

The Sambhavi Mudra

34. The Vedas and the Sastras are like ordinary public women. Sambhavi Mudra is the one, which is secluded like a respectable lady.

35. Aiming at Brahman inwardly, while keeping the sight directed to the external objects, without blinking the eyes, is called Sambhavi Mudra, hidden in the Vedas and the Sastras.

36. When the Yogi remains inwardly attentive to the Brahman, keeping the mind and the Prana absorbed, and the sight steady, as if seeing everything while in reality seeing nothing outside, below, or above, verily then it is called the Sambhavi Mudra, which is learnt by the favor of a guru. Whatever, wonderful, Sunya or Asunya is perceived, is to be regarded as the manifestation of that great Sambhu (Siva).

37. The two states, the Sambhavi and the Khechari, are different because of their seats (being the heart and the space between the eyebrows respectively); but both cause happiness, for the mind becomes absorbed in the Chita-sukha-Rupa-atmana which is void.

The Unmani

38. Fix the gaze on the light (seen on the tip of the nose) and raise the eyebrows a little, with the mind contemplating as before (in the Sambhavi Mudras, that is, inwardly thinking of Brahma, but apparently looking outside). This will create the Unmani avastha at once.

The Taraka

39. Some are devoted to the Vedas, some to Nigama, while others are enwrapt in Logic, but none knows the value of this mudra, which enables one to cross the ocean of existence.

40. With steady calm mind and half closed eyes, fixed on the tip of the nose, stopping the Ida and the Pingala without blinking, he who can see the light which is the all, the seed, the entire brilliant, great Tatwama, approaches Him, who is the great object. What is the use of more talk?

41. One should not meditate on the Linga (i.e., Atman) in the day (i.e., while Surya or Pingala is working) or at night (when Ida is working), but should always contemplate after restraining both.

The Khechari

42. When the air has ceased to move in the right and the left nostrils, and has begun to flow in the middle path, then Khechari Mudra can be accomplished there. There is no doubt of this.

43. If the Prana can be drawn into the Sunya (Susumna), which is between the Ida and the Pingala, and made motionless there, then the Khechari Mudra can truly become steady there.

44. That Mudra is called Khechari which is performed in the supportless space between the Surya and the Chandra (the Ida and the Pingala) and called the Vyoma Chakra.

45. The Khechari which causes the stream to flow from the Chandra (Soma) is the beloved of Siva. The incomparable divine Susumna should be closed by the tongue drawn back.

46. It can be closed from the front also (by stopping the movements of the Prana), and then surely it becomes the Khechari. By practice, this Khechari leads to Unmani.

47. The seat of Siva is between the eyebrows, and the mind becomes absorbed there. This condition (in which the mind is thus absorbed) is known as Turya, and death has no access there.

48. The Khechari should be practiced till there is Yoga-nidra (Samadhi). One who has induced Yoga-nidra, cannot fall a victim to death.

49. Freeing the mind from all thoughts and thinking of nothing, one should sit firmly like a pot in the space (surrounded and filled with the ether).

50. As with air, in and out of the body, remains unmoved, so the breath with mind becomes steady in its place (i.e., in Brahma randhra).

51. By thus practicing, night and day, the breathing is brought under control, and, as the practice increases, the mind becomes calm and steady.

52. By rubbing the body over with Amrita (exuding from the moon), from head to foot, one gets Mahakaya, i.e., great strength and energy.

End of the Khechari

53. Placing the mind into the Kundalini, and getting the later into the mind, by looking upon the Buddhi (intellect) with mind (reflexively), the Param Pada (Brahma) should be obtained.

54. Keep the atma inside the Kha (Brahma) and place Brahma inside your atma. Having made everything pervaded with Kha (Brahma), think of nothing else.

55. One should become void in and void out, and void like a pot in the space. Full in and full outside, like a jar in the ocean.

56. He should be neither of his inside nor of his outside world; and, leaving all thoughts, he should think of nothing.

57. The whole of this world and all the schemes of the mind are but the creations of thought. Discarding these thoughts and taking leave of all conjectures, O Rama! obtain peace.

58. As camphor disappears in fire, and rock salt in water, so the mind united with the atma loses its identity.

59. When the knowable, and the knowledge, are both destroyed equally, then there is no second way (i.e., Duality is destroyed).

60. All this movable and immovable world is mind. When the mind has attained to the unmani avastha, there is no dwaita (from the absence of the working of the mind).

61. Mind disappears by removing the knowable, and, on its disappearance, atma only remains behind.

62. The high-souled Acharyas (Teachers) of yore gained experience in the various methods of Samadhi themselves, and then they preached them to others.

63. Salutations to Thee, O Susumna, to Thee O Kundalini, to Thee O Sudha, born of Chandra, to Thee O Manonmani! to Thee O great power, energy and the intelligent spirit.

64. I will describe now the practice of anahata nada, as propounded by Goraksa Natha, for the benefit of those who are unable to understand the principles of knowledge -- a method, which is liked by the ignorant also.

65. Adinatha propounded 1 1/4 crore methods of trance, and they are all extant. Of these, the hearing of the anahata nada is the only one, the chief, in my opinion.

66. Sitting with Mukta asana and with the Sambhavi Mudra, the Yogi should hear the sound inside his right ear, with collected mind.

67. The ears, the eyes, the nose, and the mouth should be closed and then the clear sound is heard in the passage of the Susumna which has been cleansed of all its impurities.

68. In all the Yogas, there are four states: (1) arambha or the preliminary, (2) Ghata, or the state of a jar, (3) Parichaya (known), (4) nispatti (consummate).

Arambha Avastha

69. When the Brahma granthi (The
Energy Blockages in the heart) is pierced through by Pranayama, then a sort of happiness is experienced in the vacuum of the heart, and the anahat sounds, like various tinkling sounds of ornaments, are heard in the body.

70. In the arambha, a Yogi's body becomes divine, glowing, healthy, and emits a divine smell. The whole of his heart becomes void.

The Ghata Avastha

71. In the second stage, the airs are united into one and begun moving in the middle channel. The Yogi's posture becomes firm, and he becomes wise like a god.

72. By this means the Visnu knot (in the throat) is pierced which is indicated by highest pleasure experienced, and then the Bheri sound (like the beating of a kettle drum) is evolved in the vacuum in the throat.

The Parichaya Avastha

73. In the third stage, the sound of a drum is known to arise in the Sunya between the eyebrows, and then the Vayu goes to the Mahasunya, which is the home of all the siddhis.

74. Conquering, then, the pleasures of the mind, ecstasy is spontaneously produced which is devoid of evils, pains, old age, disease, hunger and sleep.

75. When the Rudra granthi is pierced, and the air enters the seat of the Lord (The
Energy Blockages in the space between the eyebrows), then the perfect sound like that of a flute is produced.

76. The union of the mind and the sound is called the Raja-Yoga. The (real) Yogi becomes the creator and destroyer of the universe, like God.

77. Perpetual Happiness is achieved by this; I do not care if the mukti be not attained. This happiness, resulting from absorption (in Brama), is obtained by means of Raja-Yoga

78. Those who are ignorant of the Raja-Yoga and practice only the Hatha-Yoga, will, in my opinion, waste their energy fruitlessly.

79. Contemplation on the space between the eyebrows is, in my opinion, best for accomplishing soon the Unmani state. For people of small intellect, it is a very easy method for obtaining perfection in the
Raja-Yoga. The Laya produced by nada, at once gives experience (of spiritual powers).

80. The happiness which increases in the hearts of Yogiswaras, who have gained success in Samadhi by means of attention to the nada, is beyond description, and is known to Sri Guru Natha alone.

81. The sound which a muni hears by closing his ears with his fingers, should be heard attentively, till the mind becomes steady in it.

82. By practicing with this nada, all other external sounds are stopped. The Yogi becomes happy by overcoming all distractions within 15 days.

83. In the beginning, the sounds heard are of great variety and very loud; but, as the practice increases, they become more and more subtle.

84. In the first stage, the sounds are surging, thundering like the beating of kettle drums and jingling ones. In the intermediate stage, they are like those produced by conch, Mridanga, bells, &c.

85. In the last stage, the sounds resemble those from tinklets, flute, Vina, bee, &c. These various kinds of sounds are heard as being produced in the body.

86. Though hearing loud sounds like those of thunder, kettle drums, &c., one should practice with the subtle sounds also.

87. Leaving the loudest, taking up the subtle one, and leaving the subtle one, taking up the loudest, thus practicing, the distracted mind does not wander elsewhere.

88. Wherever the mind attaches itself first, it becomes steady there; and when it becomes absorbed in it.

89. Just as a bee, drinking sweet juice, does not care for the smell of the flower; so the mind, absorbed in the nada, does not desire the objects of enjoyment.

90. The mind, like an elephant habituated to wander in the garden of enjoyments, is capable of being controlled by the sharp goad of anahata nada.

91. The mind, captivated in the snare of nada, gives up all its activity; and, like a bird with clipped wings, becomes calm at once.

92. Those desirous of the kingdom of Yoga, should take up the practice of hearing the anahata nada, with mind collected and free from all cares.

93. Nada is the snare for catching the mind; and, when it is caught like a deer, it can be killed also like it.

94. Nada is the bolt of the stable door for the horse (the minds of the Yogis). A Yogi should determine to practice constantly in the hearing of the nada sounds.

95. Mind gets the properties of calcined mercury. When deprived of its unsteadiness it is calcined, combined with the sulphur of nada, and then it roams like it in the supportless akasa or Brahma.

96. The mind is like a serpent, forgetting all its unsteadiness by hearing the nada, it does not run away anywhere.

97. The fire, catching firewood, is extinguished along with it (after burning it up); and so the mind also, working with the nada, becomes latent along with it.

98. The antahkarana (the pillar of energy stretching from the mind to the higher chakras above the head), like a deer, becomes absorbed and motionless on hearing the sound of bells, etc.; and then it is very easy for an expert archer to kill it.

99. The knowable interpenetrates the anahata sound when it is heard, and the mind interpenetrates the knowable. The mind becomes absorbed there, which is the seat of the all-pervading, almighty Lord.

100. So long as the sounds continue, there is the idea of akasa. When they disappear, then it is called Para Brahma, Paramatmana.

101. Whatever is heard in the form of nada, is the sakti (power). That which is formless, the final state of the Tatwas, is the Parameswara.

102. All the methods of Hatha are meant for gaining success in
Raja-Yoga; for, the man, who is well-established in the Raja-Yoga, overcomes death.

103. Tatwa is the seed, Hatha the field; and Indifference (Vairagya) the water. By the action of these three, the creeper Unmani thrives very rapidly.

104. All the accumulations of sins are destroyed by practicing always with the nada; and the mind and the airs do certainly become latent in the colorless (Paramatmana).

105. Such a one does not hear the noise of the conch and Dundubhi. Being in the Unmani avastha, his body becomes like a piece of wood.

106. There is no doubt, such a Yogi becomes free from all states, from all cares, and remains like one dead.

107. He is not devoured by death, is not bound by his actions. The Yogi who is engaged in Samadhi is overpowered by none.

108. The Yogi, engaged in Samadhi, feels neither smell, taste, color, touch, sound, nor is conscious of his own self.

109. He whose mind is neither sleeping, waking, remembering, destitute of memory, disappearing nor appearing, is liberated.

110. He feels neither heat, cold, pain, pleasure, respect nor disrespect. Such a Yogi is absorbed in Samadhi.

111. He who, though awake, appears like one sleeping, and is without inspiration and expiration, is certainly free.

112. The Yogi, engaged in Samadhi, cannot be killed by any instrument, and is beyond the controlling powers of beings. He is beyond the reach of incantations and charms.

113. As long as the Prana does not enter and flow in the middle channel and the vindu does not become firm by the control of the movements of the Prana; as long as the mind does not assume the form of Brahma without any effort in contemplation, so long all the talk of knowledge and wisdom is merely the nonsensical babbling of a mad man.

End of Hatha Yoga Pradipika







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The Flute on God's lips

matthew 5

1 And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him:

2 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

3 Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

4 Blessed, are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

7 Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteoutsness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

13 Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

The Flute on God's lips

The Gospel starts in an incredibly beautiful way. No other book starts that way, no other book can start that way. The Bible is 'the book of the books': that is the exact meaning of the word 'Bible'—the Book. It is the most precious document that humanity has. That's why it is called 'The Testament', because Jesus has witnessed to God in it: Jesus has become the witness to God, a testament. It is the only proof possible. God cannot be argued, but only a man like Jesus can become a proof for him.

The Gospel carries all that is beautiful in Jesus' flowering, the Beatitudes. Those statements are the most beautiful ever made. Not even Buddha, not even Lao Tzu, have spoken that way. Buddha is very philosophic, very refined; Jesus is very plain, simple. Jesus speaks like a villager, a farmer, a fisherman. But because he speaks the way common people speak, his words have a solidity, a concreteness, a reality.

Buddha's words are abstract; they are very very high words, philosophical. Jesus' words are down-to-earth, very earthly. They have that fragrance of the earth that you come across when the rains have started and the earth is soaking up the rains and a great fragrance arises—the fragrance of the wet earth, the fragrance that you find on a sea beach, the fragrance of the ocean, the trees. Jesus' words are very very earthbound, rooted in the earth. He is an earthly man, and that is his beauty. Nobody else can be compared with that beauty. The sky is good, but abstract, far away, distant.

So I say to you, no other book starts the way the Gospel starts; no other book talks the way the Gospel talks.

The word 'gospel' comes originally from a word godspel. God has spoken through Jesus. Jesus is just a hollow bamboo. The song is of God, and Jesus' metaphors are very true to life. He is not spinning concepts, he is simply indicating the truth as it is.

First the beginning:

'The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Judas... And Judas begat Phares... and Phares begat Esrom; and Esrom begat Aram...' and so it goes, on and on. And then: '...Jacob begat Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.'

Then this genealogy stops suddenly. Forty-two generations have passed from Abraham to Jesus. The Gospel records the forty-two generations, and then suddenly Jesus is born and the genealogy stops. Suddenly there comes a full point, because Jesus is the fulfilment; there is no beyond. Jesus is the culmination—there is no way to go further on. So 'Abraham begat Isaac, Isaac begat Jacob... '—it continues. Then there is no way to go beyond Jesus: the ultimate has come. Jesus is the flowering and the fulfilment. That's why the Bible calls Jesus the pleroma, the fulfilment.

Those forty-two generations are fulfilled in Jesus. The whole history that has preceded Jesus is fulfilled in him. The home has arrived. He is the fruit, the growth, the evolution of those forty-two generations. Jesus is the fulfilment, that's why the Gospel does not say anything further. Jesus did not beget anybody, Jesus begat himself. And that is the meaning of the word 'Christ'.

There are two kinds of births. One, through others—from the father, from the mother—that is a bodily birth. The other birth you have to give to yourself, you have to be born out of yourself; you have to become the womb, the father and the mother and the child. You have to die as the past and you are to be born as the future. You have to beget yourself. That's why I say that the book starts in an incredibly beautiful way— very significant: Jesus begat nobody, Jesus begat himself

That is the meaning of crucifixion and resurrection. The body is crucified, you cannot crucify the spirit. You can destroy the body, you cannot destroy the spirit. The body is gross: the sword can cut it, the poison can kill it; and even if nothing is going to kill it, death is going to come and the body will be gone. It has to go, it is meant to go; it is only there for the time being. Those who are conscious, they use that time to create spirit in them.

The body is like grapes. The grapes are to go. You cannot keep grapes for long—they will go rotten; but you can create wine out of the grapes, that's why it is also called 'spirit'. You can create spirit in your being, a wine. Grapes cannot be accumulated, they are temporary, momentary. But wine can stay forever. In fact, the older it becomes the more precious and valuable it is. It has a nontemporal duration, it is something of eternity.

The body is like the grapes, and if you use it rightly you can create the wine in you. The body is going to disappear, but the wine can remain, the spirit can remain.

Jesus has done many miracles. One of the miracles is his miracle of transforming water into wine. These are metaphors—don't take them literally. If you take them literally, you destroy their meaning, their significance. And if you start proving that they are historical facts, then you are stupid, and with you Jesus also looks stupid. They are metaphors of the inner world.

The inner world cannot be expressed literally, but symbolically—only symbolically. Turning water into wine simply means creating the eternal into time, creating that which remains into that which cannot remain.

If you keep water, sooner or later it will start stinking. But you can keep wine for ages, for centuries; and the longer it is there the better it becomes, the more powerful, the more potent it becomes. Wine is a metaphor for the eternal.

Jesus is transformed through his sacrifice. Nobody is ever transformed without sacrifice. You have to pay for it: the cross is the price that you pay for it. You have to die to be reborn, you have to lose all to gain God.

Jesus begat himself That phenomenon happened on the cross. He hesitated for a time, he was very much puzzled— it was natural. For a single moment he could not see God anywhere. All was lost, he was losing all; he was going to die and there seemed to be no possibility... That happens to every seed. When you put the seed into the earth, one moment comes when the seed is losing itself, and there must be hesitation—the same hesitation that happened to Jesus on the cross. The seed is dying, and the seed must cling to the past. It wants to survive—nobody wants to die. And the seed cannot imagine that this is not death, that soon it will be resurrected in a thousandfold way, that soon it will start growing as a sprout.

The death of the seed will be the birth of the tree, and there will be great foliage and flowering and fruits, and birds will come and sit on the branches and make their nests, and people will sit under the shade of the tree; and the tree will talk to the clouds and the stars in the night, and will play with the sky, and will dance in the winds; and there will be great rejoicing. But how can this be known to the poor seed which has never been anything else? It is inconceivable. That's why God is inconceivable.

It cannot be proved to the seed that this is going to happen, because if the seed asks 'Then let me see what you are going to do', you cannot make it available, you cannot make visible to the seed what is going to happen. It is going to happen in the future, and when it happens, the seed will be gone. The seed will never meet the tree. Man never meets God. When the man is gone, God descends.

Jesus hesitated, was worried, was bewildered. He shouted, almost shouted against the sky 'Why have you forsaken me? Why? Why this torture for me? What wrong have I done to you?' A thousand and one things must have crossed his mind.

The seed is dying, and the seed is completely oblivious to what is going to happen next. It is not possible for the seed to conceive of that next step, hence faith, hence trust is needed. The seed has to trust that the tree will be born. With all the hesitation, with all kinds of fear, insecurities, with all kinds of anguish, anxiety—in spite of all of them—the seed has to trust that the tree will happen, that the tree is going to happen. It is a leap into faith.

And that leap happened to Jesus: he relaxed on the cross and he said 'Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done...' His heart was palpitating. It is natural. Your heart will also palpitate, you will also be afraid when that moment of death comes to you, when that moment comes when your self disappears and you are losing yourself into a kind of nothingness, and there seems to be no way to survive, and you have to surrender.

You can surrender in two ways: You can surrender reluctantly, then you will miss the real point of it, then you will simply die and will be born again. If you can relax in deep acceptance, trust, if you can surrender without any resistance... That's what Jesus did; that is the greatest miracle. To me that is the miracle—not that he gave health to somebody who was ill, or eyes to somebody who was blind, or cured the leprosy of somebody; or even helped Lazarus to revive, to come back to life—and he had died. No, those are not real miracles to me, they are all parables, metaphors. Every Master has given eyes to those who are blind, and ears to those who are deaf. Each Master has brought people out of their death that they call life, has called them out of their graves. Those are metaphors.

But the real miracle is when Jesus—in spite of all of his hesitations, worries, doubts, suspicions—relaxes, surrenders, and says 'Thy will be done,' that moment Jesus disappears, Christ is born.

Teilhard de Chardin calls it Christogenesis: Jesus begetting Christ. Through it, Christogenesis, man becomes that which he really is; he loses that which he is not and becomes that which he is: man becomes 'Christified'. Be 'Christified', never become a Christian. The Christian is one who follows the Christian dogma. 'Christified' means one who dies as a seed and becomes a tree. 'Christified' means that you drop the ego, you disappear as yourself and you start appearing on another plane in a kind of transfiguration: a resurrection.

'Christified' means you are no more alone: God is in you and you are in God.

This is the paradox of Christ-consciousness. Christ calls himself many times Son of man, and many times Son of God. He is both: Son of man as far as the body is concerned, Son of man as far as mind is concerned; Son of God as far as spirit is concerned, Son of God as far as consciousness is concerned. Mind is the mechanism of consciousness, just as the body is the abode of the spirit. Mind belongs to body, consciousness belongs to spirit. Jesus is the paradox: on the one hand man, on the other hand God. And when God and man work together, then if miracles happen there is nothing to be surprised about. Miracles happen only when God and man function together in cooperation.

Leo Tolstoy has said: Christ is God and man working together, walking together, dancing together. St. Augustine says: Without God, man cannot; without man, God will not. Christ is the combined operation—the meeting of the finite with the infinite, time and eternity meeting and merging into each other.

An old gardener was digging his plot as the priest came along. 'George' said the priest 'it is wonderful what God and man working together can do.'

'Yes sir, but you should have seen this garden last year when he had it all to himself!'

Yes, that is true. Man alone is impotent. God also cannot work alone. God alone is potent but has no instrument. Man alone is a hollow bamboo—nobody to create a song on it, nobody to fill it with music, harmony, melody. God alone has the capacity to create a melody but has no hollow bamboo to create a flute.

Christ is the flute on God's lips. So whatsoever has come from Christ is godspel, is gospel.

Fourteen generations...

'So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.'

That too is very symbolic. Books like the Bible are not written by ordinary people, they are what George Gurdjieff used to call 'objective art'. The Bible is one of the representative objective works of art in the world. It is not like a book written by a Shakespeare or a Kalidas. These people create subjective art. They write something, they write beautifully, they have the aesthetic sense, but they are as unconscious as any other human being. They have a nose for beauty, but they are as sleepy as anybody else. Their works of art are subjective: they express themselves.

But books like the Vedas, the Koran, the Bible, the Upanishads—they are not written by people who are asleep, they are not written as beautiful poetry or prose; they are written by people who know what truth is, who have awakened themselves to truth. Then whatsoever they write is almost like a map. You have to decipher it, you have to decode it, otherwise you will go on missing it.

Why fourteen generations? No scholar has asked it, no biblical scholar has asked it. Why only fourteen? Why not fifteen? Why not thirteen?

This I am giving you as an example of objective art. It is fourteen for a certain reason. It has to be decoded.

The spirit matures just like the body matures. The body matures in fourteen years—it becomes sexually mature, it can reproduce sexually. At fourteen years the body is ripe as far as sexual reproduction is concerned: the boy can become a father, the girl can become a mother; they can reproduce replicas of themselves.

In exactly the same way the spirit also matures. Just as it takes fourteen years for the body to mature sexually, it takes fourteen generations for the spirit to mature spiritually. That is the meaning of fourteen generations: from Abraham to David, from David to the exile in Babylon, and from the exile in Babylon to Jesus. And when the spirit has come to its maturity, when the fruit is ripe, it falls from the tree. Unripe, it clings to the tree. Unripe, it has to cling—if unripe it falls, then it will never become sweet; it will remain bitter, sour. It will be useless. To ripen, it needs to cling. Clinging simply shows that 'I am not yet ready to leave you'. Whenever somebody is ripe, that very ripeness becomes freedom, then clinging disappears.

Jesus disappears into God, Jesus disappears from this tree of life: the fruit is ripe. That's what we in the East say that whenever a man has become perfect—perfect in the sense that he has grown all that he could grow on this earth, in this situation—then he will not return again. Then he crosses to the beyond: he passes beyond the point of no return. Then he never comes back. We call him a Buddha, or a Jain.

Jews used to call that state 'Christ': one who has gone beyond and will be here only for a time. The fruit is ripe and waiting to drop any moment—any small breeze and the fruit will be gone forever, and it will disappear into existence. Hence, the tree stops at Jesus: he remains unmarried, he does not reproduce. That celibacy has nothing to do with ordinary, repressed celibacy. He is not against love, he is not against sex, he is not a puritan, he is not a moralist.

I was reading the other night what Dostoevsky has said: that moralists are always very miserable people. That seems to be an absolutely true observation. Moralists are miserable people. In fact, only miserable people become moralists. They are so miserable that they would like to make everybody else miserable also. And the best way to make people feel miserable is to make them feel guilty.

Jesus is not a moralist. His brahmacharya, his celibacy has a totally different quality to it. It simply says that he is no more interested in reproducing on the physical plane, he is interested in reproducing on the spiritual plane. He does not give birth to children, he gives birth to disciples. He creates more abodes in the world for God to descend into. He does not create bodies, he creates souls. And he is a miracle Master: he created many enlightened people on the earth—he had that magic touch. And he created them Out of nobodies.

Buddha created many enlightened people, but those were very very grown-up souls. A Sariputta was already a very grown-up soul; the fruit was ripe. My own feeling is that even if Buddha had not come into the life of Sariputta, he would have become enlightened sooner or later; Buddha was not very essential. He helped, he speeded up things, but was not very essential. If Sariputta had not met him, maybe in one life or two lives he would have come around the corner by himself; he was already coming, he was just on the verge. So was Mahakashyap, so was Moggalyayan, and so were Buddha's other disciples.

But Jesus really did miracles. He touched ordinary stones and transformed them into diamonds. He moved among very ordinary people. A fisherman throwing his net... and Jesus comes, stands behind him, puts his hand on his shoulder and says 'Look in my eyes. How long are you going to catch fish? I can make you a catcher of men. Look into my eyes.' And the poor, ordinary fisherman—uneducated, unsophisticated, uncultured; has never heard about anything, may not have ever been interested in spiritual growth; was contented with catching fish and selling them, and was happy in his day-to-day life—looks into the eyes of Jesus, throws his net and follows him. And that fisherman becomes an enlightened person. Or a farmer, or a tax—collector, or even a prostitute, Mary Magdalene...

Jesus transforms ordinary metal into gold. He is really the philosopher's stone. His touch is magical: wherever he touches, suddenly the spirit arises.

Buddha enlightened many people, but those people were already on the path. Buddha moved with sophisticated people: learned, virtuous, special. Jesus moved with very ordinary people: down-trodden, oppressed, poor. This was one of the crimes against him put by the priests: that he moves with gamblers, with drunkards, with prostitutes. He stays with prostitutes, he stays with anybody, he eats with anybody. He is a fallen man. And on the surface, to all appearances; he looked like a fallen man. But he was falling only with those people to help them rise; he was going to the lowest to turn them into the highest. And there is a reason.

The lowest may be unsophisticated, uncultured, but he has a purity of heart; he has more love in him. Now you will be able to understand the difference. Buddha's path is of intelligence. He cannot go to a fisherman and say 'Come to me and I will make you enlightened.' That is not possible for him. His path is that of awareness, intelligence, understanding. The fisherman will not even understand his language; it is too much above him, it is beyond his grasp.

The path of Jesus is the path of love, and the poor people have more love than the rich. Maybe that is why they are poor, because when you have much love you cannot accumulate much money—they don't go together. When you have much love you share. A rich man cannot be a loving man because love will always be dangerous to his riches. If he loves people then he will have to share.

I used to live in a family for seven years. The man was very rich, and he was interested in my ideas—that's why he invited me to stay with him. He had made all the arrangements for me in a beautiful way. He had provided a big bungalow and a big garden. And just to be with me he came to live with me with his family. But I was surprised: I had never seen him talking to his wife or to his children. When we had become more and more accustomed to each other, one day I asked him 'I never see you sitting with your wife or with your children. I never see you talking to anybody in your family. What is the matter?'

He said 'If I talk to my wife, immediately she starts demanding. "There is a beautiful ornament in the shop", or "Better sarees have come", or this and that. Immediately she jumps on my pocket. If I talk to my children, their hands start groping into my pocket. I have learnt that it is better to keep quiet, and remain stiff and have a hard face. It protects you. Then nobody asks for anything.'

And I understood his idea. That is the idea of all the rich people in the world. The person who becomes too obsessed with money is really obsessed with the money because he cannot love. Money becomes a substitute love. He starts hoarding money because he thinks there is no other thing to be happy about. 'Hoard money, then at least you have the money and you can purchase everything.' He even believes that he can purchase love with his money.

He can purchase sex but not love. But then many people think that sex is love. He can purchase bodies, but he cannot have any intimacy with a person. Many people think that to have the body of the other, to possess the body of the other is enough. 'What more is needed? Why bother about any thing more?' Many people are interested only in casual sex, not in intimacy, not in going into depth, not moving into a deep dialogue. They are afraid of the deep dialogue because then there is commitment, and commitment brings responsibility. Then they have to be very sensitive, alive. 'Who bothers? Just casual sex is good, and casual sex can be purchased, it is available in the market—place.' The man who is after money thinks that all can be purchased through the money. 'So why bother about anything else? You can have the most beautiful woman, you can have the most beautiful house, you can have this and that...' He thinks that this is going to satisfy him. This never satisfies. Only love satisfies, no substitute can ever satisfy. A substitute is a substitute; it is pseudo.

Poor people have more love, because poor people have not grown their head so their whole energy revolves around the heart. These are the two centres: either the energy moves into the heart or the energy moves into the head. It is very rare to find a balanced being whose energy moves into both or who is capable of moving energy wherever it is needed— diverting it. When he wants to have intelligence, he moves, channelises his energy into the head. When he wants to love, he channelises his energy—his whole energy—into his heart. This is the perfect man.

But ordinarily people are not so perfect. Either they are hung-up in the head or they are available to the heart.

Jesus' path is of love, hence he worked miracles in poor people, in ordinary people whose intelligence was not yet very developed. But that opportunity could be used: their energy was raw and yet in the heart. They were more like children.

Just as the body matures in fourteen years, so the spirit matures in fourteen generations; that is the minimum limit. It depends on you. It may not grow even in one hundred and forty generations—you can be very lazy or you can remain unaware. Then you can go on and on for millions of lives and it may not grow. But fourteen generations is a natural time limit; that much is needed.

The spirit is not a seasonal flower: it is like a great cedar of Lebanon. It takes time—fourteen generations for the tree to grow, to reach to the sky. It is not a seasonal flower that comes within weeks but is gone within weeks too. The spirit means the eternal; the eternal needs time, patience. These fourteen generations are just a symbolic number.

Jesus cannot be born before fourteen generations. That state is possible only after a time—after a few steps have been crossed. And that is so in other dimensions too.

For example, the caveman could not have given us the Platonic Dialogues or the symphonies of Beethoven or the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci or the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore. It was not possible for the caveman to give these things. The caveman could not have given us an Albert Einstein either, or a Dostoevsky or a Picasso. The caveman could not have given us a Buddha or a Lao Tzu or a Jesus. It needs time, and it needs preparation, and it needs a certain milieu in which to grow, only then is Jesus possible.

For Jesus to exist many things are needed; he can only exist in those circumstances. ForJesus to say what he wants to say a certain kind of person is needed who can understand it.

What I am saying to you can only be said now. It can only be said now, not before; it was not possible before. And what I will be saying to you tomorrow will only be possible tomorrow, not today. You have to become receptive, you have to grow. If you are not in a certain state to receive it, it cannot be uttered.

Jesus is the culmination of the whole Jewish consciousness, and the strange thing is that the Jews rejected him. And that has always been happening. Buddha was the culmination of Hindu consciousness, and the Hindus rejected him. And Socrates was the culmination of the Greek consciousness, and the Greeks killed him. This is very strange, but this has always been happening. Why can we not accept our own culmination? What goes wrong? Why could the Jews not accept Jesus? They had been waiting for Jesus, they had been waiting for the Messiah, for Christ to come. They are still waiting, and the Messiah has already come and gone too. They helped him to go, and they are still waiting for him.

What went wrong? What always goes wrong? Jesus is the culmination of the Jewish consciousness. All the prophets of the Jews that had preceded Jesus were preparing the ground for him to come. That's what John the Baptist was saying to the people. 'I am nothing compared to the person for whom I am preparing the way. I am just a sweeper. I am simply cleaning the path for him to come. The one higher than me is going to come.'John the Baptist and the other prophets were simply preparing the way for this ultimate culmination, for this peak, this Everest. And then the Everest comes, and something goes wrong. What goes wrong? The other peaks start feeling small.

They have all helped. Just think: Everest cannot stand alone if the other peaks of the Himalayas disappear; Everest cannot stand alone. It needs the whole Himalaya to support it, to be there. It cannot rise so high alone—no peak can rise so high alone. It will need the support of thousands of other peaks—smaller, bigger, and all kinds. But once the peak has come up, the other peaks start feeling hurt. Their egos ache; it is very painful. And they have supported it—this is the paradox—they have supported the happening of this peak! It could not have happened without them, and now that it has happened, they are feeling very low, depressed. If all the peaks of the Himalayas were to conspire against Everest, it would be very logical. If they crucified Everest, it would be very logical.

That's what happened to Jesus. Once he was there, the Jews, the rabbis, the religious leaders, the priests started feeling very offended. His very presence was offensive; not that he offended anybody, not that he hurt anybody. How could he hurt ?—but his very presence, that Everest-like height, that plenitude, that height—and everybody looked low and small.

Now Everest cannot do anything about it. It is not arrogant, it is not egoistic, but it is high—that is certainly so. And every other peak is hurt, feels pained, wants to take revenge. Hence Jesus was crucified. So was Buddha rejected— thrown out of this country completely. He has become a foreigner in his own land.

And this has been so down the ages, this is so still. And it seems this is going to remain so forever because man is, after all, man. In his sleep, in his egoistic attitudes, this is how he functions.

Jesus' Beatitudes are God's songs through him. Remember, he is just a medium. He is not the author of these Gospels, he is just a messenger. He is simply giving you that which he is receiving.

Now, let us go into these Beatitudes.


And seeing the multitudes,
he went up into a mountain:
and when he was set, his disciples came unto him...


I would like you to go into each word very silently, very sympathetically.


And seeing the multitudes...


the crowd, the mass


he went up into a mountain...


These are ways of saying certain psychological things. The multitude is the lowest state of consciousness—the mass, the crowd. It is dense darkness. It is very dark there, and very deep sleep. When you move in the multitude, if you want to connect and relate with the multitude, you have to come to their level. That is why whenever you go into a crowd, you feel a little bit lost. You start feeling a little bit suffocated. That feeling of suffocation is not only physical—it is not just that people are around you, no. The suffocation is more psychological, because when you are with people who are very low in their consciousness, you cannot remain an Everest; they pull you down. Whenever you go to the masses you lose something. Hence the need arises for aloneness, for meditation. And in Jesus' life you will find that many times he moves in the multitude—his work was there, that was his field—but again and again, after a few months, he gocs to the mountains; he goes away from the multitude, and the crowd, and the crowd-mind, to be with God.

When you are alone you are with God. You can be with God only when you are absolutely alone. And when you are with God you start flying in the sky. The very presence of God takes you up and up. And the presence of the crowds takes you down and down. Only with God can you fly into the sky, can you have wings. With the crowds, your wings are cut. What to say about wings? Even your hands, your legs are cut. You become a cripple, because they are all cripples. You become paralysed, because they are all paralysed. And they will never forgive you if you don't live according to them when you are with them.

If you want to work with them, if you want to help them, you will have to move in their world, according to them. And this is tiring, and this is very exhausting.


And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain...


He was staying in a village doing his magical work of transforming people—blind people were given eyes, and deaf people were given ears; and those who could not walk, who could not grow were made whole, and those who had become dead and dull, they were again rejuvenated, revitalised. But this whole work... and many more people were coming, and a great crowd was surrounding him... he became exhausted, he became tired. Hence the need to go up into a mountain.

Going out is going down, going in is going up. In the inner world, up and in mean the same; out and down mean the same. When you have to relate with people you have to go out, and when you have to relate with people who are very low in consciousness you have to bend low. That is very tiring.

Jesus, Buddha or Mahavir, all move to the mountains. They go into a lonely place just to regain their height, just to regain their purity, just to regain their own state, just to spread their limbs again, just to be themselves and just to be with God. With God, they start soaring high. With God, you become a seagull, you start soaring high. There is no limit to it. Again you are vital, again you are full of God, again you are like a cloud full of rainwater and you would like to shower. You come back to the multitude where people are thirsty.

People ask me what I go on doing in my room alone. That is my mountain. That is where I can soar high. I need not think about you, I need not commune with you. I need not function through the body and through the mind. I can forget the body, I can forget the mind. I can forget you, I can forget all.

In that moment of utter forgetfulness of all, one is. And that is—ness is immense. That is—ness has a splendour to it. Freshness it is, vitality it is, because it is the very source of life.

But once you are full of that life, you have to share. So every morning I am back with you, every evening I am back with you. I go on from my mountain to the multitude continuously.

Going to a mountain does not mean really going to a mountain, it simply means going to inner height. Whether Jesus went to a real mountain or not is irrelevant; it has nothing to do with the Gospel. He may have gone to the mountain, because it was almost impossible in those days to live the way I live. It was impossible.

For fifteen years I also lived like Jesus, moving in the multitude, and it was impossible to get even a single moment alone. I had to go back again and again to my place where I used to live in Jabalpur and I kept myself absolutely alone. Jabalpur was very unfortunate. I would go around the country and everywhere I would meet people—but not in Jabalpur. That was my mountain. And when I would come to Bombay, or to Delhi, or to Poona, people would ask me why I unnecessarily travelled so much back to Jabalpur again and again. Fifteen, twenty days... and I would have to go back to Jabalpur for three or four days, and then I would again start... It was unnecessary. I could have gone from Poona to Bombay, from Bombay to Delhi, from Delhi to Amritsar, from Amritsar to Srinagar. Why should I first go to Jabalpur and then again after a few days?

Jabalpur was my mountain. There I kept myself absolutely alone. When it became impossible to be alone even there and the multitude started coming there, then I had to leave that place. Alone in my room I am doing exactly what Jesus did.


And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him...


To talk to disciples is a different matter. To talk to the multitude is a different matter. That's why I had to stop talking to the crowds. I had to create a special class of my own sannyasins with whom I could have a communion of the heart.

When you are talking to the multitudes, first, they are very indifferent to what you are saying—you have to shout unnecessarily. Second: if they are not indifferent, then they are against—antagonistic, always afraid and protecting their ideas, always resisting, arguing. That is unnecessary work. And these things that I am talking about or Jesus was talking about are not things that can be argued. No proofs are possible—only trust. If you can trust me, these things can be explained to you. But trust has to be a very very basic thing toit. If you don't trust me, there is no way to prove anything. Then it is simply a waste of my time and your time.

To talk to disciples is a different thing. To talk to disciples means that the other side is receptive—not only receptive but immensely welcoming. You are welcome, the other side wants you to come in, the other side wants to become a host to whatsoever you are saying. The doors are open, the windows are open for you to become a breeze, or sunlight, and enter into their beings. They are not afraid, they are not defending, they are not arguing; they are ready to go with you wholeheartedly to any unknown dimension.

To talk to disciples is not a kind of discussion or debate— it is a dialogue. It is as much a dialogue as it is when two lovers talk to each other. The disciple is in love with the Master, the Master is in love with the disciple. There is deep love flowing. That love becomes the bridge, and then great truths can be explained, conveyed, almost materialised.


and when he was set, his disciples came unto him:
And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying...


From the multitude he has escaped, but not from the disciples. To the disciples he is available. He can fly with God and the disciples can fly with him. Maybe they are not so expert at flying, but their readiness is there. And that is the only thing that is needed, the most essential. Maybe they cannot go to the very heights alone, but trusting the Master they can follow—they can follow to any length, to any extreme they can go.

The Master flies with God, the disciple flies with the Master. The disciple cannot see God yet, but he can see the Master, and through the Master he can feel God. That's why the Master becomes almost a God to the disciple. He is. By and by, the closer the disciple comes to the Master, the more and more he will see that the Master is an emptiness or a mirror in which God is reflected. Sooner or later, he himself will become an emptiness, a mirror, and will be able, in his turn, to help others.


he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,
Blessed are the poor in spirit:
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


This is one of the most fundamental statements ever made. Many other Beatitudes will follow, but nothing to be compared with this. It is exceptional, it is extraordinary. And the beauty is 'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God.' In other Beatitudes he will say: '...they shall inherit the earth.' But in this he says'... for theirs is the kingdom of God.'

The 'poor in spirit' means exactly what Buddha was saying to Sariputta: nothingness. Ego makes you feel that you are rich, that you are somebody, this and that. When the ego disappears and you are a nobody—that's what Jesus means by 'poor in spirit'.

Buddha's word is more sophisticated, philosophical.


Therefore, O Sariputta,
Form is nothingness
Nothingness is form.


Jesus' words are simple, unsophisticated. And it is natural. Buddha was the son of a great king, Jesus is the son of a carpenter. For many years he was just working in his father's workshop bringing wood, cutting wood. He knows the ways of the simple people, the woodcutters, the carpenters. He says: Blessed are the poor in spirit—those who know that they are nothing, those who know that their inside is just empty, there is no self, no ego, no claim, no word, no knowledge, no scripture—just emptiness, pure sky, spaciousness. 'Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God.' It is theirs right now! It is not said that they 'will have', there is no postponement, there is no time element involved. If you are nothing, this very moment you are God. If you are nothing, you are God! Between nothingness and God, there is no gap to be crossed—there is no gap. From one side it is nothingness, poverty of spirit, from the other side it is the kingdom of God.

A very paradoxical statement: Those who are poor—they will become kings; and those who think they are kings—they will remain poor. Lose if you want to gain; gain if you want to lose. Possess if you want to remain a beggar; dispossess if you want to become a king. Don't possess anything at all— not even yourself. That's what is meant by 'poor in spirit'. Theirs is the kingdom of God here and now, right away. It is not a promise for the future, it is a simple statement of truth.

The other Beatitudes are not so deep. If this is understood, then there is no need to read ahead. If this is not understood— and this must not have been understood, that's why Jesus continues—then he makes the truth more diluted, understandable.

Then he says


Blessed are they that mourn:
for they shall be comforted.


Now the future comes in. The disciples have missed, otherwise there would have only been one Beatitude because it contains all. There is no need to elaborate it. Jesus has said everything. This is his ultimate sutra. But he must have looked around into the eyes of the disciples, and he must have seen that they had not been able to understand it—it is too high. He has to come a little lower, he has to bring the future in.

The mind can understand the future, the mind cannot understand the present. The mind is absolutely incapable of understanding the present. If I say to you 'Right now you are Buddhas and Christs' you listen to me but you say 'What are you saying? I—and a Buddha? and just last night I was gambling. And, Bhagwan, you don't know me, I am a smoker. Or sometimes I even take hashish. You don't know me, I am a sinner. And what are you talking about? I know myself better. I am not a Buddha, I am the worst sinner in the world.'

So you can listen to me if I say 'You are a Buddha right now. Nothing is missing, nothing is lacking.' You listen out of politeness, but deep down you say 'Nonsense!'

Jesus has said the ultimate.


Blessed are the poor in spirit:
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


This can be compared to the sutra Buddha gave to Sariputta, when he said: This is the unique mantra, this is the incomparable mantra. There is no other mantra higher than this: Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha: Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond. What ecstasy! Alleluia!

And he says this is all, condensed into one small mantra.

Just like that is this mantra:


Blessed are the poor in spirit:
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


Right now, here-now, this very moment. Be a nobody, and have all. Be a beggar and become an emperor. Lose and possess.

He must have looked around—the arrow had not reached the target. The disciples had saved their hearts. They just went out of the way of the arrow; it passed them by, it went above their heads. Jesus had to come low—he brings in the future.

Future means bringing mind in. The mind can understand means and ends, the mind can understand cause and effect: 'Do this and this will happen.' But remember, it 'will' happen—it will be in the future. You put the seed in the soil and one day it will become a tree. 'Perfectly true' the mind says. 'I can understand it. There is process: step by step the tree will come up.' If you say 'Put the seed there...and look! behold! the tree is there!' it will say 'Are you a magician or what? Only magicians can do that.'

The first statement is very magical, the mind cannot figure it out; it cannot reckon what it is. The mind can understand division, duality, cause and effect, past and future, this and that, here and there. The mind divides—and then the mind is at ease. It says 'Perfectly okay. Be righteous, and you will get that. But there is going to be a time gap, and you have to prepare, and you have to do many things.' The mind is a doer.


Blessed are they that mourn:
for they shall be comforted.


Jesus says: Okay, then be like small children who are helpless. The child just cries and weeps for the mother, and the mother runs to the child. When the child is in misery, the mother comes to comfort. So mourn, let your prayers be cries of helplessness. Remember, the definition of a prayer is: meditation through tears, meditation with tears. When the tears are your meditation, it is prayer, When meditation is with love, and you think about yourself as a lost, small child, and existence is a mother or a father.. that's Jesus' approach. He says: Then pray, cry out of your helplessness and the help will come and you will be comforted.


Blessed are the meek:
for they shall inherit the earth.


And become simple, humble, meek; don't be arrogant. Now listen to the difference. The first was 'poor in spirit'. It does not say be humble, because in humbleness a subtle ego remains. You have the idea that 'I am humble'—the 'I' is there. First you were thinking 'I am very great', now you think 'I am very meek'. But 'I am' is still there; the 'I' still continues.


Blessed are the meek:
for they shall inherit the earth.


So, a little barrier, that's why it is in the future. You cannot be right now. That small barrier of humbleness, meekness will go on surrounding you, and will go on dividing you from the truth.


Blessed are they
which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:
for they shall be filled.


Now do good works, be virtuous, and God will come and fill you.


Blessed are the merciful:
for they shall obtain mercy.


Be merciful, be compassionate. Whatsoever you want that God should give to you, you give to the world—to God's world. That's the law.


Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they shall see God.


Even with purity...some distance.

Poverty is ultimate. In purity, there is still some ego: 'I am pure, holy, sacred, holier-than-thou', and things like that continue. The sinner is one who claims the ego—gross ego. The saint is one who claims the subtle ego: holiness. And the sage is one who claims not. The sage is one who says simply 'I am nobody, a nothingness.' And it is not just a saying, he knows it; existentially, he knows it.


Blessed are the peacemakers:
for they shall be called the children of God.
Blessed are they
which are persecuted for righteousness' sake:
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Rejoice, and be exceeding glad:
forgreat is your reward in heaven:
for so persecuted they
the prophets which were before you.
Ye are the salt of the earth...


Jesus says 'Rejoice!' But this rejoicing is not the ultimate rejoicing, it is a desire, because great will be the result in heaven. There is a desire to attain something, to achieve something. If you don't have any desire—not even the desire for God, not even the desire for heaven—then right now you are kings, right now the kingdom of God is yours.

And Jesus says to his disciples


Ye are the salt of the earth...


Now it is very absurd, looks absurd. Those were poor people. Somebody has been a carpenter, somebody has been a shoemaker, somebody has been a fisherman—people like that. And Jesus says to them 'Ye are the salt of the earth...' And he is right, although he looks absurd. They were not kings, great emperors, viceroys, lords, rich people— they were not. But why does he says that 'Ye are the salt of the earth' ?—because whosoever knows a little bit of God is the salt. It is because of these few people that the earth remains meaningful, that there remains some significance, that there is some taste in life and some joy.

And the same I say to you: You are the salt of the earth, because whosoever has started moving towards God has started moving towards joy. And when you move towards joy, you help the whole world to move towards joy, because you are the world.


Rejoice and be exceeding glad...




Ye are the salt of the earth:
but if the salt have lost his savour,
wherewith shall it be salted?
it is thenceforth good for nothing, but be cast out,
and to be trodden underfoot of men.


I say unto you too: You are the salt of the earth. You are the spearhead of the future evolution of man. You sannyasins are carrying the seeds of the future. Rejoice! And become more and more salty, more and more full of God.



The Process of Purification


The process of Your evolution as well as that of the world and all the people in it is that of Purification.


We are a higherarchy of Functions mixed with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass and these Functions which are composed of ordered Colonies of Angels are what underly the Physical Body, The Emotional Body, the Mental Body.


And also these Angel Colonies form the Spiritual Bodies which exist above the Crown Chakra and the center of the Universe.


It is the dense energy of Evil Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass which separate, wall off, stripe through and disorder these talent functions within themselves and which cause these functions to act with an evil egotistical interest separated from the energy of God in the Center of the Universe.


It is the dense energy of Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass which forms the ego which separates, walls off,  these talent functions from the energy of God in the Center of the Universe and from each other.


Thus the many histories of Dissociative Identity Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorder as many personalities can exist in One Mind as the various sub – personalities, separate minds, become walled off within the one mind by the evil Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass.


MPD and DID are the problems caused by and associated with the Organ Kundabuffer (Kundabuffer is an Energy Blockage which walls off one part of the Body or Emotions or Mind from another part), as Gurdjieff said, which cause all the problems of Humanity in this world.


Thus Gurdjieff said, “The guy who says he will get up at Four in the Morning is not the same Guy who throws the alarm clock out of the window!”


This reality is what powers the dark Side, “Divide and Conquer” said the Romans.


As one human being becomes infected with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass so he becomes more and more evil like a Orc as defined by the Lord of the Rings. He becomes less intelligent, loses the ability to do anything and all his talents become desire filled, grasping, selfish, egotistical, psychopathic.


Because this separative nature of the ego which destroys Love the Will. Because Love and a functioning Will can only be ONE!


Thus the weapons of the dark side, Drugs, Sex, Violence and Rock and Roll which all cause separation, which all destroy Love and which all destroy the Will.


Talents have been formed as functions in every human being over many lifetimes these Talent Personalities become refined and really good at their job.


In the Unenlightened these Talents are contaminated by desire, grasping… The Selfish, Competitive EGO.


Sub – Personalities like the Star, the Poor Me and the Violator, are used to vampirise attention and energy in everyone around them. With Energy Enhancement these Star, the Poor Me and Violator Sub – Personalities become purified such that they are used intentionally for a good purpose.


For example charities use the Poor Me by using a photograph of starving people in order to excite compassion in people looking at the picture, so as to awaken the hearts of the people looking at the picture, in order gain the funds to help the starving people.


Then there is the egotistical connector Sub - Personality


Then there is the egotistical business Sub – Personality striped with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass. We can characterize the Bad Business Sub – Personality as like Shylock in the Merchant of Venice..


Shakespeare actually wrote this play, “The Merchant of Venice” to excite compassion in the Hearts of the audience viewing the play for the Fall of Shylock. Even this Golem who destroys his own life and the life of his family through his evil actions deserves pity.


And I pity the egotistical Business Sub – Personality.. Filled with hate. A Miser who makes money his God to the detriment of all other functions. The egotistical Business Sub – Personality does what it does, mechanically with no thought for anything else. Only to hoard money. “Look at me!! I’ve got a Million Pounds!”


Enlightenment comes from Purification through..


  1. Alignment with the Energies of the Soul in Energy Enhancement Level 1 Initiation 4 and also in Energy Enhancement Level 1 Initiation 6 which intensifies the alignment of Initiation 4. As we absorb the energies of the Soul so we Supercharge the Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies and throw out the Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass. The feeling of correct alignment is amazing – well loved by every student for its beneficial effects on every part of the Bodymind and for its Purificative effects.
  2. The Elimination of Energy Blockages which necessarily involves the Grounding of the Negative Energies of Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass.
  3. The Resurrection of the Purified Blockage Core into the Purified Angel Matrices, like pure Angel Crystal Functionality which exist in chakras above the head without any Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass without any pain. Total peace and purity. It is the true forgiveness of every bad thing we have every done or ever will do. This augmentation of Chakra Functionality and size, the ability to channel higher quantities and qualities of energy, creates the growing functionality of a larger Psychic Body. As Gurdjieff said, “The Coating of the Higher Being Body proper to a real Human Being”, of the many Enlightenment Initiations... Enlightenment, Guru or Master, World Teacher.. These Purified Blockage Cores come originally from the pre-enlightened person own body but later from their own Guru or Master’s Group and later still from World Transmission, World Transformation of every Soul on this planet.


Normally the Egotistical Business personality only wants money and so allies and aligns only with the impure and the corrupt in some shape or form. As they see the corruption they slowly change their practises higher and higher.


Until that time it is “Business as usual” based on contracts given by local and national government, based on laws created by National Government. For example trillions of Dollars each year are spent on..


  1. Research and development of new armaments, warplanes, satellites, Submarines, Warships, Ballistic Missiles, highly enriched Uranium, Fusion Bombs, created by private companies in the “Military Industrial Complex”.
  2. Armaments – Explosive Materiel, Napalm etc. created by private companies used in the useless Wars of Vietnam and Iraq whose only purpose was to create profits for the “Military Industrial Complex” as termed and warned about by President Eisenhower in 1960.
  3. War, the standing Army of those who, “ Make the sacrifice” and once the sacrifice is made are then forgotten about and cheated out of their pensions over, for example, “Gulf War Syndrome”. Used to keep totalitarian dictators in power so that Natural Resources – Petroleum, Metals, Uranium, Diamonds, can be corruptly and cheaply bought and to create future terrorists who are the cause of the necessity for totalitarian dictators and the slave repression of a Totalitarian Society. “You can fool most of the people most of the time, and this is enough in any democracy where you need a maximum of 51% of the vote” and probably less of the vote, because people who understand this information and are disgusted by the corruption of politicians, of the fact that all politicians have to take the Ring, to prove that they are corrupt and are trustworthy enough to, “Stay Bought” before being chosen in advance, so that there is no free choice of people to vote for, will never vote again.
  4. Petroleum – The creation of the Scarcity of Energy Business – Scare means Fear – so as to bump up the prices. One hour of sunlight shining on this planet is sufficient to power all industry, all homes on this planet, for 100 years. The Abundance of the energy of God above our heads is Infinite.
  5. Pharmaceuticals. A. Legal – prescribed by Doctors who are not taught by Pharma-bought, Chair Endowed, University Professors to treat with pharma-less 4000 year old Acupuncture or highly effective Homeopathy. And B. Illegal which only make money because they are kept illegal as in, “Prohibition” Massive trillion dollar Illegal profits are only possible with, “Prohibition”. It is possible for doctors to prescribe these “illegal” drugs freely to registered addicts as was done in Britain in the 1960’s which totally stops profits for Organised Crime. Such are the profits from legal and illegal drugs that most politicians who take briefs from lobbyists to vote for and speak out for the “Medical Industrial Complex” and “Prohibition” are feeding from the same Company Trough.


Inside every Human Being is the Egotistical Business Sub-Personality filled with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass  who over many lifetimes has become an expert in money business.


There are psychological tests available to Psychologists which test the amount of Corruption, Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass, or the Propensity for Psychopathy, in any human being.


It is not easy to cheat on these tests which can be given to children, every year, to test that they are being cured of psychological problems by Energy Enhancement techniques.


Children have recorded examinations every year for all subjects. Why not test for psychopathy? Parents can independently test their children to help their future development. They can cure all problems before adulthood with Energy Enhancement techniques. Enlightened countries can do it, mandate it, by decree.


These tests and the records from childhood should become mandatorily transparent for any proposed politician or CEO or Professor in any country in the world, which will totally solve the corruption of the Egotistical Psychopathic Business Sub-Personality filled with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass. 

As the Business sub-personality is purified so it becomes possible to ally or align, place your money with the Highest Energies. It is not possible for the Egotistical Business Sub-Personality filled with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass to align with any pure person.


This alone shows the Height of your Evolution.


Align with Energy Enhancement.


Do Not be Satisfied with Less!!


Come on an Energy Enhancement Course to remove your Egotistical Business Sub-Personality filled with Trauma – Formed Negative Karmic Mass,  NOW!!


Osho – Bhagwan, Why have you been Misunderstood?


Question – Bhagwan, Why have you been Misunderstood?
Osho – It is absolutely natural. If you support people’s old mind you are never misunderstood because you are saying exactly what they believe, you are supporting them, they feel very happy with you, you gain respectability, you support their ego.

I have been doing just the opposite. I have been trying to show you that your old mind is out of date, that you need a new mind, that your old ways of thinking and living, social behavior are all rotten and they need to be changed. Naturally, there are only two possibilities: if you are very intelligent, open, clear, straightforward you will agree with me. If you are not that intelligent, not open, not straightforward you will disagree with me.

But to disagree also needs intelligence. You have to argue against me if you want to disagree. In that way agreement is easier but disagreement means you have to fight against me, argue against me and you don’t have that intelligence. So the only way is: you cannot fight against what I am saying but you can distort what I am saying and then you can fight with it, with the distortion which I have never said. First create a misunderstanding then fight with it which is easier. You have already put loopholes in it and you are fighting with a bogus thing. I have never said it.

So the people who don’t have enough intelligence and yet want to disagree naturally try to change the statements, make them according to their own ideas so that they can easily fight with them. For example, I have been speaking on sex that how it can be transformed into superconsciousness; and so much has been written about it. But everybody condemns about my statements on sex. Nobody talks about superconsciousness. And sex was not my purpose at all.

I was saying that the sex is a basic energy. Either it can reproduce children or it can create a new consciousness in you. It is a creative force. If it goes downwards it creates children, if it goes upwards it creates the highest consciousness for which we have been for centuries searching. We have called it buddhahood, enlightenment, awakening, illumination, samadhi, sambodhi… whatever the name, but it is the sexual energy that moves upwards. It is a creative force.

But strange that my basic point was not discussed at all. Those who have criticized me have criticized not me at all. They were criticizing their own imagined idea which has nothing to do with me. But this is how lower class of intellectuals will do. First they will make the argument in such a way that it can be uprooted, dissolved. They do both the things: they make the argument and then they destroy it, but it has nothing to do with me.

One of Hindu leaders, Karpatri Maharaj has written a book against me and he goes on making statements which I have never made. I wrote him a letter that `I simply want that wherever you make a statement as mine, at least give the source from where you got it; in which of my books, on what page that statement is because I have read your whole book. All your statements are just made up by yourself.’

Now ordinary people will never be able to find. They will not bother to go, and I have four hundred books, that they will look into those books and find whether this statement is true or not. They will simply think that Karpatri Maharaj has done great work. He has demolished every statement and all those statements are his own. He is demolishing himself. It has nothing to do with me, the whole book. And it propounds to be an argument against me. So it is very natural. I don’t feel any grudge or any complaint, I understand that whatever I have been doing is bound to be misunderstood, misquoted. But how long?

It takes just patience — go on fighting, somebody somewhere who is intelligent and who has a heart to understand will understand. And I don’t need crowds to understand me, I need only few people of guts because it is always few people of courage who bring revolutions in the world; it not the masses.

And I have not been misunderstood by people of intelligence, by people of heart. They have loved me. I have received more love than perhaps anybody else in the world has ever received.

Source – Osho Book “The Last Testament,Vol5″

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